24Hrs – “We expect that the Vancouver-area market will remain under pressure in the period ahead.”

– from 24Hrs, 30 May 2012
[Hat-tip to  ‘scamcouver‘ for sending the link via e-mail]

There are differences of opinion out there as to whether prices are rising or falling or chopping around looking for direction; this is made more complicated by the fact that people are looking at various different measures of housing prices: averages (mean and median), REBGV benchmarks, Teranet (single home sale/resale comparisons).
– vreaa

7 responses to “24Hrs – “We expect that the Vancouver-area market will remain under pressure in the period ahead.”

  1. reality check

    depends on the area. falling in the west and rising in the east. suburbs who cares

  2. “Suburbs who cares.” Interesting.

  3. Bottom line…..everyone is playing with the numbers to suit their own agenda.

  4. That article was poorly written and makes no sense. Prices rose after they declined in the same time frame??? The market will remain under pressure?

    24 hrs=hack writters.

  5. I suggest to read the source – the report itself – first before going into discussion:

    Click to access house.pdf

    lots of other info there.
    24hrs has only taken what they wanted to take omitting everything else – for example, the report said that data from April sales already shows that the prices resumed their downward trend.

  6. Best to cast off the suburbs and condos to avoid the stagnant prices.

    Prices in many parts of Vancouver are on a plateau. I know I know, the media back east say Vancouver is crazy. But prices in those areas are stagnant. Something to chew on.

  7. Prices down and up etc.. I don’t undertand the article. “The market will remain under pressure” – buying/upward pressure, selling/downward pressure?

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