“You Just Want To Be On The Side That’s Winning!”

Perhaps… but how much?

For the record, we have a hunch that the Vancouver Canucks will tonight, Wedn 18th April, win the fourth game of their first round Stanley Cup playoff series against the LA Kings (but that they will then go on to lose the series 4-1 or 4-2). And we are very aware that there are sincere and loyal Canucks fans out there who will stand by the team no matter what.
So, what’s this post about?
Well, yesterday, one day after the Canucks third game loss in LA, we had the opportunity to spend time in various parts of downtown and a few of the surrounding suburbs. We were struck by the extreme dearth of shows of support for the Canucks; most obviously the absence of flags sticking out of cars. We actually only saw three (yes 3) such cars all day.
We have informally noted this pattern before: The Canucks win, everybody is a fan; the Canucks lose, can’t find a fan anywhere.
So, how is this relevant to our discussion of the Vancouver RE market?
Well, you figure it out.
– vreaa

53 responses to ““You Just Want To Be On The Side That’s Winning!”

  1. As Grey Cup champion Geroy Simon says, “Be a fan, not a fool”

  2. Joe_Blown_Away_By_High_Housing_Costs

    I am hoping the Canucks lose! The sooner the play-offs are over, the better in my books. I was a fan last year. I basically jump on the band wagon every year that the Canucks are in the play-offs since I was a kid in the 80s.

    But not this year. That’s because of all the talk of turning this place into a police state during the play-offs. My understanding is that for big play-off games, there will be police screening for booze as people get on the skytrain in Surrey. My understanding is that it doesn’t matter if the alcohol is unopened — no alcohol on skytrain during play-off nights, period. Police will confiscate it. And during the mandatory searches when you board the train in Surrey, they will also find any contraban herb you may have on you. It means that after work, you want to talk the train to a friends house and stop at the liquor store on the way there, you cannot do that during play-offs. If you’re planning on drinking at a friends house, you better not take transit because the police will take your booze. Your only option is to walk or drive. The policy encourages drinking and driving. Surrey residents are already viewed as second class citizens. Play-offs are being used as a justification to put up barriers to entering Vancouver from Surrey by transit. The police state takes all the fun out of the play-offs.

    • You prefer another riot? Alcohol helps out in starting and sustaining a riot.

    • Joe_Blown_Away_By_High_Housing_Costs

      People transport unopened alcohol on public transit all the time in cities around the world without a riot breaking out. People board trains all the time without having to be search by the police and still no riots. A riot is not an automatic outcome of someone getting on the train at Surrey Central with a 6pack because they are heading to their friends house in New West.

  3. When you live in the BPOE, you don’t need to tolerate losers. 🙂

    Perhaps some fans should go to Game 5 (if there is one) and hold up signs that read:


  4. 4SlicesofCheese

    I thought it was interesting after each loss facebook immediately lit up with reasons and excuses the team loss. Bad bounces, bad refs etc etc.

    I think there will be some parallel here with Canucks and RE, when SHTF here with RE, everyone will have an excuse and blame it on someone else.

  5. Off topic to this thread – I recently went by 4th avenue since roughly two years ago: my impression is that 4th avenue shopping district is looking less spiffy.

    Anyone else had that impression and could care to comment why? I would have thought that 4th avenue could have become another Rodeo Dr.

    • Aldus Huxtable

      Over the past year stores have been disappearing being replaced with for lease signs and as each month goes by, no one occupies the empty stores. I am hesitating a guess that landlords are jacking prices so high that businesses of the boutique type can’t operate there anymore.

      • And the ones that can certainly are not of the cheap variety. Hard to shop on a Vancouver salary along 4th Ave.

      • Especially when you’re also paying a Vancouver mortgage. Or two.

        But, hey, there’s always your HELOC/ATM to fund shopping sprees.

    • Stores closing along 4th probably has something to do with the fact that households must devote so much income to paying off gigantic mortgages that they have no money left to support local businesses.

      Real estate obsession is killing this town.

      I would love to see some mainstream media coverage of the “store closure phenomenon”. Does anyone have contacts that could make that happen?

