Global TV Promotes RE, Yet Again – “Realtors like it because they want to get their realtors.. their clients, sorry… the best deal they can.”

Tara Fluet, ‘White Rock Investor’: “With Groupon, and the way it exploded, you do get great deals on there, so, why wouldn’t it work with condos, the developer here wants to sell the last few units, so if 20 people come in and buy them all at once, they’re obviously going to get a better deal than coming in one by one.”
– from ‘Groupon Style Condo Sales’, Global TV News Hour, Saturday 31 Mar 2012

In the Global clip, Ms Fluet is portrayed as a ‘White Rock Investor’, yet in an article in ‘The Province’ [‘Two homes are better than one’, 17 Oct 2010], it is revealed that she is a ‘sales representative’ selling condos for Cam Good’s ‘The Key’ marketing group, the same people behind this promotion.
Global TV continues to promote RE in the guise of ‘News’, and is disingenuous in the way it presents information to its viewers.
– vreaa

Two other things pertaining to this story:

1. The whole idea of ‘bulk’ sales of condos is noteworthy from the point of view of the RE mania. Would people consider this way of buying a home in ‘normal’ markets?

2. The Global piece also treats us to a really wonderful Freudian slip from Cam Good:

Cam Good, Condoday: “Buyers like it, they can get a better deal participating today in this group than they ever could on their own. Realtors like it because they want to get their realtors (sic).. their clients, sorry… the best deal they can; and developers, if they can do 10 or 30 deals on a Saturday, where they might do one or two.. why wouldn’t they want to do that?”

Global tends to take down their video clips from the web after about a month; intrepid video archivist Greenhorn has archived the clip for posterity, here:

100 responses to “Global TV Promotes RE, Yet Again – “Realtors like it because they want to get their realtors.. their clients, sorry… the best deal they can.”

  1. Dang, I think it’s time I either A) File another Global CRTC complaint based on a Cam Good henchman posed as an investor, or B) Write another Cam Good-based op-ed. Of all the bullshit we’ve seen in the past few months/years, nothing gets me nearly as riled as when I hear that name and see that smarmy face.

    • We have to admit we thought you’d like this piece, Gord.

    • When I started reading the clip, I was sure I’d see a reply from you, Gord! (btw, congrats on CBC publishing your sinking boat photo online– it was a great shot!)

      • A quick follow up: I’m writing a complaint to the Real Estate Council of BC, the regulatory body for realtors. Tara Fluet is a licensed Realtor, employed by Key Marketing, according to RECBC. I encourage others to do the same. I would call this “conduct unbecoming of a professional”.


      • Thanks, M-. I think that shot was a ten- or twenty-second exposure.

        Following your lead, I’ll re-submit my Global complaint to the RECBC.

  2. pic appears to show white rock investor at cleaners – lol

    • I think the subliminal message is ‘you’re going to get taken to the cleaners’

      • tend to think it isn’t so subliminal anymore. wall street has become so fearless about screwing everyone, they don’t even really bother to hide it – it hasn’t mattered yet. has vanRE become microcosmic of that too?

      • Agree with that Chub. Remember when the stock market plunged during the global financial crisis and the S&P actually hit 666 before stopping its dive. I even have a theory that Apple will do the same thing. Once it hits 666 the parabolic rise will end and we will get our market correction. (yes, I know its crazy but nothing would surprise me anymore. The numbers games are getting bolder all the time.)

    • So which one is she going to get:

      • oh stop. teeing it up again? ->
        which one has happy ending? i’m feeling kinda dirty

      • I suggest a good rinse cycle. Or a shower. The part where these realturds hang you out to dry is what we should probably be most worried about.

      • pssst… ‘Messiah’… oops!… VeryNaughtyBoy…

        It’s about the ‘Spin’ Cycle…

        Speaking of which, I think it’s terribly sporting of Cameron (not the PM – the Realtor™ one) to foster a socially progressive equal opportunity employment policy @ TheKey…

        Accorindingly, any similarities between Miss Fluet and Miss Dent’s fictional creation, “Shiraz Bailey-Wood” are, no doubt, purely coincidental and wholly unintended…

      • Some lexicological/cultural background….

    • The brand is either May-tag or May-day.

