30s Grind #2 – “I lived in Kits for many years and it was very hard to let go of the dream of staying in Vancouver as I got older. The people who are living in debt to stay there need to think hard about it.”

“I lived in Kits for many years and it was very hard to let go of the dream of staying in Vancouver as I got older. I think at some point the people who are leveraging their futures in debt to stay there need to think long and hard about it. Vancouver is wonderful, but so is having a back yard for your kids, a savings and retirement account, and the ability to splurge (without debt) on trips, fancy shoes, restaurants and anything else you can think of that makes life enjoyable for you and your family.
It was hard to let go of Vancouver but now that I have kids I realize the things I enjoyed doing in the city would be nearly impossible with young kids anyway. My husband and I get the grandparents to babysit once in a while for the night and we spend a night in the city in a fancy hotel. I honestly gain more enjoyment from Vancouver that way than I ever did living here because I know I have to soak it all in!
I thought I’d be devastated to leave but it’s really been fine. I view Vancouver now as a place for only the very wealthy or the very young who are OK to live in 500 sqf.
FWIW, Fort Langley is an awesome place to live too! It really doesn’t have to be all or nothing where Vancouver is concerned.”
Em at thethirtiesgrind.com 29 May 2012 12:25pm

11 responses to “30s Grind #2 – “I lived in Kits for many years and it was very hard to let go of the dream of staying in Vancouver as I got older. The people who are living in debt to stay there need to think hard about it.”

  1. I rent in a townhouse complex and I have a backyard for my kids to play in. I just have to share it with a bunch of other people. Which as it turns out is great, there are always other kids for my daughter to play with and there is a huge playground that I couldn’t afford to build myself. Once you remove the artificial requirements like “must own” “must live in this postal code or that” you find a remarkable number of options all around the GVR.

    • We lived in a townhouse prior to moving to Fort Langley. We absolutely couldn’t stand the noise on the other side of the shared wall and the yard situation was not meeting our needs with active kids and a dog. We have 12,000 sqf of land now and it’s awesome, so really, to each their own! We often have people over to our place for playdates so not having anyone to play with in a backyard is a non issue.

  2. I don’t think Fort Langley will be saved from a bubble in Vancouver. I actually see the outlying suburbs hit hard as there will be a wealth of SFH available for sale with less interest from buyers. Am I wrong in my perception of what will happen?

    FYI – I commute via carpool from Van to the burbs for work. Easy commute against the flow. I look at traffic lines heading into Van stretching upwards of 2 – 5 kms and think “is it really worth that commute for a backyard?”

    To each their own. Thank you for the chance to participate.

    • I don’t think you’re wrong at all. In particular about Ft Langley – it’s one of our nicer mini-suburbs (too rainy for me though), so it’ll hold some value just because it’s pretty. But for sure if the stuff in the middle loses value (which it will, and already is), the stuff in the outskirts with the long commute will suffer accordingly.

    • Renters Revenge

      You live in Vancouver but commute to the “burbs”? Did you ever think that maybe Vancouver is becoming the suburb? Have you looked at where the job growth is?

      • Renters Revenge, you pose a good question. The second economic hub for the Region is downtown Surrey based on Metro Vancouver’s 40 year plan. I think there are a lot of conditions that will need to happen to see that reality, including improved transit to areas south of the fraser.

        Also, job growth is one thing, career growth is another. I am not sure that the big players in business are completely ready to base headquarters in Vancouver’s burbs.

        Vancouver will never be the suburb by the way. The greater Vancouver Metro region (Surrey, Langley, Coquitlam, Poco, RidgeMeadows) is too stretched out to provide any sense of community that would see it become the namesake for the region ahead of Vancouver.

        Good chat.

  3. FWIW, I should add both my husband and I work from home and are in stable professions so we don’t have to worry about commuting. To be honest, I don’t know how people manage the long commutes to Vancouver if they live in the suburbs. We are lucky and we know it.

    • Well, it sounds like you are in a good spot to ride anything out and enjoy life. Hope that Fort Langley continues to be a great home for you!

  4. reality check

    I don’t know how anyone can compare Kits to a burb like Ft Langley. It’s way way overrated in my opinion

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