PostCardsFromTheBlastRadius #14 – Windsor – In the ‘RustBelt’ The RE Deals are…. “FingerLickin’Good”‏

Tecumseh Road, Windsor, Ontario, Summer 2011
Photos and commentary for the ‘BlastRadius’ series by ‘Nemesis’.
[Images Ⓒ​2011 ‘Nemesis’ – All Rights Reserved]

7 responses to “PostCardsFromTheBlastRadius #14 – Windsor – In the ‘RustBelt’ The RE Deals are…. “FingerLickin’Good”‏

  1. What’t the ticker for Scott’s REIT? Never mind, googled the mofo. Scott likey the gai.

    • Actually, that was shot little more than two weeks ago… during one of Nem’s more interesting ‘expeditions’/field forays…

      Would that I’d had better light/more time [or at least a full moon!]… after abandoning MotownSouth and swimming the ‘Detroit’ [ever wary ‘o orbiting ‘Predators’] I emerged into a landscape more barbarous/stark than Mogadishu… but I digress.

      The Colonel’s problems are emblematic of REIT’s predicated on ‘consumer discretionaries’… in this instance, SCOTT’s REIT – whose motto, “Small box, big returns!” could as easliy adorn the threshold of, ah, a different kind of establishment.

      For example, of their 190 properties…

      More than 10%….

      are currently vacant.

      • Accordingly, I guess that should be, “Finger lickin’ good! [WhenTenanted]”…

        Perhaps the Colonel should steal a page from Gus Fring’s ‘cook’ book… ’cause when it comes to ‘secret herbs & spices’, there’s no beating Los Pollos Hermanos!… 😉

      • “small box” — I think you mean “small bocks”

  2. That border crossing, and the excessive retail along it that served it, took a beating with the wholesale rebuilding of the expressway ramps in Detroit. A driver in or out had to drive through the DMZ and the denizens had a funny habit of moving the direction signs around. It’s only a handful of minutes longer to take the more pleasant route through Port Huron. I don’t think the traffic has returned to Windsor now that people are used to the other route.

  3. nem, much enjoyed! I like your literary and artistic posts.

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