  3. It’s funny how both of them look alike, and it’s not a compliment…

    • Basement Suite

      One big happy family. Like those incestuous eHarmony commercials where it looks like you’re marrying your twin sister or something, those “dream” (nightmare) matchups they show where the woman looks identical to the man. BLECH.

      • Talking about dating website, one drunken night with a buddy of mine, we spent an hour chatting with a guy on “plenty of fish” thinking we were a hot chick. Really hilarious… and really funny what people would agree to in hope for ____. We made the poor guy going from Surrey to downtown at a time (late night) he wouldn’t be able to take the Skytrain back home…

      • Basement Suite

        Yikes, dude should have insisted on a web cam 😀

  4. How’s this any different from CondoMob?

  5. “Realtors like it because they want to get their realtors (sic).. their clients, sorry… the best deal they can”

    I know Cam gets a ton of ribbing around here but I hope readers here can consider, for a moment, that Mr. Good isn’t THE problem. After all, a rat eating a bag of garbage left outdoors overnight is still a rat. She can’t help it.

    • OK maybe the rat thing isn’t a great connotation. Think of it like leaving your dog in the kitchen with a plate of food on the counter. He’s going to eat it because he’s a dog.

      OK I can’t find a nice analogy but you get the point. Cam is who he is and we should wish him the best at being… whatever he is. I’m all for “tough on shills” policies but they are unlikely to work. Best to educate and focus on harm prevention.

      • I prefer the rat analogy, it suits him really well 🙂

      • What you are trying to say is: if people are being incentivized to act a certain way and they act on it, then the only logical way to solve the problem is to change the incentives.

    • True, yet Cam Good is one of the most infamous personalities of the Great Misperception. When a media outlet such as Global portrays a non-news RE piece (usually a flat-out marketing stunt) as news and sticks it on its NEWScast, there’s a good chance it’s a C Good stunt.

      Of course the problem can be traced all the way back to the highest levels of government and is much, much deeper than one marketing company and one fame-seeking realtor. But he’s the prime local face, he’s the tip of the “perception iceberg” the public constantly sees that so forcefully drives the bubble. That his “stunts” often have a questionable element to them (the helicopter tour wasn’t what it seemed to be, Tara Fluet apparently works with Cam Good) only adds to his “mystique.”

      • Good comes from a long noble line of British Columbia-based pumpers.

        Shilling is one area that I think BC could excel at exporting to other parts of the world. In fact I think we should lobby the government for making it explicit and supporting a “shill tax credit” that if any British Columbian can demonstrate abetting the raising of capital for business models with no likelihood of long-term revenue streams can receive a 30% tax credit right off the bat. As a province we need to foster our best and brightest.

  6. Vesta here. (WordPress hijacked my name and it takes a lot of time to get it back.)

    I phoned Global TV to complain about this and spent 10 minutes trying to point out why the lack of information about Ms. Fluet’s connection to Cam Good might mislead viewers into thinking her views as an “investor” were impartial.

    The woman I spoke to at Global could not for the life of her understand what I was objecting to, even though I tried repeatedly to explain it. In fact, she grew indignant. She insisted that if Ms. Fluet is an investor, it was perfectly appropriate for her to comment even given her connections to Cam Good.

    This woman I spoke to said if I wanted to pursue the matter I would have to talk to the journalist involved.

    Why bother? Another day when I simply can’t believe what I’m seeing and hearing.

    • 4SlicesofCheese

      Her payroll depends on it.

    • Good on you, Vesta! I’m in the process of writing a complaint, using the same Global contacts from my previous complaints.

    • Also, Vesta, remember that you can take it further than the “journalist involved.” When you take a complaint to the CRTC/CBSC, even if you ultimately lose, you force a whole bunch of people to explain themselves, on record.

    • Next time, Vesta… call up as though you were the P.A. of an industry rival so incensed that his (sorry, they’re mostly ‘hims’) PLC (program length commercial) had been ‘bumped’ to create a slot for Cameron’s… that he’s instructed his agency to pull all future Global ‘buys’…

      PS – have a ‘thesp’ stand in for you – record it… then post it on it youTube…

      • The poster formerly known as anonymous

        Sneaky and clever… sounds like you know the insides of this industry, Nem. Is PLC really an industry acronym?

