‘Safe As Houses’ Episode From Niall Ferguson’s ‘The Ascent of Money’

– ‘Safe As Houses’ episode from Niall Ferguson’s series, ‘The Ascent of Money’.

Watch this, if you haven’t yet done so.
Industrious readers may want to cite quotes from the episode pertinent to the current Vancouver RE market.
– vreaa

7 responses to “‘Safe As Houses’ Episode From Niall Ferguson’s ‘The Ascent of Money’

  1. People interested in this series (based on his book) might also like a recent book called “Paper Promises” by a columnist for the Economist. I just finished it and it was a good review of the history of money up to our current global credit problems, and discusses a bit what might come next.

  2. That was a good watch. Thanks vreaa.

  3. Niall Ferguson is highly over rated. He is one of the most negative prognosticators we have who seems more adoring of the limelight than in delivering fact based commentary. Listen to him for awhile and see. He just delivers conclusions with little to no evidence. Ten year olds do that too but we don’t trust their opinions. I would not waste too much time on a Hollywood talking head who puts more effort into theater than real analysis.

    • You’re right, he doesn’t deliver a measured argument, and far more questions than opinions.
      The series is more an ‘economic travelogue’ than any kind of serious analysis. He ‘visits’ interesting passages in financial history.

      • Maybe I should cut him some slack. I will watch it later on tonight. Curious to know what he might be saying about housing in the bigger picture. The title is caught my attention.

      • There won’t be much (anything?) there you haven’t already heard, but some of the stories are well told.

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