Richmond Listings iPhone Images

“These pictures attached show the number of listings in Richmond. All courtesy of an app on my iPhone. Each red balloon indicates a single listing. The green balloons, with the numbers, indicate that there are multiple listings in that small area. We always talk about how many listings there are in Richmond, but seeing it in pictures is much different. The number of listings on a single block amazes me.”
– BubbleBoy, via e-mail, 12 Jun 2012

From the REBGV Stats Package May 2012, looking at detached:
Richmond detached benchmark price: $1,019,100 (Up 50% in 5 years)
Richmond detached sales, March-May: 2011 540; 2012 319 (-40.9%)
Richmond detached listings: May 2011 344, May 2012 383 (+11.3%)
Sales List May: 2011 39%, 2012 26%

13 responses to “Richmond Listings iPhone Images

  1. are they all leaving for Alberta?

  2. That’s SO pretty.

  3. Renters Revenge


    • This is the century 21 BigRob app. It’s not available anymore due to legal reasons. The app was removed from the app store several months ago. I still have a copy so I can share it.

  4. Google maps on the iPhone is awesome

  5. Sutton West Coast had a good site where you could save listings and keep track of them and the price changes and then poof! it was “upgraded” to search only. Wonder what happened …! =)

  6. Ha-ha! That’s hilarious….looks like an attack of measles.


  7. The most important facts about these images are that they show approximately 1 square km of land. 1 shows an west Richmond areas with sfh and the other is attached properties. It’s amazing what a picture can describe. 1000 words for sure!

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