“Their Open House this last Saturday (long weekend; nice weather) was advertised on a full page in the local realty paper, and netted Zero attendees. Is this normal for a 4-bedroom house in the Ladner area?”

“My parents had their second open house with a realtor. Last Saturday’s open house netted 6 people when it was first listed. This Saturday (the 7th, the long weekend which was nice weather) was advertised in the local realty paper on a full page, and netted 0 attendees. Is this normal for a 4-bedroom house in the Ladner area?”
yesmath at RE Talks 8 Apr 2012 6:07pm

Do serious prospective buyers use the Easter long weekend to search for homes?
We would think they would.
– vreaa

15 responses to ““Their Open House this last Saturday (long weekend; nice weather) was advertised on a full page in the local realty paper, and netted Zero attendees. Is this normal for a 4-bedroom house in the Ladner area?”

  1. Village Whisperer

    It’s normal now 🙂

  2. In Vancouver real estate there is no “normal” other than describing butt joints on rafters.

  3. Put some 8’s in the price. Or was it 4’s? I forget. You could also find a wimpy looking high school kid, beat him up and drag him into your nearest bank branch. I’m sure the government will approve a loan. Or you could start a business. I would cut up 2-ply toilet paper and put it on newstands for $5. It’s easily twice as functional as the Vancouver Sun and you won’t go brain dead looking at it. That might be a downside here.

    Finally, if all else fails you can rent a yellow helicopter, dress up some guy like Fu Manchu and have him buzz the neighbourhood writing phoney cheques. Bribe your neighbours to say they took his money on the news. I’m sure that will drum up interest. It will cost maybe $5000. Ask any good realtor to give you a quote.

  4. Paul Streppel

    8,1,6 are lucky numbers in Feng Shui for the period between Venus Occultations of the Sun, (between 2004, the first one, and June 6, 2012, the second one. Part of a larger 243 year cycle). Prior to 2004, 7 was a lucky but was superseded by 8.

    It may be a hard sell here, but 8,1,6 gives illumination

    The second comment I have with this story is making note of the post: April 8, around 6:00 in the evening. During the past long weekend, both primary Money planets, Venus and Jupiter passed through critical degrees. Venus at 4°Gemini (mutable sign), and Jupiter at 15°Taurus (fixed sign). “Critical degrees show a cosmic restraint: gives obstruction and frustration”

  5. LandlordRescue.ca

    I’ve found that when you are renting a property, nice long weekends are a total wash. You might not think that but you would be totally wrong. The nicer they are the worse it is because people get the hell out of Dodge for the weekend. Not sure it’s the same for selling but it probably is.

  6. Long weekends are a dude for selling – everyone, including flippers, have social activities.

    Having said the above, if your house was in Vancouver Westside, there would be a few people who would have showed up (even if priced terribly).

  7. I have no knowledge of what is ‘normal’ in the Ladner market, but this past weekend was one of the few sunny ones we’ve had in months. I think most people were out enjoying the weather.

  8. Speaking of Vancouver Westside, there were activity around open houses – a hobby of mine is to visit a few occasionally, I am usually the only non-Asian: which is a clue to the realtors that I am not a contender and they pay no attention to me 🙂

    Back to the original poster, ads alone don’t bring in the punters – your realtor should have connections that can be tapped (even in the crazy boom years this helps escalate the bid wars). Otherwise you see the moribund RE environment like in the seventies – anyone remember this time when buyers used to really inspect houses before they bought and were serious in budgeting what they could afford to buy (and realtors had to hassle hard to make a buck). The world had changed in thirty years – all the cheap credit rules and financial engineering coming into play since then: eventually it will unfortunately come to bite us all (I very much hope not but those are my fears).

  9. Off topic here cuz I missed the last post regarding Ian Watt. Never use this guy. My friend used him years ago when he was with Macdonald realty. He gave keys to Ian while the home was listed. One day my friend came home, he saw Ian pounding a chick in his home. Ian got fired by Macdonald realty.

    • …which is why we need Ian to stick around. There is nothing better than a little colour in an otherwise upstanding profession, notwithstanding his B&W videos.

    • But did he sell the house?

    • Haha very funny, Ian.

    • This somewhat raised my impression of the guy.

    • AWESOME. Next time I sell my place I’m totally selling it with Ian. Rock on, brother!

    • Perhaps… and this is mere idle speculation… there are some videos in Ian’s DashCam (‘BashCam’?) collection that haven’t yet found their way on to the web?… As SEO scenarios go, a mid-‘ShagaDelic’ BoudoirSession DirectToCamera/4thWallBreaking market prognostication could be just the comic touch ‘ol Ian needs to boost his audience share… or at the very least, earn a guest appearance on RealHousewives… Go on Ian, you know you want to!…

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