      • This can only get worse as time goes by. Will everyone feel richer as the value of their homes fall? Not one bit. Will they spend more; shop more often for blinds or granite or throw rugs or fancy cheeses? Nope, they won’t. That means just one thing. Retail in Vancouver is going to get walloped and shops that have survived the ups and downs for decades will be shuttered. Much to the shock of everyone who saw some of them as being no less than landmarks in the city. I have railed against this bubble idiocy in the past, but what the hell, it never hurts to be repetitive. We need to appreciate that small local business is going to get hurt badly as the excess unwinds. There will be a lot of casualties and the worst part is that as city revenues dry up (they always do as credit collapses) they will attempt to increase the costs borne by local business as a means to boost the loss in taxation. That stinks. Little will city bureaucrats appreciate that the extra burden of fees coming at a time of falling consumption will be a huge jobs killer as stores close their doors. But nobody ever learns. This same process repeats itself over and over and over as if nobody has ever seen it before. I sympathize with the little guys. The mom and pop operations. I won’t blame them for a second for closing up shop and walking away in disgust because they are all about to get squeezed as an outcome of a speculative mania they might not have even participated in. That is part of the cleansing process though. That is what will ultimately force commercial landlords to lower lease costs and provide more generous terms too. But that will take time. The survivors meanwhile will gather the extra business for themselves and carry on but there will be scars on the street-scape for years to come. Get used to empty malls and dark papered-over store fronts. This is just the beginning.

    • Agree. My wife and I were there last weekend for the first time in about 6 months and got the same impression…a bit run down feeling, too many empty retail spaces and too many for lease signs. Maybe this is normal in retailing this time of year? Some sort of cyclical or seasonal pattern? Regardless, we really didn’t see a reason to return for another 6 months.

      • Secular and structural, Allen… and, in all likelihood, about to get much worse… (During the PastWeek, ‘Nem’ was conducting fieldwork on FantasyIsland and, subsequently, in YVR’s ‘tonier’ hoods)…

    • I don’t shop in town anymore. And neither does my other family members. We save our money and head cross border to do our shopping. Grocery at the awesome 24 hr Walmart, fill up on gas and then more shopping. They don’t make u pay tax on groceries so we buy all our milk, cheese, butter in bulk from Costco USA. It’s totally worth the drive down… I no longer support local businesses cuz they just too damn $$!!

  6. Renters Revenge

    I was on W4th the other day. Had the same impression. The shopping doesn’t match the “world class” real estate prices.

    • I work in Kits and there also seems to be alot of vacancies in the apartments in the area along Broadway too.

  7. yltnboomerang

    OK, so Toronto RE is up and Vancouver RE is down therefore Toronto is the new Vancouver and Vancouver will be…the new Phoenix? Our RE is going to crash and with no HELOC room left nobody is going to be able to afford to go to Canuck games thus turning them into a shell team owned by the NHL like the Coyotes. The only problem with this analogy is that there is no way the Leafs are going to make it to the playoffs anytime soon let alone go to the final round.

  8. That doesn’t explain the concurrent Leafs and RE mania in Toronto. The fans fill the Air Canada regardless of how bad the Leafs are.

    • TO has silverware. Vancouver hopes.

      • The Canucks are guaranteed never to be the team with the longest Stanley Cup drought, as measured by years in which they were able to compete for it.

    • Fans buy Vancouver RE no matter how bad the houses are. It’s called “making money”. If people bought what they needed we’d run out of brains Igor.

  9. I guess the theme of this post is that people are “sheep”.
    Fittingly, we learned yesterday that Carney is the “shepherd boy”.
    And the wolf is… “unrepayable debt”?

  10. Successful teams around the world in just about every sport generally have more supporters than less successful teams. There’s really nothing shocking (or even noteworthy) about this.

    • There are at least 4 times as many Leafs fans as Canucks fans. So you’re wrong. Again.

    • The vast majority of “successful teams around the world in just about every sport” do not have a fan-base that oscillates violently in size game-by-game depending on the team’s current fortune. Canucks fans seem remarkably fickle.

      • Bunch of mixed up kids.

      • Granville street was very busy tonight, bars were full. But I didn’t see any flags on cars.

      • Yeah, the fans must have been unprepared for the win. Watch the flags appear after a win or two, as they always do… We’d expect to see more out tomorrow.
        And if the Canucks manage to come back in this series, watch the forests of flags coming out..