      • Thanks Nem. This would be delicious.

        I’m definitely working up to some civil disobedience, that’s for sure.

  7. 10 out of 10 Chocolate Sellers agree that their high fat sugary snack is good for dieting.

  8. Gord (Vesta here again), keep up the good work!

    I actually phoned Global back and insisted they put me through to an editor. They said no one was available, and so I asked to be put through to anyone’s voicemail. I don’t know whose I got (male, British accent), but I left a message presenting my reasons for why this story should not have been presented as objective journalism, adding that if Global was not going to be more diligent in checking out people it interviewed, and was going to continue simply to help Cam Good flog his wares, then Global shouldn’t be operating as an independent television station.

  9. Told-you-so-in-2007

    “Realtors like it because they want to get their realtors (sic).. their clients, sorry… the best deal they can”

    Not a Freudian slip on Cam Good’s part… OMG, he accidentally had the truth slip out of his mouth!! How shocking for him.

    Shame on Global. How is allowing a Realtor at Key Marketing Inc. to pose as a “White Rock Investor” allowable? It’s either fraud or piss-poor, lazy journalism. More than likely both.

    • You know, anyone who is signed up to Linkedin can just send Tara a message and ask her what the deal was. I am sure she will get right back to you.

      Yes, I was being sarcastic.

      • Told-you-so-in-2007

        Yeah, I’ll get right on the, Gord.

        I sent a complaint to Global TV, but you’re more than likely right- a bunch of harried junior reporters attempting to throw together a story at the last minute were probably duped by the Cam Good realtor cabal.

        Pity on the poor saps who actually listen to this drivel, though.

  10. 4SlicesofCheese

    Why buy? piece from CBC. Has a buy vs rent calculations, and if they didn’t use the 20%dp and 25 year amort the results would be eve more lopsided.

  11. This phases me not. Condos are for peasants.

    On Tara whoever, a fly shats where it eats.

    • I should clarify, that sounded crass. As a home, I have no opinion on condos, but condos are an investment class for wannabes. I know how they are built. Real money is in shipping, energy, agriculture, manufacturing, currencies, nation building stuff. Making a buck by indenturing the working class for shelter is borderline satanism. I should clarify, that sounded crass. I have nothing against praying to your devil, but devil worship is for wannabes. Real evil is in arms, banking, mortgage brokering, biological warfare, trilateral trade commissions and selling crap condos.

  12. Awesome. I just sent my written complaint. I’ll give ’em a couple of days to reply, and then I rat them out to the CRTC.

    From everything I can see, this Tara Fluet certainly appears linked to The Key. Indeed, The Key is one of her Facebook “likes.”

    So slimy.

    It also got me thinking about the other interviewees in that spot. “Andrea Vissscher,” for example. There is an “Andrea Visscher” with BC tourism. She’s also a BCIT Broadcast Journalism grad who’s interned with the CBC, was a media relations officer during the 2010 Olympics, and has “spent time at Immedia Public Relations – one of the top lifestyle PR firms in Vancouver.”


  13. Vesta here again. Gord and M, thanks for taking quick action.

    I Googled “Key Marketing” and phoned their offices. I asked if someone named Tara Fluet worked for them. The receptionist said yes.

    • Its just plain sloppy journalism on the part of Global to put the title “Investor” under the name of the person being interviewed. Probably not much more. I suspect it was just the usual rush-job in the editing room and not a big media manipulation. Some here are making the assumption that Global was complicit with Cam Good and his outfit but I am leaning towards the belief that the Journalists just got duped by a slick lot of Realtors with an agenda to push. When the interviewer asked if there was a buyer/investor willing to go on TV with a statement, Tara got elected and nobody bothered to do any fact checking. Having known enough media folk over the years I can tell you it is a pressure cooker doing up a story on the fly and the cast has to be fast on their feet. An acknowledgement from Global that their interview guest was actually of a paid insider would suffice.

      • Come on, this is bought and paid for. Its basically an advertorial, but without the disclaimer. Cam Good has done this repeatedly, and almost exclusively with Global. Money is changing hands, for sure.

