Get Girls With Your Car; Keep Them In Your Condo

– from The Georgia Straight, 27 Apr 2012
Many thanks for the link to the image to Ray, who also adds:
“Here is a fun ad from the Georgia Straight today that insults our ability to keep a woman unless we buy one of their houses. Is it the top when they have to play into our primal urges in order to sell their homes?”

And the target buyer is…?
With a name like ‘Meccanica’, and this line of advertising, you’ll be able to smell the testosterone in the common areas.
(Where is condohype when we really, really need him? For those of you who are relatively new to the Vancouver RE blogosphere, ‘condohype’ was a site that offered incisive, insightful and often hysterically funny critiques of condo project promotions. Foreclosed 2009. Archives still online.)
Yeah, guys, if you can’t supply a cave or a nest, you aren’t going to get girls, and all sorts of other things aren’t going to happen to you either.
‘Real Men Buy Real Estate’ ™
– vreaa

Reminiscent of:

woes of wenting

[For the record, this our version of the cover of the book “I Married An Artist”, by Billy Button. Great stuff. -ed.]

51 responses to “Get Girls With Your Car; Keep Them In Your Condo

  1. What is that? A Porsche 356? (Yes from the 60’s…) Collectors car. I hope the Condo comes w/ free parking…

    • Aldus Huxtable

      Yup, 356 hardtop. $158k is the highest one has sold for on eBay recently.

      $319,000k for 555 sqft, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, no parking, no storage

      I kind of like the google street view of the Burger King sign you’ll have glowing until 10pm outside of your expensive box.

      Plus you’d need two parking spots as that 356 isn’t going to be driven in 8 out of the 12 months of the year here.

      • So that’s where they’re building it.
        Bit of a ‘no-man’s-land’ area at present (pun intended). Still a barren-wastelandy-stockyardys feel about that cross-street…. even though you have got a view of the Olympic Village.
        Anybody have a map showing where all the current build condos are going to be going up?
        We don’t formally track them, but there does seem to be lots at present.

      • The car is an Intermeccanica – hence the name of the building – which have been built on the street for many years:

      • Aldus Huxtable

        Strangely enough Coco, you’ll find the Intermeccanica is a re-make of the 356… so they’ve named it after a company that made replicas of something considered worth a lot of money… This is almost as humorous as the development in Pitt Meadows called Solaris.

        VREAA; It would be great to have a map overlay of in-construction, accepted redevelopment application and proposed redevelopment/rezoning applications. Anyone up for it?

        Now anyone who’s particularly skilled in computer arts discipline could perhaps offer an artists rendering of what Vancouver will look like post all of the already accepted construction, but that’s asking a lot.

      • Hey Aldus,

        I am deeply familiar with the car. It might be a remake but it’s a really awesome remake! 🙂

  2. Oddly enough, the folks who built Meccanica spent a lot of time listening to women about what they look for in a condo. Women make up an estimated 30% of first-time home buyers. There’s a quote about it in this article: (via BIV’s Strategic Marketing columnist Judy Bishop).

    • “Women make up an estimated 30% of first-time home buyers.”

      I think, more specifically, you mean single women, right?
      From the G&M article recently headlined on these pages:
      “More and more single women are entering the market, making up roughly one in four new buyers, according to Ms. Rinomato..”

    • I stopped reading at “laminate hardwood”

  3. From, “About”…

    “We’re the online arm of the Real Estate Weekly newspaper that delivers local real estate listings to over 450,000 households in the Lower Mainland. We’ve used our own 30+ years of expertise and teamed up with experts in all areas of the real estate industry to make your online search experience complete.”

    • I neglected to add… Renter.

      • Ha ha, good point, Nem!

        Actually, according to the blatant very Social Darwinism/materialism this ad expresses, anyone dumb enough to buy a condo in Vancouver now (or a car more expensive than a current Florida condo or even a SFH in many areas of North America [thanks, Aldus, for the car data]), would not actually be terribly attractive to single females — or single females educated in part at this blog 🙂 (who know the condo market here looks like it’s going to plummet).

