“He’s a lawyer. She’s a manager. His mom’s a doctor. Just the kind of people who could live anywhere, and do it well. But not Vancouver. This is how a bubble can eat a city.”

“He’s a lawyer. She’s a manager. His mom’s a doctor. The family has breeding and expectations, not to mention wealth and upward mobility. Just the kind of people who could live anywhere, and do it well. Make the locals inadequate. But not Vancouver.
Some months ago he was offered a job at a prestigious BC law firm with the usual perqs, Big cheques. Moving costs. Status office. West Georgia ain’t Bay Street, but there was the appeal of a city which fashions itself green, progressive, sporty and insufferably self-centred. Besides, you can drive the Carrera all year. Sweet.
But it took just one weekend of house-hunting on the west side, in West Van, even North Van and down to White Rock to send the ambitious thirtysomethings fleeing back to godless Toronto. “They are,” he told me, “nuts. What possible benefit is there changing jobs and doubling my salary when I have to pay triple for a lesser house?” Left unsaid: If I’m going to move to a regional city with no subway and no prestige at least I expect to live better, not worse.
This is how a bubble can eat a city.”

– anecdote relayed by Garth Turner at greaterfool.ca 18 Oct 2011

18 responses to ““He’s a lawyer. She’s a manager. His mom’s a doctor. Just the kind of people who could live anywhere, and do it well. But not Vancouver. This is how a bubble can eat a city.”

  1. Having a prestigious lawyer not wanting to move to “regional” Vancouver due to high real estate costs… remind me why do we want lower house prices exactly?

  2. this family should move to Hope. there is no subway there.

    • There’s a Subway just off of the #1 at Hope. That should feed the troll well enough.

      • i too only live in prestigious cities

      • welcome back derpkeeper!

      • I’ll DoubleDitto Matt’s re: ReturnOtheDerp! (sounds like a good Zombie ‘franchise’, actually).

        In other news…. ‘Breeding’ is for livestock and/or future monarchs/aristos… (I know, essentially the same thing; although I’ve always thought that they should really have their own little ‘exposition’ – rather like the PoochyCrowd and Crufts. Can you possibly begin to imagine how entertaining that would be!? And just think of the BroadcastRoyalties / Syndication potential).

        Aside: Funny how the TheWellBredMoney invariably relies on the ‘mongrels’ to do their dirty work, ain’t it?.

        That was intended in the PluckyComicRelief sense ‘o ‘UpstairsDownstairs’.

  3. there you have it, a lawyer, a manager and a doctor can be fed on subway for life!

  4. Lesser city? To some people like myself, I would never choose Toronto over Vancouver. I hate being baked in the summer where I can’t do anything outdoors because it’s freaking hot outside. Then being frozen in the winter.

    It’s funny, I have a lot of friends from TO who actually have a pretty good perspective about the difference of the two cities. They do feel Vancouver does not have much culture, but they understand why. Because of the natural beauty that we have in this City, we tend to enjoy the outdoors more than we enjoy interactions with each other. They argue that because TO doesn’t have the natural beauty of Vancouver, people in TO are forced to develop culture in other areas such as being more of a community. Besides that TO is also a much older city and give us another 50 years we would have a lot of culture too. People forget how new of a City Vancouver really is, I was driving around DT and I am amazed by the freshness that I feel looking at all the new buildings around.

    • Vancouver does have culture… just not the same culture as TO.
      Vancouver Culture:
      Bard on the Beach
      Malkin Bowl
      Lots of clubs and bars with live music (esp Gastown)
      Commercial Drive

      Toronto and the GTA has a critical mass of population to support a greater diversity of “culture” with a population that is 4x the size of the GVRA while being geographically closer to other major large population culture centres such as NYC, Montreal, Chicago, and the rest of the NE. It also has natural beauty both in the surrounding areas and downtown (UofT is gorgeous, autumn leaves, High Park, the lake and waterfront, etc. etc.) Don’t confuse Mountains with natural beauty. The cottage country and the escarpment and particularly attractive, especially in fall. It’s not all “Too hot in summer and too cold in winter” and at least the snow dumps come with days of sunshine (rather than a month of gloomy and cold rain).

      You cannot compare the two cities on those metrics. They are different and both have valid and positive aspects (as well as negatives). What you can compare is where the jobs are and what the salaries are and where the growth is and what the cost of living is. Vancouver… not a chance.

      • Don’t know if this is shallow or not, but can’t get the same feeling at Toronto waterfront (I tried as I actually had a great job offer in TO) as being in Stanley Park looking at the North Shore mountains in the background with water in front of it. Can do that all day. Can’t do that in TO and especially can’t do that in 35 degree heat. Personal preference really, but I suspect that there are a lot more people like myself than you would expect.

  5. “freshness that I feel looking at all the new buildings around” – sorry but we have lost soem heritage because of that. Look at houses – we have asian boxes from the 90’s and now good homes being torn down to put up mcmansions. We have lost character in many Vancouver neighborhoods – thank goodness some revitalization has happened like on Main street.

    • What is character?

    • That depends on what you prefer no? I personally prefer newer buildings over character houses. Again, it’s all based on personal preference. What I am saying to people is that you can’t simply say that everyone prefers character houses. There are a large population, particularly those from Asia, who prefer the newer architecture styles. And if they own the land, that’s what the place will turn into. And there are many who prefer to have streets full of these McMansions rather than character houses. Doesn’t mean that it is wrong.

      • Charles Tamayo

        The new Asians are ruining Vancouver! I am a second generation Asian & I can’t stand the newcomers. My family worked their asses off to buy a house & help make a community. The money hungry government has ruined it. Stupid economics that I can’t wait to blow in their faces!!

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