Earthquake; BC Job Losses; Richmond Dropping; ‘Bubble’ Mentioned In ‘The Province’

A 6.7 Richter earthquake occurred off the west coast of Vancouver Island today at 12:41pm, felt in Vancouver. Buildings swayed “from Fraser Valley to Campbell River.”
“I was watching the U.S. Open Tennis downstairs and while sitting on my couch I felt it beginning to move back and forth…. It didn’t frighten me… but it took my attention off the tennis match for a few minutes.” [David Dickinson, Courtney]

CBC News, 9 Sept 2011

12,000 Jobs lost in BC last month.
News 1130, 9 Sep 2011

The Richmond RE market has very definitely softened year over year:
#Sales: 2011-8 (2010-8) : % Change
Detached : 95 (124) : -23%
Attached : 69 (84) : -17%
Apartments: 96 (127) : -24%
New Listings 2011-8 (2010-8) : % Change
Detached : 251 (165) : +52%
Attached : 165 (125) : +32%
Apartments: 244 (205) : +19%

– via VMD, 9 Sep 2011

‘The Province’ quoted David Madani’s ongoing sensible (but conservative) prediction of a Canadian housing price correction of 25%.
The Province, 9 Sep 2011

3 responses to “Earthquake; BC Job Losses; Richmond Dropping; ‘Bubble’ Mentioned In ‘The Province’

  1. I just saw this:

    The average BC consumer owes ~36k? This doesn’t include mortgage either. Am I taking the meaning of average a little too literally or did someone fuck up their stats? This is crazy. And how is average per capita debt for Canadians at 25k? What the fuck are you people buying?

    • A car? Furnitures for the condo/TH/house? Vacation? Spa? For the guys, our escorts @ $200+/hr isn’t exactly cheaper either. Or that date to a fine dining restaurant with $100/pp for a drink, appetizer, main course, dessert and that’s before taxes and an extra generous 25% to 30% tip to show your date that you aren’t a cheap-ass.

    • Keeping up with the others isn’t cheap these days! Status is getting more expensive on the hamster wheel.

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