“When The Water Came” [‘Vancouver RE-Verse’; Found Poem]

Market busts are like flooding a basement.
It’s amazing how much dirt there was
embedded in the old carpet,
that floated to the surface when the water came.

jesse at vancouvercondo.info 3 Feb 2012 7:08am, spotted by ‘Bailing in BC’

A post in the very, very occasional ‘Vancouver RE-Verse’ [Found Poems] series.
Poems are completely unedited but for layout.
Prior examples here.

4 responses to ““When The Water Came” [‘Vancouver RE-Verse’; Found Poem]

  1. When we bought our last house, the kids bathroom had shag pile in it. 30 year old carpet, covered in kids piss.

    • I hope you disposed of that correctly with all the right forms and permits.

      The poem uses simile when metaphor would have been more succinct holed.

    • Yah I’ve seen those carpeted bathrooms and couldn’t help but think, “WTF were people thinking putting carpet down in a bathroom?”

      I’m a clean freak, and I refuse to allow even bath mats or those stupid puffy toilet seat covers in the bathroom. I want nothing but hard surfaces that can be cleaned easily (and often). A few times the girlfriend has expressed a desire to put in one of those prettily coloured bath mat sets. On that I am completely unyielding. Not even the ensuite, which is her own bathroom. I painted a picture of bacteria and disease thriving in the carpet fibres, and sufficiently grossed her out of the idea.

      • It’s not a problem if you make all male household members sit down to pee. (My mom once tried that with four boys in the house – guess how far she got with that)

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