Policies On Housing #7 – Non-Responders; Delinquents; Hall Of Shame

We recently e-mailed candidates and parties standing for election or re-election in the upcoming Vancouver Civic Elections with an invitation to publicize their position on the most crucial issue facing the city: Housing.
We received responses from Joe Carangi, Sandy Garossino, Tim Louis and Ellen Woodsworth. Thanks, you four.
See here for links to their positions and related discussion.

Here’s the list of candidates from whom we have yet to hear:

AFFLECK, George (NPA)    george.affleck@npavancouver.ca
AQUINO, RJ (COPE)    rj@rjaquino.ca
BALL, Elizabeth (NPA)    elizabeth.ball@npavancouver.ca
BENSON, Nicole (NSV)    nbenson@nsvancouver.ca
BICKERTON, Sean (NPA)    campaign@seanbickerton.com
CARR, Adriane (Green)    acarr@bettervancouver.ca
CHARKO, Ken (NPA)    ken.charko@npavancouver.ca
DEAL, Heather (Vision Vancouver)    clrdeal@vancouver.ca
JANG, Kerry (Vision Vancouver)    kerryjang@shaw.ca
KERCHUM, Marie (NSV)    mkerchum@nsvancouver.ca
KLASSEN, Mike (NPA)    mike.klassen@npavancouver.ca
LAMARCHE, Jason (NPA)    info@JasonLamarche.ca
LOUIE, Raymond P. (Vision Vancouver)    raymond.louie@votevision.ca
MARTIN, Terry (NSV)    tmartin@nsvancouver.ca
McCREERY, Bill (NPA)    bill.mccreery@npavancouver.ca
MEGGS, Geoff (Vision Vancouver)    geoff@geoffmeggs.ca
MURPHY, Elizabeth (NSV)    emurphy@nsvancouver.ca
REIMER, Andrea (Vision Vancouver)    andrea.reimer@votevision.ca
STEVENSON, Tim (Vision Vancouver)    tim.stevenson@telus.net
TANG, Tony (Vision Vancouver)    tony.tang@votevision.ca
WONG, Francis (NPA)    francis.wong@npavancouver.ca
YUEN, Bill (NPA)    bill.yuen@npavancouver.ca

Vision Vancouver    info@votevision.ca
NSV (Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver)    http://nsvancouver.ca/contact-us/
NPA    info@npavancouver.ca
COPE    cope@cope.bc.ca

[See ‘Policies On Housing’ – The Positions Of Local Entities On The Challenges Facing Vancouver Housing‘ for an introduction/rationale for this series.]

5 responses to “Policies On Housing #7 – Non-Responders; Delinquents; Hall Of Shame

  1. Based solely on being approachable and responsive, I’ll seriously consider the four responders for earning my vote. To the rest: I’m disappointed but perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised.

  2. Noticed 3 of the 4 are trained as lawyers.

    • hahaha
      So that leaves one you’ll vote for?

      • Given their rates while performing on council, I’ll take ’em. I would humbly suggest at least one lawyer on council at all times.

    • “Of course I’ve got lawyers. They are like nuclear weapons, I’ve got em ’cause everyone else has. But as soon as you use them they screw everything up.” – Danny DeVito

      “If the present Congress errs in too much talking, how can it be otherwise in a body to which the people send one hundred and fifty lawyers, whose trade it is to question everything, yield nothing, and talk by the hour?” – Thomas Jefferson

      In other news ‘legal’, a portentious development for vacancy rates… 😉

      [CBC] – B.C. family laws face sweeping change

      “Another reform proposed for the Family Law Act would extend property rights to common-law couples, rights which presently do not formally exist in B.C.”…


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