House > Life? – “What a waste of a good house. He should have had the courtesy of blowing himself up in an empty lot.”

“Investigators have found the body of a Surrey electrician in the rubble of a Kamloops home that exploded after he took his co-worker hostage for seven hours Thursday night.
Following the tense standoff, the 48-year-old man, who burst into the woman’s home with explosives strapped to his chest, released the 44-year-old woman around midnight. Shortly after, three explosions rocked the house and it was reduced to ashes.” …
“During negotiations, police learned the man was distraught about breaking up with the woman two years ago.”

– from ‘Body of Kamloops bombing suspect found, removed from the rubble’, Vancouver Sun, 20 May 2012

“What a waste of a good house and depriving people of their living quarters. Glad to hear the important ones got out alive.
This wacko should have had the courtesy of blowing himself up in an empty lot.”

– commenter‘CasualT’ at, 20 May 2012 4;44pm

10 responses to “House > Life? – “What a waste of a good house. He should have had the courtesy of blowing himself up in an empty lot.”

  1. One crazy mofo off our streets. That’s great news!!

    • The guy sounds like he was troubled.
      And I doubt he was a risk to anyone other than the object of his infatuation, and those very close to her (which is serious enough, of course).

      The point of the post is that someone has died, and people are talking about the loss of the house.

      • Respectfully, vreaa, I wouldn’t read that much into it. This sounds to me like a comment along the lines of “good riddance”, “what a waste of oxygen” etc – the sensitivity/appropriateness of which we can debate, but I don’t think you can attach a broader Vancouver housing bubble theme here.

        Just my $0.02.

      • OK, fair comment.
        Regular readers know that I look out for RE references in the broader culture, and this seemed like another example, possibly.
        By I appreciate your perspective, and perhaps in this example the reference means very little.

      • Indeed, and as one of those regular readers, your surfacing of these cultural references is much appreciated 🙂

      • Thanks. Very kind.

      • Wrath.
        Justifying despondency from the gnarly truth and complexity that is the human soul. As one close to one tends to remind one, always, you don’t know.

      • “I don’t think you can attach a broader Vancouver housing bubble theme here.” – Liggsie

        I think it is relevant. The perpetrator sought to destroy her world and he chose her house as an expression of this. Likewise the commenter knew the reference, but was crass and probably in shock, speculating a house was worth more than a life. It’s a sad parody but it shows that shelter is core to our humanity.

        Builders are aware of this, the trades. Most know what it’s like to miss a paycheck, or raise a family on a thin dime. Anytime I’ve been on a site, I’ve wondered about the people who would end up living there, whether they’d be happy. You know there’s times that people will argue, and you hope they don’t burn themselves down. That was the end goal, to keep the customer safe and secure.

        The guy made an ugly point on her world, but he had a moment of sanity to let her go. Maybe there’s a reminder for realtors that life isn’t a condo ad. Bankers have probably seen it all. Love the one you’re with.

  2. Thanks for your humanity vreaa. Reading comments like that one make me physically ill. There seems to be less and less compassion in our greed-obsessed world these days and real estate is a part of the system.

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