  4. For the record, I’m a “girl” (oh, and by the way, I thought Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem encouraged us all to reserve that term for females under 14 or so? Meccanica copywriters, you know who Friedan and Steinem are? For all the research REW Editor says you did on what women want in condos, you refer to them as “girls”? Would you refer to what I assume is your other target market as “boys”?). And I myself would run the other way from any man driving a fancy car, because I would (perhaps unfairly?) automatically assume, unless that man was a car specialist (a mechanic? a racecar driver?), that there must be something wrong with his confidence and priorities if he felt he needed to have a flashy car.

    • Hey epte,

      I took a bit of offense to the ad as well but for a slightly different reason. Do they think only a guy would drive a car like that? Anyway, as a ‘GIRL’ who used to own one I can tell you that it also ‘gets guys’ just none I ever wanted to keep (LOL!)

      • Coco, excellent point about only guys driving a car like that! I hadn’t even thought of that one.

        I’ve decided that given the way the Vancouver condo market is headed, this ad should actually be captioned, “WIN A DATE IN BANKRUPTCY COURT!”

      • I know! And, I bought it with my very own money (insert hair twirl here)!

        Sigh, is it really possible that sexism is alive and well in 2012? Looks like it. 😦

  5. That’s like an ad from Mad Men; approved by Don Draper.

  6. Forget it. If there’s no photo of pretty people drinking a cappuccino, I’m not buying.

  7. Told-you-so-in-2007

    Ooohhh… imagine the lustre of living next to a Burger King, in condo full of semi-adolescents who obviously can’t afford a Porsche, but want to align themselves with the image of one by signing up for decades of debt servitude for a $319K, 555 sq. ft. box in the sky.

    Oh, the humanity.

    • ya funny how the website doesn’t really specify WHERE the building is, other than a shitty zoomed out map. do we reallly need podium-and-tower boringness in yet another neighbourhood?

  8. It astound the cascade of construction the Olympic Village has set off in that area. Must be 10 new developments going in there.

    That one with the outdoor pool and exotic name?
    New Executive Development-hotel+condos
    Another new tower across the street from Meccanica on corner

    Plus I’m sure I forgot a couple.

    Meccanicas highlight is that its going to be right next door the new social housing development on Main Street. Owners get to pay 300k, junkies get to live for free.

    Keep on keeping Vancouver.

  9. guess they don’t want my gay money

  10. “Gets girls”? That’s kinda creepy. Here’s a revised version:

    • Nice one, pass the lotion.

    • Aldus Huxtable

      Ok, I wasn’t the only one who thought the copy read that way.

    • absolutely pure jm … sir_nem, evil_genius is ALIVE … btw dr.j, sorties to the interior … naughty-naughty … funnies 🙂


    • JM… That is, like, totally beyond C R E E P Y. Ya know, with that OneSheet and a Treatment I’m pretty sure we could get you a DevelopmentDeal with LionsGate for a new franchise.

    • An advertising strategy promoting “Getting Girls in your Porsche” is certainly provocative and borderline offensive. It’s a slippery slope down to a Buffalo Bill-like interpretation.

  11. Told-you-so-in-2007

    OMG Jeff that is the sickest thing ever.

    I love it. So appropos to the condo market… ” you will be cannibalized all he who enter here”

  12. “A woman’s test in life is material. A man’s test in life is a woman… by test in life I mean those are the things that we desire. Men have nice cars, not cuz they like nice cars, because they know women like nice cars… That’s how it goes cuz men are hunters and the car is the bait. And a women comes [by] and ‘Ooh nice Porsche.’ ‘Gotcha Bitch!’ That’s how it is. That’s true, come on now you go to a woman’s house and it’s comfortable as sh!t, woman love comfortable surroundings, so men get comfortable surroundings. Let me tell you something, if a man could f*ck a woman in a cardboard box he wouldn’t buy a house.”
    – Dave Chappelle

    • in fact … men will sometimes just f*ck cardboard

    • Dave, why live in a cardboard box if you can attract ladies (I’m trying to raise the level of discourse here) with a Porsche? If that’s what she falls in love with, forget the box, live in the Boxster.