      • Farmer, you have a ton of great input here. But I think you’re wrong in this case. If you’re correct and Global is simply guilty of sloppy journalism, this would just be the latest in a long, long line of sloppily journalistic RE spots that always seem to shine a more positive light on local housing than reality says there should be. Paid condo lineups, bogus helicoper tours, now this (and a whole bunch more I can’t think of right now).

        I don’t think money “changed hands” in this particular instance, but the fact remains that the RE industry spends huge dollars on Global advertising and in fact sponsors many of its News segments. It’s just a matter of connecting the dots.

      • Um, isn’t research a key job responsibility for journalists? What are they teaching in the journalism program at BCIT anyway?

      • Seeing as you brought it up; it’d be interesting to know what local academic journalism programs thought of Global’s report in in this case.

      • I may have to concede you are correct Gord. I don’t have Global here and so I have (fortunately) missed most of the more grievous events. I just posted below that I was unable to find any kind of retraction or correction from that outfit. Should it not at least show up in their FAQ page? That kind of sends the radar buzzing. I mean, shit, they know we are talking about them. Right? We are crazy to think for even one second that Global does not look in on this site and many others that are expressing grievances now. So fire away man. Your complaint gets my support.

  14. southseacompany

    I like the last line the reporter gives “If you missed out… don’t despair. There will be more opportunities to come”

    16,000 more opportunities right now north of the Fraser. Over 9,000 south of the Fraser. Looking forward to those ‘more opportunities’. Hope she’s right.

  15. Bulk buying of condo’s is a lot like bulk buying heroin. You get more for your money, but the overdose will kill you.

  16. Oh Formula1 where art thou ?

  17. Renters Revenge

    “@BreakingNews: The Securities and Exchange Commission is examining Groupon Inc.’s revision of its first set of financial results as a public company – @WSJ”


    I think the local bear blogs should put some concerted effort into identifying the “Asian buyers” in the last helicopter video. When I first saw the video I had a very hard time believing that people worth “billions or hundreds of millions”, as Cam claimed they were, would allow their realtor to bring around a local news reporter while they went house shopping. Outside of a few entertainment industry types, I don’t think this is typical rich-person behaviour.

    Now that we have proof that people are not always what they seem in these Cam Good/Global co-productions, it would be worthwhile to find out if any internet sleuths out there can identify who those people really were (and what real estate office they worked for!)

    • I had the exact same doubt as you Blisting. It just seemed so unlikely that Cam would really blow the cover on his so-called billionaires as they were milling about in the background. You don’t “out” your clients to the media if you want their business and loyalty. Even if it is true, just proves one more Realtor lacks ethics. If it is false, he is a liar. No wins.

    • When Cam Good did his helicopter stunt, the riders were all either local realtors of Chinese heritage (“Chinese realtors”), or journalists.

      There were no rich asian buyers in the helicopter, or at the sales office. Just realtors they claimed were working with mainland-Chinese buyers.

      A pure media stunt. No substance to it. Nothing more.

      • Maybe we aren’t giving him enough credit. He just might be a modern day P.T. Barnum. Can you really resent a guy for using all the regular tools at his disposal to make his own million?

        OK OK. I know the answer to that…….

      • M—> There have been two helicopter ‘stunts’, and the 2012 one very definitely claims to be whisking high net-worth clients to expensive properties, in the rain.

    • I’m also wondering about the person, Mah Ying, who was described as a Shanghai Resident. It would be quite something if someone could identify her.


    I agree they are likely realtors, but that is not how they represented them in the most recent helicopter-Cam video (the one from two weeks ago):

    Reporter: These Asian buyers have allowed us to film their trip, but don’t wish to speak on camera.

    Cam: One of them is North of a billion. A couple others are in the couple hundreds of millions, in this example. Beyond that, you know, their names and what they do and what not, it’s best kept private.

    • If we could have sold the coming housing bust as successfully as Cam Good sells image and flash we would be brilliant. How is this for a try though. Good news on the correction is here for any of you who lost hope and thought it would go on forever. Your chance to buy is only a couple years away.

      I was just over at YatterMatters looking at the latest stats. So then I glanced at the most recent chart showing detached sales prices (the Red line, no pun intended). Well I will be damned but if that is not a perfect double top then I don’t know technical analysis from a pancake breakfast at Denny’s.

