Short Film – “What Vancouver Means To Me”


“Josh. This is me. I live in a basement suite in Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s actually connected to my parents’ house, but I have a separate entrance. And I’m looking for a new place on craigslist. Lots of people move to Vancouver to live in basement suites and small apartments. I don’t really know many people who were actually born here.”

“Rent is expensive in the city. Real Estate is also expensive. My ex-girlfriend’s boss just bought a new place downtown. I bet it’s really nice.”

“Vancouver is currently listed as one of the three most liveable cities in the world. I’m starting to think I wouldn’t mind trying the other two.”

What Vancouver Means to Me by Lewis Bennet and Mark Boucher

Bravo. A movie about bitter-sweet love. – vreaa
[Thanks to ‘E.G.’ for letting us all know about this.]

15 responses to “Short Film – “What Vancouver Means To Me”

  1. Cheery. Did Josh study at Emily Carr Institute?

  2. usually people adapt well to adversity. i’m surprise not to see a lot more cash economy, taco trucks, street food. maybe it’s there and i never see it.

  3. This was fun: “my s***y friends, they all consider themselves to be artists
    photographers, actors, musicians or filmmakers
    none of them considers themselves waiters or cashiers or whatever their real jobs are”

    Running on emotions and hope, like housing. See themselves as millionares and rich owners, when reality is a huge unaffordable debt that can bite anytime.

    Not the intrinsic value, but the ‘hope’ value,

  4. Pretty funny. Especially the part about being sure Emily Carr wouldn’t go to Emily Carr.

  5. So which handle is Josh, here?
    Actually the writers and actors of this film did an EXCELLENT job capturing a slice of not just Vancouver but youngish singles living in any city in the world. The anger against the boss, the difficulty coping with change, the unfortunate struggles young people go through trying to get a foothold in today’s economy, the fact that good jobs are very hard to come by, and the acceptable level of malaise and laziness by the Gen-Y/Xers. All that was missing was LuLuLemon, iPhones, and the inability to comprehend the Lambourghini LP640 that just drove down the street with a “N” New Driver sticker.

    If we really want to spin it to this site’s story, the last scene trying to talk with the girlfriend, claiming it was his birthday (false reasoning), and being denied is what many feel like when struggling in Vancouver. The average citizen just can’t get any realistic accomplishments there while Van ignores them and goes and screws with the rich bastards. Eventually Josh will move on and Vancouver will keep baking and getting screwed. Until the screwers up and leave to the next hot property and Vancouver is left all alone.

  6. So many parallels, the ex-gf is like Vancouver, the ex’s boss is wealtthy foreign investors stealing property from inhabitants (josh).
    I used to love her.

  7. Thanks for posting our film!

  8. fantastic! En-core!

  9. Great Film!

    I also loved the Emily Carr part. And the boyfriend rubbing $$$ on his pants.

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