  11. Do you mean the Canucks will win tonight, Wednesday April 18th, 2012? Or 2013? Or 2014?


  12. Paul Streppel

    Better hope Vancouver wins tonight, the Mercury,Moon,Uranus conjunction will set off a whole raft of unexpected fallout. Sun at a critical 29° degree of a fire sign magnifies the ‘combustive’ emotion, in this case ‘impulsive'(Aries). If they win, it may be worth the time to review the regular season pattern for the last time Mars was moving direct at 4°Virgo about November 19, when the Canucks Win/Loss record became quite impressive.

    • These pretzels are making me thirsty

      My radar says otherwise…;)

      • Paul Streppel

        Natrum muriaticum affliction?… this time of year, adjust your radar with a dose of potassium phosphate.

      • These pretzels are making me thirsty

        Which orifice??

      • Paul Streppel

        Natrum muriaticum, otherwise gnown as sodium chloride, or common salt, is, as all the 12 cell salts, taken orally. Aquarius is the home of sodium chloride, Aries the home of potassium phosphate. This is not part of an ape’s education. But I just noticed Vancouver popped a couple in, so I’m feeling generous.

      • You mean we can’t smoke it or put it on an astrological chart? Crap!

      • These pretzels are making me thirsty

        Paul Streppel
        So do you take your “Natrum muriaticum” with or without your psychosis medication; or you must be smoking something

        Geeez…Vancouver nuts never cease to amaze me

      • Paul Streppel

        The Canucks, like most large organizations employ astrologers (aka Jungian psychologists) to assist them in determining important esoteric and exoteric potentials. Tonight is no different. As the Canucks win with the return of The Twin, on a day (Wednesday) ruled by Gemini. As previously stated, review the Canucks record with Mars direct 4°Virgo from November 18th onwards.

  13. bring back the V and 80s hair!

  14. Probably 4th avenue is slow because people can’t afford to live there anymore. A few years ago there was lots of young families, as I would see women with strollers etc. I think many either cashed out and moved to the burbs, or people found the rent too expensive. I am not familiar with the rent prices there. Does anyone have any idea? I do frequent Kerrisdale a fair bit whenever I visit and it seems to be doing well. Still lots of old money around. I see more and more Asians in the coffee shops too. I know my Grandparents moved from an apartment there when the rent went up to $1500/month. Speaking of RE and the Canucks – maybe Luongo will have his place up based on Schnieder starting in goal tonight!

  15. Hubby and I were suprised by the opening of a “No Frills” grocery on 4th recently. Very different from the upscale Nesters & Whole Foods & Capers and spiffed up Safeways that have dominated the Westside grocery market in recent years.

    Also had a lot of emails from the Canucks this year offering me playoff tix for purchase. I gave up my seasons tix about 5 years ago now and don’t think I’ve had that kind of solicitation since. Apparently I am still a valued member of the Canucks family… they just forgot about me until they had extra tix to unload?

    • I don’t know what 4th Avenue you shop on but there is no “spiffed up” Safeway, the Safeway on 4th is old and actually quite disgusting, as is the run down Capers, as for Nestors – doesn’t exist on 4th. The No Frills is doing a great business – local produce and it appears to be attracting lots of the young folk. The area of 4th that the No Frills opened up on (at Fir) is not usually considered to be part and parcel of the retail shopping area either. I will grant you that 4th is a street just waiting for re-zoning. The reason the newer retail developments are kept at street level with no apartments above is because no parking is required of such development – once one is allowed to build over 3 stories all bets will be off as to how the neighbourhood will change. The new Urban Outfitters being finished up on 4th will probably revitalize a bit of 4th as well.

  16. “how is this relevant to our discussion of the Vancouver RE market?”… VREAA

    Well, as it happens, or at least according to one very well informed commentator – from the Owners’ perspective the Canucks have always been, first and foremost, about the real estate…

    “Stop going to the [redacted] games and the Aquilinis MIGHT get the message. I say MIGHT, because the purchase of the team was, in my estimation, a real estate play. I looked at the adjacent land as we were leaving. They’ll net double what they paid for the team and the stadium whenever that development goes forward. Easily. They own the team and building for FREE. And they know it. While YOU, the suckers, are paying through the nose to be disappointed.” – Alex G. Tsakumis

    [AGT/REBEL WITH A CLAUSE] – Don’t Blame the Vancouver Canucks: IT’S YOUR FAULT!!! STOP GOING TO THE GAMES!


  17. sun trolls internet for racy pics of paulina gretzky – van shows you the kind of town it really is. lol.

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