      This puppy is about to drop like a rock. Have a look for yourselves. It reminds me so much of the double top we saw in Gold in the fall of 2011 that preceded the worst sell-off in many years. It’s so over…..only the crying towels are missing from that chart.

      I realize you regulars are a pretty savvy bunch. For anyone else reading who is not familiar with the Double-Top phenomenon that is closely watched by investors then here is a link to get you up to speed.

      Technical analysis- topping pattern

      The Gold top for reference–see how obvious that one was to pick out? Looks just like Vancouver’s chart of detached homes.

      • Are there any good investment strategies you could use if you are convinced that this is a bubble? Without shorting?

      • Best answer I heard recently was a friend who said the only honest short for Vancouver real estate is to stay in cash and save your money for a better day. Sorry if that is not helpful but not much exists to speculate on the loss of others here. Mercifully I think. Thankfully, with this confirmation we can be more assured the correction is here.

  20. What a perfect marriage. The corrupt Groupon Ponzi scheme ( with the corrupt Vancouver bubble.

  21. Tell all your friends NOT to use Tara Fluet.

    It’s unethical to not disclose a conflict of interest.

    • Hey! We had that first property teed up and ready to post, after seeing it referenced at (was that you, Absinthe?).
      Such spectacularly poor value.
      We’ll still headline it.

      • Nope, not me! Wandered through my Facebook feed – linked by people not known for being RE bears.

  22. If I was manipulating Global TV, and was really smart, I would have run a few well timed pieces on the dangers if a RE bubble in the couple weeks leading up to the budget. Scare the masses and get the government to pull back from stepping on the brakes. Then, right after the more RE friendly budget was presented, I would swing the other way quickly, and start shamelessly pumping RE again.

    Now that would be cool.

  23. I wonder if Global will ever do a story about people leaving for other pastures. I know they did a piece a while ago on the surgeon who left for Cranbrook. I also remember they did a series back in the 90’s about the people leaving for Alberta. Oh but wait….Cam Good would cringe, and probably bribe them not to show such a thing! Although did’nt he say if you can’t afford it then leave?

  24. A classic bit of developer/realtor paternalism:

    Note all the usual memes, with the recent condo “sellout” at Marine Drive a new talking point. He grossly misrepresents the significance of those 11,000 who ‘registered.’ Really, how do we call the media on this BS?

    • Nice link. It’s the first MSM (well, moderately mainstream) article I’ve seen that had the balls to say this:

      “Unfortunately, Clark, Robertson and the rest of B.C.’s political elite, which relies on big real estate developers for fat campaign donations, stays silent. Instead, they prattle on about “affordability,” whining about federal money for rental housing, while realtors auction off our neighbourhoods to the highest bidder in Shanghai.”

    • The poster formerly known as anonymous

      Regarding anecdotal evidence for empty properties: I have been watching this one since last summer. It has been empty and listed for sale since then. I know that HAM bought it in 2006. I don’t know how many pairs of hands it has been through between then and now. It was listed at 935,000 when I first noticed it last August. It has had 8s in every revised price ever since. Now asking 868,000.

      a perfectly usable house sits unused for a year.

  25. I was just going to post that! Good article – pretty balanced and accurate from all the posts we read. I did not realize that many asian investors admit they may never come to Canada. I also liked the part about Clark and Robertson on the sidelines watching (with Cam Good behind them!). Sorry but I am cranky and feeling like the city is lost.

  26. weird thread. going completely OT, something i read recently that resonates with some of the discussion yesterday. it is on the mark, from what i have seen. guess the speaker …

    But also my other worry is about – and as I say, there are few things in life I believe in 100% – but another one is not giving your children money. I see nothing but fuck-ups among my trust-fund friends. It’s like 99% fuck-ups. So I would not want to do that to my children, no.”

  27. This anecdote is about Global, and Good, and the salesperson in question, but the real story is, of course, the giant speculative RE mania that facilitates and rewards all of this behaviour.

