Visual Anecdote – Shanghai Realtor Hawking RE In Traffic

Hey, driver! Want a home? Just 18,000 yuan a square meter. An agent in downtown Shanghai took to the streets in search of buyers. Yong Kai / China Daily
– from China Daily, 16 Nov 2011

8 responses to “Visual Anecdote – Shanghai Realtor Hawking RE In Traffic

  1. Is that the future of the Real Estate agents in Vancouver?

  2. Meanwhile, in Victoria…

    “Man is it slow out there right now.
    As a journeyman carpenter\builder in vic since 94 this is shaping up to be the worst fall i’ve seen, more so than 08.

    Laid everyone off (3 guys) now its just me on the tools, might give a few hours a week to a guy if i’m running behind.
    My builder buddies have laid their guys off too and most not all are sending their warranties back to get the deposit and rid themselfs of the paper work expense.
    No sense keeping a warranty (HPO) if you aint building new and dont think you will for some time.

    Feel sorry for all these young guys (apprentices) out of work,I really dont no how they can afford to live in this town.
    They graduated high school right at the start of a boom, got into trades thinking it would last forever…bought houses,cars,quads.
    Now they’re in big trouble selling anything they can.

    This is happening right here in this town right now. This is gonna get ugly, I see a bunch of houses going back to the bank even if they dont raise rates, what do you do?

    If you wanna survive these times in the trades you best be self employed,get rid of any overhead, work solo when possible, and keep a very sharp pencil.”

  3. this is just sheer racism!

  4. I think this is quite common, I have seen similar in Taiwan, but the ones on the street are usually not agents, just low paid pamphlet distributors.

    My friend in Shanghai gets swarmed by a bunch of these people everyday to go to work, and when he says I have no money they all scatter away.

  5. Should this go under the “jump the shark” category? Maybe wait until it happens in Vancouver

  6. 18,000 /m2 is a quarter of what it costs in Vancouver! Maybe they should fast track a Canadian investor immigration program to help solve their real estate troubles. Or maybe they can set up a direct marketing campaign in Vancouver with helicopter tours over Shanghai selling the fact that corruption is way of life in China and that you don’t have to pay taxes if you don’t want to.

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