Extirpated Biologist – “In conservation biology, when a species can no longer survive in its home territory, it is referred to as “extirpated”.

From the ‘Introduce Yourself To The Forum’ thread at RE Talks, a post by ‘extirpated’, 22 Mar 2011 7:55pm

1) Age / Location / Occupation
“38, born and raised in Richmond BC (to Polish immigrants) forced out of my home province by rising real estate prices and the desire to live in my own house. Conservation biologist – turned – artist”

2) What real estate do you own?
“2 houses, which are not in BC”

3) What’s your view on the market going forward? Buyer or seller? Which parts of the market?
“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford to live in BC again” 😥

4) Anything else?
“In conservation biology, when a species can no longer survive in its home territory, it is referred to as “extirpated”.

23 responses to “Extirpated Biologist – “In conservation biology, when a species can no longer survive in its home territory, it is referred to as “extirpated”.

  1. Speaking of extirpation… two pieces from Blighty (correlated?)…

    [BBC] – Brazil economy overtakes UK, says CEBR: Brazil has overtaken the UK as the world’s sixth largest economy, an economic research group has said.


    [UK Telegraph] – Number of first-time buyers plummets to lowest on record:
    The number of first-time buyers has fallen to its lowest since records began in 1974.


  2. Renters Revenge

    Extirpation refers to an entire species leaving a location, which, unless there is a new species of humans emerging, doesn’t make the best analogy. I prefer to think of ecological competition in terms of cycles.

  3. maybe someone can explain to me why asian locals are able to afford housing and caucasian are not.

    • Are you defining ‘afford’ as ‘meet monthly payments’?
      The numbers are the same for all humans, regardless or origin.

    • These pretzels are making me thirsty

      Probably because most immigrants and even local Asians are more frugal than caucasians in his part of the world.

    • Define asian local.

      • These pretzels are making me thirsty.

        First or second generation Asians. Of course there are rich yuppies, cheaters and tax evaders looking to park ill-gotten gains in the Canadian system, who haven’t done a days hard work in their lives….

        But I am talking about your average Joe who if rich has worked hard for it.

        Also it is only the “rich’ from China who want to come to Canada. The rich people from India and other Asian countries could not care less. It is mostly the lower middle/middle class from these countries who would have a tough job finding a job in their own countries who significantly improve their standards by jobs such as truck driving etc. in Canada. As far as stories about “doctors” driving cabs etc., they usually have a strong political or other reason to leave their country (mostly from middle east etc) and could not pass any exams in US, Canada or the western world

      • 4SlicesofCheese

        Easy, by working harder then their Caucasian counterparts. Hahahaha

        Probably Bank of mom/dad/grandparents. Whom you will eventually have to house and care for.

      • Asian local. I know people of European descent with more in common with Asian culture than those of Asian descent.

        What year is it? (shakes head)

    • Almost anyone can “afford”. So stop trolling.

      • Amen. Almost anyone. The usual requirement is to have a job. Oh yeah and no existing liens. That last one might be an important minutia, now mostly academic.

      • so if gwai lo and asian have same affordability why is it that whitey is leaving and asian buys the house? Is it because whitey has no loyalty to family and friends and chases the fast buck? I guess the white flight can be a kind of hot money too – care too much about bottom line and fundamentals so take their hot money and high tail it out of town. Whitey losing this war to asian just the same as if they’d been driven out of town t the end of a pitch fork. Where’s your pride whitey? Where’s your dignity, where’s your fight? Shameful

      • [expletive deleted -ed.], racist.

      • formula1 -> Wow.
        Talking of ‘shameful’, are you actually going to stand by all of that?

      • 4SlicesofCheese

        Wow buddy.

        Your moral highroad position was short-lived.

      • Don’t worry about Formula1 aka… ***** … don’t usually have much to contribute to the discussion.

        [Possible (?) identifying descriptors removed. We do not endorse the ‘outing’ of anonymous commenters on this blog. -ed.]

    • Simple. Non-Asians (especially whites) are likely more adaptable to other Canadian cities allowing twice the family lifestyle at a third the cost of what Vancouver offers. It’s common sense.

  4. Excuse me?!?!?!

    vreaa, you delete “fuck off” and leave formula1’s racist tirade????

    • Fair point, bubbly (and fair emotion). We try not to censor anything at all (where would we stop?).
      We’ll let your comment stand as record of your exchange.

  5. Getting back to an earlier comment, I know why some local asians can afford housing is because they stayed at home until they were early thirties. I have had two friends who have done that in order to save enough money. They also were frugal and only drove cars they could buy with cash like an older corolla or jetta.

    • 4SlicesofCheese

      For a condo or townhome that makes sense, but no one is buying a starter home at these prices by being frugal.

  6. Formula1 makes me ashamed indeed to be “whitey”

    Go back to your trailer park redneck, I’m sure there’s some chicken necks you can make into some kind of vile soup while your git runs around naked with dirty diapers.

    Go Bubbly!

  7. OK.
    Rein it in, all. Please.

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