Realtor Likens Vancouver RE Buying To ‘Monopoly’ Game – “Buy Belmont Ave & Win The Game!”

MLS V903636
218,515 sqft of land in Point Grey (over 5 acres)
4883-4899 Belmont Ave; Asking price $28.6M
Realtor blurb includes the following:
“Combine to build your one of a kind dream mansion! Over 218,000 sq ft in size & grandiosity with 478′ frontage extending to NW Marine Drive. Borders University Endowment Lands for privacy! Belmont, address of the “Rich & Famous”! Like in Monopoly, buy Belmont Ave & end up winning the game!”

[Hat-tip to ‘best Place On Meth’ at]
As ‘Westside Hag’ commented at VCI:
“It’s like a real estate ad for multi-billionaire 9-year-olds.”

Reminds one of:
“Real estate is like a sport here.”
– Tracie McTavish, president of Rennie Marketing Systems, 24 Jun 2010.

6 responses to “Realtor Likens Vancouver RE Buying To ‘Monopoly’ Game – “Buy Belmont Ave & Win The Game!”

  1. This property has been on the market – either subdivided or as one large lot – for years. Formally the home of Lieutenant Governor Frank Mackenzie Ross, it once housed a beautiful old arts and crafts mansion with spectacular grounds. The place became somewhat notorious a few years ago when the current owner – Rosy Palace Investments – may or may not have instructed the realtor Paulo Leung to clear-cut the land. 65 mature cedar, fir and maple trees were cut down and then bull-dozed, along with all the rhodos and other mature plants, into huge slash piles. The result was a whole lot of dirt flowing into the near-by salmon creek in neighboring Pacific Spirit Park, a $200,000 fine for Leung and a very, very unstable mud lot (with views). If you were to drive down NW Marine drive just past the last concession at Spanish Banks, you’ll recognize it by the huge concrete blocks which attempt to stop the bank from falling onto the road.

    [Thanks for the info. -ed.]

  2. This land was listed for $14.8 million in May 2007.

    These people involved seem like *!@#$bags.

  3. Also, the pictures on MLS have snow on the ground. I know you can ski and swim here, but I didn’t know you could do it in Point Grey.

  4. Joe Lunchpail

    Now listed at $36 million. Tired of greedy bullies running this city. Most liveable city in world? No, most gullible. Easily bought and city councillors easily intimidated and trip over themselves to keep off-shore money coming in. Sick of this disgusting place run by disgusting people.

  5. Sad, that one. Destroyed by ignorant, self serving investors who see themselves above the law. The paltry fine levied by the City is hardly a deterrent. 65 trees gone, including Douglas fir.and cedar. Shame shame.

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