      • me, cardboard and a woman … how to love three … let me count the ways 🙂
        – i am weak … resistance is futile

      • All strength to epte for bravely trying to raise the level of discourse.
        This may, unfortunately, be a futile task, at this point, on this thread.

      • forgive my transgressions … the mind is a terrible thing to waste … on serious matters <- evidently my affliction

      • “All strength to epte for bravely trying to raise the level of discourse. This may, unfortunately, be a futile task, at this point, on this thread.”

        Sorry, host. Meccanica and MAC deserve the blame for trying to “sex up” the condo conversations.

        From an intellectual perspective, it is interesting to observe the nefarious strategies of marketers. While it’s fun to mock and parody them, we the should be careful not to let the caliber of comments here sink to the levels of

      • JeffM-> Just being a bit playful (sorry if it came across as disciplinarian).
        Agree fully that blame rests with M for trying to “sex up” the topic

      • Speaking of the, “nefarious strategies of marketers”… and “sex up”… who here remembers the origins of that ‘turn of phrase’… and to what EvilPurpose the ‘spin’ was deployed… ???

        Sadly, what works for condos… is equally if not more effective in matters of ‘politics by other means’… better known as…

        W A R

      • Unfortunately… I couldn’t. But at least I tried.

  13. I agree with Jeff and the VREAA host about giving it the old college try (and I don’t mean the old frat-house try) in terms of striving to maintain a more dignified standard for comments here than are found on some websites. (Though I did I also enjoy Jeff’s version of “Gets Girls/Keeps Girls” and concur that Meccanica asked for that.)

    • fwiw … cardboard comes in both sexes 😮 … multiple formats and flavors. so, “f*ck cardboard” is a multi-faceted expression … it’s an inexact art, especially among the less skillful (me) … i’ve found there is typically a satirical kernel to my being a jackass … but not always … sometimes it’s just stupid … prefering to be an intuitive – i dont’ often know where things will lead … personal sensibilities are a matter of decorum and to be respected, certainly … but my anarchist tendencies intimate that political sensibilities are authoritarian and these must be challenged regularly … practice-practice

      ps. jm, evil_genius is to be cultivated -> intellectual self-defense

  14. The burger king is getting rezoned by onni so it won’t be there for long. East of olympic village is going to be completely different by the time it’s complete. Central, Lido and Opsal will all be completing around the same time.

    Aldus Huxtable, here’s a link for the status of the projects.

    I think the ad is to be taken lightly not literally… “tongue and cheek”

    • The ad will be taken on a number of levels, by different clientele – some will see it as a joke (“tongue in cheek”), but there is no doubt that there will be a demographic of young males who will associate the car and the ‘girls’ with the condos – perhaps the same guys who use ‘Ax’ aftershave products, or whatever.
      BTW, we’re reminded, too, at this point of how the BPOEarth slogan was dismantled and said to have been slightly “tongue in cheek”, even though some completely ‘bought’ it:
      It’s Official: No Longer “Best Place On Earth” – “Best Place on Earth” was a “broader brand” used only in B.C. “to help motivate British Columbians.”

      • Ax!… Puuuleeez, Ed… Everybody knows DiscriminatingLadies prefer OldSpiceMen… [“Believe In Your Smellf™®”]

    • (I think the ad is to be taken lightly not literally… “tongue and cheek”)

      don’t expect a sense of humour here – especially not from the modertator

      • such powers of observation – staggering … moderators are, of course, more moderate

  15. This is not OK.
    I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit a better advert than that.

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