  28. Oh Scam Good, we shall remember you fondly…

  29. Fluet’s is also a professional gambler… poker.. and she’s obviously gambling with her career.

  30. The real problem with this scenario is not Scam Good or Tara F. If Tara hadn’t gone into real estate, she’d be serving drinks. I doubt she has any education beyond high school and the realtor exam.

    Meanwhile the reporter, Michelle Miller, has at least five years of university edukayshun including a journalism degree from Ryerson. Miller doesn’t appear until the end of the story when she asks an awkward question of the mark (err buyer).

    Miller knows what she’s doing. She knows this is false news or an advertorial without the disclaimer. She took journalism ethics courses at J-school. She would claim to be a professional.

    Shame on you, Michelle Miller.

    • I don’t suppose Global ever offered a retraction or a correction to this story. I tried to cut them some slack but maybe you guys here are right. They are all Shills and the media is in cahoots. In the old days a paper that made an obvious mistake that came to the public attention would address the item in a brief column. You know, an apology that said in essence “we were wrong, and here is why”. Interestingly I have not seen any such thing in this case. Tara Fluet and Cam Good meanwhile have gained quite a bit of fame in the blog world. All that free advertising is for what? There is no question that this has come to the attention of Vancouver’s media and that there is general disgust being expressed by many out here. The curious silence of Global strikes me as guilt on their part. Maybe those complaints to the CRTC were legitimate after all. The banks are getting regulated for being irresponsible… it now the turn of some renegade media too? Surely their advertising profit cannot be enough to offset the damage the city is now suffering by this kind of manipulation.

      • Hey Farmer: I’ve now given Glowbull two days to reply to the complaint I sent them directly. They have not done so. Shocking! So, as I told them I would, I now go off to the CRTC. This will be my third Glowbull complaint. At the very least I force Glowbull to deal with me.

      • Global reporters and The Key marketers probably socialize together at real estate events where they chat about blogs like this with amusement. These are not people with a conscience.

        I imagine they are superficial, lacking in ethics and totally full of themselves. Icky, slimy parasites. Don’t try to reason with them.

        As for the general media, I have yet to hear anyone say anything about the insidious relationship between real estate marketers and the media. There are very few credible journalists left in this town.

      • Curious to know how this one turns out, Gord. The story seems to have made it to at least 3 other sites and the blog dogs have spoken. The verdict? Global and Cam and Tara stink and nobody is happy about being manipulated. Cheers man.

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  32. You know what… if you going to pull a scam like this Cam.. at least de-like each other on your facebook pages.. a bit obvious! Even a 6 year old could have found that she was a eggplant!

  33. I think I’ll also contact our friends at The Key. It’s really a very simple question: Do you have any idea why Tara Fluet is identified in the TV spot as a “White Rock investor” when in fact she works for you? They’ll either say “Blame Global,” or “She may work for us, but she’s also a potential investor.” If it’s the former, I *will* blame Global via the CRTC/CBSC. If it’s the latter, I’ll ask why there wasn’t a disclaimer. They’ll then say “Blame Global.” And I will.

    You see how this works. 🙂

  34. Gord -> Did you contact Tanja Beja (Global TV reporter who Gord has previously been in communication with) about this latest issue?

  35. C’est Vesta. (Thanks, Chubster, for the proposal about a name change! Working on reclaiming my Vesta moniker.)

    If anyone else wants to follow the lead of Gord and M here, and complain about the Good/Fluet cha-cha-cha, you can go to The Greater Fool’s most recent post (he’s headlined this story) and find, in the comments section, direct links to where you can complain to the CRTC. Sorry again I don’t know how to transfer those links here.

    And thanks to the VREAA host for posting this latest scandal.

    I find it frightening how deeply indebted Vancouver media as well as politicians are to RE interests. Where is the public indignation? Where is the indignation among the journalists who work for these organizations?

    • e-v. where is the public indignation indeed. i observe this same phenomenon throughout the maple kingdom’s remote southern outpost. in brief, it is there – raw, latent – but lacking an appropriate agent to more fully catalyze or focus.

    • Potential indignation amongst the majority of the informed and literate is mollified by their self-perceived benefits from the high-RE-price status quo.

      • yes, of the course there is still that. how is it that i keep forgetting the clock has yet to strike midnight for this pumpkin?

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