“The Canadian approach is what the world needs.”

“[Avoid the politically motivated false choice of assuming that you have only one option to rescue your faltering economies: austerity or prosperity.] The Canadian approach is what the world needs. A practical approach, an approach that works. An approach that includes both fiscal discipline and other growth measures. … Canada’s strong record of fiscal discipline is one reason we have weathered the economic crisis so much better than many others.”
Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, Ottawa, 11 Jun 2012

“We also recommend that you have a very large country, with massive amounts of natural resources per capita. And we recommend that you let your citizens run up their household debt to more than 150% disposable income, and give them free money, so that they can all prosper by selling houses to each other… and let them borrow more money on those houses, so they can spend some more, perhaps buying even more houses with the proceeds.. and let their sons and daughters get jobs, in house building industries, so that they too can buy houses…”
Oh, wait, you all tried the that five years ago…
– vreaa

10 responses to ““The Canadian approach is what the world needs.”

  1. delusions of grandeur, methinks.

  2. Renters Revenge

    “Canada’s strong record of fiscal discipline”
    Sounds fascist, and doesn’t account for the downloading of fiscal responsibilities onto provinces and households. Also, doesn’t consider the enormous taxpayer liability over at CMHC.

  3. What an arrogant prick. When are those euros going to bitch slap him? Quite soon methinks.

  4. Ralph Cramdown

    I almost blew a gasket when I saw this on TV. Granted, our problems are fewer than many others’, but my first thought was about cutting the GST and running a structural deficit in relatively good times. This was a known bad idea at the time it was done.

  5. fiscal discipline is code for ‘fertility rate’ discipline. The method to achieve fertility rate discipline is the Canadian way of implementing successful illusionary media (tv).

  6. Don’t forget our unique “tactical” approach to democracy. If Central Planning decides we need pipelines, then pipelines there will be!

  7. cdn approach = coiffe hair in the shape of northland helmet

  8. 4SlicesofCheese

    Hey Ed, have you had a chance to read this Straight piece about density, actually quite interesting and a little bit of Vancouver history in there.


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