“I Married A Renter” [Visual Anecdote]

6 responses to ““I Married A Renter” [Visual Anecdote]

  1. pricedoutfornow

    The title should be “I married a debtor”. We will see in the coming years that it’s far, far worse to have overwhelming debt than to (god forbid) be a renter.

    • Agreed.
      As you can imagine, this is a spot of fun, commenting on the status of the renter at this stage in the bubble cycle. Will update in future as necessary.
      Perhaps will need super-hero comic covers to do so (in the trough).

      The cover is a photoshop of an actual book called “I married an artist”. Or perhaps the original was itself a piece of art.

  2. I married a rentier

  3. The status of renters and leveraged homeowners is the same – slavery. Slavery is slavery, whether it is to a landlord or a bank. There are many comments on this blog about the “shame” of renting, there are many advantages as well. Any significant possession requires insurance and ongoing maintenance and repairs. The real cost of home ownership including opportunity costs is daunting to say the least.
    You can’t and shouldn’t be “buying” your way to self worth and self esteem, through real estate or fancy cars or any other purchase you cannot truly afford. People who are waiting to buy in this market are like contrarian investors, going against the actions of the herd. The only worthwhile pursuits are freedom and experiences. Money is cheap, freedom is expensive.

  4. “The status of renters and leveraged homeowners is the same – slavery. ”
    there isnt suh a thing for neither renters nor leveraged homeowers. unfortunate, you people see it that way and put your lives in misery.

  5. Well as my wife says – “at least I owned a house and live in it and it’s mine and I can nail portraits to the wall and re-arrange/reno the house as I see fit”. As a renter, you can’t do a lot of those stuff.

    Plus, when you marry an owner and he goes belly up, you can always dump him, grab half of whatever equity/worth/cash he has and go for another guy. 🙂

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