House For Sale In Port Moody For $2,500!

Dog house – $2500 (port moody)
Date: 2012-05-23, 8:55AM PDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

“Dog house build to order. Delivery time ca. 6 weeks.
E-mail for more info.”
craigslist ad, 23 May 2012 [screen capture]
[hat-tip ‘anonymous’ via e-mail]

“It’s not the structure, it’s the land value.”
“Clearly a ridiculously low ask price designed to fuel bidding wars.”
“My grandparents bought their house in Point Grey for less than that!”
“Is there a basement suite?”
“Reeks of recent renos and shoddy workmanship.”
“Does the square footage include the porch?”
“No pets.”
– vreaa

12 responses to “House For Sale In Port Moody For $2,500!

  1. LOLz @ VREAA comments.

  2. 🙂 “Just 3 years ago I was broke, bankrupt and depressed. I had just lost my furniture stores and my home. Hot Dogs Saved my life! Nothing’s been the same since. I love to help others succeed in this wonderful business.”

    • You do realize, Chubster… the industry’s meatiest profits are to be had on the ‘DarkSide’… UnregulatedVendorsOfFortune… [rather like DarkPools ‘o Liquidity, actually]

      [LA Times] – West Hollywood cracks down on rogue hot dog vendors

      “It’s been one of those quality of life issues that has been nagging at the city for a number of years and deals with those grimy little hot dog carts you see late at night out on Santa Monica Boulevard.” – Mayor Jeffrey Prang

      • Bonus WeekEnd ThematicallyApropos SeattleNostalgia Piece…

        [CrossCutSeattle] – The Dog House lives: A city’s soul can often be found in its off-beat eateries, past and present.

      • sir_nem, i wholly concur … i’m glad you and i both agree … tapping the easy credit juice is coming to some sort of probably violent and disgusting climax … soon to be ex-homeowners need to start looking forward and preparing for next_big_thing … it might even become the next big … BUBBLE … (i didn’t say BUBBLE) … an excerpt …

        This course can change your life. Let’s think about the possibilities.

        You could…

        Sell hot dogs part time for that much needed extra cash…
        Work fairs and festivals on weekends and make thousands…
        Transition into a full time business when the time is right…
        Make $100,000 a year or more…
        Get your kids out of daycare…
        Fire your boss…
        Work less hours…
        Eliminate your stress…
        Take more vacations…
        Spend more time with loved ones…
        Meet new exciting people…

        will we going see a tom_vu (cam_good?) of hotdog sales rise from the as*es of the housing BUBBLE? (i did not say BUBBLE) … wow! check out those roach_coach_sized_success_stories at bottom …

  3. Thai-born Chinese Canuck


  4. Is that a Dewalt powertool case? Perhaps the dog is employed in construction? Must be doing well, with a fancy house like that.

  5. Lucky dawg.

  6. found the partay_posse … not dawgs … pffft!

  7. @v, thx for whole entire OT section to post garbage … a whole entire borowitz report for the few, the proud, the ones who still don’t get it

    Romney Pays Surprise Visit to his Money in the Caymans
    No Timetable for Withdrawal, Says Presumptive Nominee

    CAYMAN ISLANDS (The Borowitz Report) – In an uncharacteristically emotional scene for the presumptive GOP nominee, Mitt Romney today paid a surprise visit to his money in the Cayman Islands.

    Speaking in a bank vault surrounded by stacks of cash, Mr. Romney praised his money for “the brave work you have done in the never-ending fight for freedom from Federal income tax.”

    “Thanks to your hard work, losers around the world are envious of me,” he added. ”For that I salute you.”

    Stressing that his money’s mission in the Caymans was “far from over,” he refused to set any timetable for withdrawal.

    In a reference to his bid for the Presidency, Mr. Romney told his money, “It would be an honor and a privilege to have my face on you someday.”

    After plunging into the stacks of cash to touch many of the dollar bills individually, Mr. Romney boarded his private jet to pay a surprise visit to Switzerland.

    In other political news, Newt Gingrich suspended his presidential bid today, telling reporters: “A campaign is like a wife. When it’s on life-support, it’s time to leave.”

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