Imminent-Pop Housing Bubble Cartoon in Georgia Straight

– cartoon by Graeme Arnould, Georgia Straight, 24 May 2012
[hat-tip Allen]

14 responses to “Imminent-Pop Housing Bubble Cartoon in Georgia Straight

  1. Awesome! This is one to post on FB.

  2. Sweet. Man, the bubble word is really out there now, isn’t it?

    • Yes, it is.
      You’d have to be deaf and blind, OR uber-self-deceptive to not have registered the risk of “bubble” by now.
      The “pumps are primed”… anything could start a price cascade, even a price cascade itself. 😉

  3. If every year prices drop only 10% from now on, in 10 years it would only drop 35% from the price 10 years ago and the housing prices are overvalued 200 to 300%. We need something much bigger than this to correct Vancouver housing prices.

    • (Note that the cartoon is correct… prices are down nearly 10%, yet the bubble hasn’t popped yet. The real bubble is in speculative expectations, and they remain hopeful and intact, thus far.)

    • Renters Revenge

      Are you saying down 35% from 1992? If prices drop 10% per year starting now, in 10 years time (2022) prices would have dropped 65% from the start point (2012).

    • Correct to call for clarification, RR.
      A drop of 65% would wipe out an increase of 200%.

  4. I think there’s going to be an unemployed cartoonist from the Georgia Straight soon… Gotta figure Rennie Marketing and Cam Good won’t be pleased their preferred propaganda conduit for 20-30 year olds is now daring to suggest the truth about the real estate bubble.

  5. Bubble is wishful thinking. No Canadians have been buying homes in Vancouver for years now. Interest rates are not going up.

    Why won’t even one journalist follow the money in the purchase of these multi-million $ homes? We are being invaded on the West coast and it’s suffocating.

    The small light at the end of the tunnel is Canadian exit VISAS.

    • i agree. Gordon G. Change over at Forbes has a pretty good pulse on Chinese stimulus money and where it’s turned up the last few years.

      One page i follow is, and this page every now and then covers hack news stories on the Chinese Stimulus Economy CSE, one such case, a number of chinese business people who haven’t paid contractors, but it’s been illusive to establish a hard connection between That, and say a hurried Craigslist RE sales ad ‘because of emergency return to China’

    • No Canadians have been buying homes in Vancouver for years now.


  6. I looked up the cartoon in GS this Friday. It’s not very prominent and there is no accompanying article.
    But there is a full page ad for a condo development right on the opposite page (and on many others).

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