Local DJ Leaves For The Prairies – “My wife and I had this crazy idea that we could afford a house. Your prices here are insane.”

“Heard something on the radio just now. This DJ on Sonic Radio just announced this was his last broadcast, as he and his wife want to live in a city where they can actually afford a house, so he is moving to Edmonton.”
– S, via e-mail to vreaa, 1 Jun 2012 [thanks, S -ed.]

“I didn’t catch the whole thing, but was listening to the radio this morning, 104.9 FM, around 9:50 a.m. and the DJ was leaving, today was his last day. He said something along the lines of (paraphrasing), “My wife and I had this crazy idea that we could afford a house. Yeah, your prices here are insane. I thought I’d be here longer, but no. I didn’t even stay long enough to change the plates on my car, I still have Saskatchewan plates. That will look really good to the police, ‘Where are you coming from?” B.C. ‘Where are you going?’ Alberta. ‘What’s with the Saskatchewan plates?'” I gathered he was here about seven months. So another one bites the dust. I Googled for a while but couldn’t find anything online about a DJ’s comings and goings at Sonic FM. I don’t really listen, so I don’t know who it is. Would be nice to have a bit more detail for your blog, but c’est la vie!”
– Angela, via e-mail to vreaa, 1 Jun 2012 [thanks, Angela -ed.]

5 responses to “Local DJ Leaves For The Prairies – “My wife and I had this crazy idea that we could afford a house. Your prices here are insane.”

  1. I know the feeling. I’m originally from here but moved away to study. Came back with a wife and a professional degree this past December. Between the two of us (both healthcare professionals) we make far more than the average family in Vancouver. However, we think of leaving every day due to the cost of housing. It’s a constant debate. I’m not sure how much longer we will hang around. We “could” buy a house if we felt the need but the fundamentals are just ridiculous – this can’t go on forever. Since I arrived our department has lost two colleagues to the high cost of living in Vancouver.

    My wife is from Edmonton where we could get higher paying jobs, lower cost of living and cheaper real estate. Then again we’d be in Edmonton.

    • This is exactly how I feel as well.

      If our families weren’t here I suspect that both of us would be more inclined to pick up and leave. The second component is the fact that the rest of Canada is not extremely desirable – to us. You have Calgary,Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. Hardly a plethora of choices, and all come with punishing winters.

      Often these days I find myself in envy of our Southern neighbours. While things are certainly not all rosy down there, the US remains the land of opportunity for those willing to seek it. Add to that the amazing variety of locales to live in, and constantly decreasing costs of living and it makes it exceedingly difficult to want to stay in Vancouver. Too bad that for the majority of us living in the US is nothing but a pipe dream, myself included.

  2. Nobody is ever forced to buy.

  3. Edmonton? Bwahaha!
    Edmonton has corrected about 20% since peak. Easy to predict another 20% fall in prices.
    That’s the other myth – Alberta is the promised land.
    Hope the DJ finds some work here….

  4. There certainly is a better choice of local radio stations in Edmonton compared to Vancouver and this DJ will spend far less time sitting in traffic listening to the radio while on his way to work and then home to his affordable house.

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