CBC Features Surrey Mall Glass Condo Faux ‘Reality’ Show Promotion – “Sure it’s an obvious marketing ploy to get media attention, but, hey, cheap stunts make the news all the time, why not now?”

“Three actors are living inside a glass structure at the Surrey Central City Mall, with just about all their movements broadcast on the internet and watched by passers-by. They are acting in a 450-hour live, online video “drama,” 10 hours per day, over the next six weeks.
But it’s not a reality show, or pure drama. It’s all part of a unique commercial effort to sell real estate.”
CBC.ca, 26 Mar 2012

On the CBC video clip:

Announcer1: “The show isn’t really about reality, it’s about selling real estate.”

Announcer2: “The action takes place in a very small condo, with sliding doors and walls.”

Morrison: “… so that people could see the floor plan in action.”

Announcer2: “Sure it’s an obvious marketing ploy to get the media’s attention, but, hey, cheap stunts make the news all the time, why not now?”

Well, we lost the Playhouse a few weeks back…
Interesting on a few levels:
1. RE promos saturate local spaces/psyches.
2. ‘Reality’ TV and ‘Real’ Estate: how ‘Real’ is it?
3. When you buy RE in Vancouver, are you stepping into a role?
4. CBC being an instrument of the hype while commenting on that at the same time (“We know this is wrong but we just can’t help ourselves”).
5. Other?
– vreaa

19 responses to “CBC Features Surrey Mall Glass Condo Faux ‘Reality’ Show Promotion – “Sure it’s an obvious marketing ploy to get media attention, but, hey, cheap stunts make the news all the time, why not now?”

  1. I guess these people do not have any sporting goods like bikes or snowboards or any other interest that take up space? No other interests in life but eating at a table and watching TV. What it really showcases is how small of a space the developers expect you to live in as they live in their 4000 sq. foot homes.

    • Yabutt, the whole point is once you own a chunk of RE in the BPOE to call your own, you don’t need all that other crap. A rabbit hutch with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and hardwood floors is just as granity, stainless, and hardwoodsy as a mansion with same. And you can walk to work! (Bloody good thing that is since you can’t afford a car and have nowhere to park it if you could.) You can sit there in your own little piece of paradise watching HGTV on your 60 inch plasma, planning your next home reno (new granite, stainless and HWFs!!!). Hobbies? That’s just so renter.

  2. 4SlicesofCheese

    I think I saw a sign that read,

    Do not look directly into the eyes of the actors.

  3. This must be one of the sellers that offer agents hefty discounts of >20% if they can draw in a cartload of buyers.
    I wonder if PaulB can negotiate a better deal that would lessen the long wait, at better located buildings.

  4. Wow I didn’t realize that there are windows to the washroom! Well I think slding glass door and walls does make sense when the unit is that small. Though also no closets? No wall to mount a TV in the bedrooms? Never mind any dresser…..

  5. I was trying to find the URL to the show online and this page turns up as the #1 result on Google! Way to go VREAA!

    • On that note, daily hits here very steadily increasing, now at all time highs; indicative of….
      What, exactly?
      Probably indicative of a rise in the number of people who are ‘bear curious’ or ‘bear aware’….. happened in parallel with rising numbers of ‘bubble’ stories in msm.

      • Time to monetize the blog VREAA, there are subtle ways of doing it that won’t compromise what you have built.

      • nem started posting porn

      • Burt -> No desire to ‘monetize’.

        Chubster -> hahaha

      • Vancouver is ground zero. All of North America is watching and waiting in suspense as if what happens here next will determine events elsewhere. Or perhaps the city is like patient waiting for the news from his doctor. Will life support be pulled? Will more medication be administered.

        You have to admit, this bubble is fascinating if not downright dramatic at times. So these anecdotes maybe act as a window to the weird reality of mass psychology as the viewers watch raptly and pointlessly shout at the actors on the stage to avoid the obvious pitfalls. Look out!! Look out!! they shout as the Realtors start pushing a sale……in vain though……the buyers are oblivious just as the actors on TV are deaf to those viewing. So the warnings fall on deaf ears and the bubble gets bigger by the day.

        That, or the reason hits have increased is because I handed out flyers at an OC meeting and now there are crazy people reading daily but not posting.

      • @chubster… [BLUSH!] When you’re feeling low down and ‘dirty’ – BonniePrinceBilly aside, nothing satisfies like a Danish Siemens Washing Machine ad!… Speaking of which, prurient ladies who google Fleggard will discover the DanishCreatives have put together a little something for them, too…

        @Farmer… A SneakyPeek at the ‘patient’s’ chart revealed a terminal prognosis… and instructions concluding with, “DNR”.

      • e.g.

        [CBC] – 3 Metro Vancouver shootings leave 1 dead

        “Three separate shootings in three corners of Metro Vancouver have left one man dead and three injured.”…


      • e.g. 2

        [CBC] – West Van politicians vote themselves a raise: Councillors get 37% pay increase while mayor gets 11%


      • e.g. 3

        [G&M] – Auditor-General battles B.C. for access to documents in corruption case

        “Government delays in producing documents, restrictions on access to material, and blanket claims of privilege are threatening to derail an investigation into the payment of legal fees in a political-corruption case, the Auditor-General of British Columbia claims.”…


      • Nem, they used to write “no heroics” on the charts of the terminally ill and aged in hospitals. Not sure if they do it anymore. So when someone called a code blue, showing up was a bit of a casual event. In Vancouver’s case I just don’t know if there is a cure for a bubble that is terminal so probably no bother sending in the medics. Like they say, you can’t fix stupid anyway.

      • It may be too late for heroics… but it’s never too late for Heroes…

        …and now for this morning’s final “e.g.” [hint: it’s not ‘different’ here, in more ways than one. FollowTheMoney]

        [WSJ] – Sun Hung Kai Chairmen Arrested in Hong Kong .

        …”The arrests of the two chairmen at family controlled Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd. is a blow to the blue-chip company, one of the world’s biggest real-estate developers, which has built some of the most iconic skyscrapers in Hong Kong’s skyline. In a city where a small group of powerful organizations control real estate, transportation, supermarkets and communication, the sight of two tycoons walking into government offices to answer questions in a corruption case was riveting.”…


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