Five Hundred $25 Gift Cards Will Generate Media Buzz For Richmond Condo Project!!!

– image via e-mail from Aldus Huxtable, who adds:
“Through the letter box today, looks like Rennie has heeded the criticism and is offering $25 gift cards to Richmond Centre for the first 500 people who show up on the pre-sale day……”

It’ll be an interesting promo to watch.
Will the weak Richmond SFH sales, down 60% YOY, affect a project such as this one?
Will Global TV do an uncritical promo piece, again? (Or have they learnt from recent experience?)
Will buyers each buy an average of 3 units? (As per Marine Gateway?)
Thanks, Aldus Huxtable.
– vreaa

[Aldus Huxtable… didn’t he write ‘Brave New Best Place On Earth’? -ed.]

26 responses to “Five Hundred $25 Gift Cards Will Generate Media Buzz For Richmond Condo Project!!!

  1. Is it written that you acutally have to *buy* a condo to get a gift card? I’m *almost* cheap enough to go there for the card, spew a bunch of RE bubble propoganda, and leave.

    • These guys are the worst bunch of cheapskates ever! Gord, did you ever go to a time-share seminar and have salesmen try to pressure you into the deal. The inducements were terrific. I was at one in Hawaii. They promised us a flight to the big Island, 5 nights free in a 4 star hotel, free car rental and a taxi to the airport. Just for showing up at the sales event! We too it all and swam with dolphins to boot. It was awesome. The ex and I never did buy the timeshare but we had a hell of a good holiday. Now compare that to Bob’s weenie gift card. He is going to have to do a lot better than that. At least Cam Good gives helicopter rides.

  2. So he is buying a crowd of 500 for 12,500 dollars. Well, it’s cheaper than hiring stand-ins and you don’t need to worry about WCB or other insurance concerns. What a great idea, Bob. Would not be surprised if 1500 folks actually turn up. And will there be cameras to catch the action as they happily mill about buying socks and lattes with their gift cards?No question. And then everyone will rush home to see if their mug made it on TV. Suckers.

    But then everyone is broke. 25 bucks is quite an inducement.

  3. I don’t think there will be that much interest in this project. Richmond is flooded with condos and people know Richmond prices are dropping faster than other areas. I think there will be a crowd that will have interest in the $25.

  4. Hahaha, $25 bucks 🙂
    That’s a nice way of saying “You are all stupid hicks and I can buy you all with just a little booze money”

  5. Aldus Huxtable

    VREAA! Classic! I’d already written a novel called Altering the Jello Doors of Perception.

    Also an interesting find today; Telus Garden didn’t sell out…

  6. geez, amateurs, idiots. can’t even rip the hot, fun, good gimmicks. it wasn’t such a long, long time ago and certainly not so very far, far away

  7. a handful of renters posting the same thing every day!

  8. So now we know what all these people are worth. They can be bought for $25. For that $25 they will turn up, appear excited as if they are getting a prize, show euphoria, show mania, and make it appear that they are going to buy real estate.

    So what are you worth? For these 1,000 – 2,000 they are all individually worth $25.

    People are so cheap, and rennie knows it.

  9. Renters Revenge

    $25? Wow, what a generous incentive.

  10. Vreaa you don’t wanna miss this. Great story from Apocarypse Now at VCI.

  11. “Meanwhile, Kenney said the federal government is in the process of revoking the citizenship of 2,300 people, with at least 6,000 more cases under investigation. He said a two-year investigation by the RCMP identified at least 8,800 cases of alleged residency fraud.”
    Well, bite my tongue. They are doing something about the problem with an immigration system that has been badly abused. This is terrific news.

    • Terrific? Pull out the dusty OED and look up the definition.

      • I usually mean what I say. Did you look at the list of synonyms?

      • ThankYou. It’s so easy to forget the etymology sometimes….

        Yep. “Terrificus”. That’s how Nem’s head feels this morning… albeit, if the comment TimeStamps are any indication (and assuming we’re most of us in broadly the same hemisphere)… It was ‘PartyNight’ everywhere.

        Secundo, Tacitus and Epictetus be d**ned… I’ll go with…

        “Excess on occasion is exhilarating. It prevents moderation from acquiring the deadening effect of a habit.” – W. Somerset Maugham

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