Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous, Cheap By Vancouver Standards

7039 Senalda Rd, LA
3,535sqft SFH, 10,308sqft lot, 4Bed/5Bath
Ask Price: $1,995,000

The Vancouver Sun today featured the fact that ‘TV’s Dexter puts ultra-cool L.A. home on the market’, with no less than 20 photos of the house (samples above). This kind of celebrity-housing porn is usually designed to induce gasps of awe at both the property and the price tag. We’ll bet that only in Vancouver does the average citizen, when viewing pictures of this $2M-ask property, respond “Hmmm, not bad; pretty good deal!”.
– vreaa

Obligatory Vancouver same-price property comparison:

4632 W 11th Ave, Vancouver Westside
2,362sqft SFH, 46x122lot
Ask Price $1,998,000

8 responses to “Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous, Cheap By Vancouver Standards

  1. Any idea of the price at the peak?

  2. Renters Revenge


  3. Unlike Vancouver, Los Angeles is not a world-class city. It is totally off the Asian radar and has a tiny economy. Local universities, like UCLA and Cal State, are no match for our schools. And don’t get me started on the weather in southern California!

    Oh wait. I temporarily morphed into a smug, poorly-traveled, delusional Vancouver RE bull.

    • But, land is at a premium in LA. The sea. The mountains. The smog above their heads. Hemmed right in there. Poor, claustrophobic folks. Nowhere to go…

      …except the beaches with actual sand, waves, warm water…


  4. Actually, that water is pretty freaking cold….. other than that, I agree completely… is very, very pleasant. Even the smog isn’t that bad anymore…..

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