VANHATTAN – Vancouver The Next New York? – [“These ludicrous comparisons have to stop.”]

– Photo of ‘BC Homes Magazine’, Aug/Sep 2011 cover, gratefully received via e-mail, from Aldus Huxtable, who sensibly adds:
“Is Vancouver becoming the next New York City? These ludicrous comparisons have to stop…..”

27 responses to “VANHATTAN – Vancouver The Next New York? – [“These ludicrous comparisons have to stop.”]

  1. 🙂
    High prices make New York City. Who knew?

  2. OK vreaa very funny.

    Wait what? That’s the actual cover? Oh my…

  3. this is hilarious. Of course Vancouver is a much better place to raise your family than NY, and has a much brighter future. But I give kudos for the attempt at a comparison

  4. The604. I hope you’re being facetious. My family misses NYC and the life it afforded our family of five. We lived there for 3 glorious years. Vancouver is really, really dull in comparison.

  5. I wonder – if you’re in Chicago, do you hear the constant refrain, “Is Chicago the next New York?” In SFO, do you hear, “Is San Francisco the next Paris?” Is Tokyo the next London? Etc, etc. I somehow don’t think so.

  6. That is hilarious.
    Seriously, how insecure and unsure of ourselves could we possibly be. Whoever edited that cover has obviously never been to NYC.

  7. As someone who has worked in 10 cities and been to over 60 countries, this really shows how delusional the city is. When the $$$ stops from abroad (due to some shock or change in market) – the move will be swift and fast . . .

  8. Oh lord, how absurd.

    Vancouver is a perfectly nice, if horridly dull, city. That is sufficient. The bragging and comparisons really need to stop.

  9. “I wonder – if you’re in Chicago, do you hear the constant refrain, “Is Chicago the next New York?””

    Nope – New York is New York. We like Chicago and root for the Cubs. Why would we want to be the Yankees?

  10. The heart just confuses me… first off it looks more like an ‘O’, which would make it Vanhotten, and second of all, what is it implying? We love NY? We love Van?

  11. Vancouver is a great place. But seriously, it’s a village compared to NYC. This is just silly.

  12. pricedoutfornow

    My cousin lived in New York for many years. I can tell you Vancouver wasn’t even on her radar when she decided to move away. There’s no comparison, not even close. It’s just high real estate prices, it’s not like we have many of those high paying jobs like they do in NYC. She routinely had friends who received annual bonuses of $100k-$200k in the finance world. Where are these in Vancouver?? If that was the case, I might believe it. Vancouver doesn’t even come close (oh, except if you’re into real estate, hehe)

    • “She routinely had friends who received annual bonuses of $100k-$200k”

      I have friends who receive “bonuses” too, often tax-free! Go-go Gadget speculative bubble!

  13. shark = jumped

  14. this magazine cover marks the top of the vancouver real estate bubble. we are a laughing stock- this city has nothing aside from a nice view. we have no real industry, no culture whatsoever, no soul , no arts,no jobs support the house prices. jsut because chinese money is being washed through our housing market in no way means we are even 1 100th of NYC. some guy flies in for a day from china and buys 17 houses then leaves and they all sit empty- doesnt mean we are NYC-hahahahahahahahaha…..sell your houses before you are crying to the gov’t to bail you out.

  15. For those of you who didn’t read the article, my favorite part is under the subheading, Chinese influx. When asked about the investor class of Chinese citizens who are buying up houses in Vancouver, Andrew Ramio, demographer and the Director of Urban Futures Institute had this to say; “The challenge with dealing with this issue and to put it to bed is there are no real data on this….We have heard a lot of anecdotes, but when you ask, ‘Can I actually get the name of the investor?’, they say, well, it’s someone else in office who made the sale.”

    • That’s pretty consistent with my experience. Everyone I know who has bought or sold in this market has bought from or sold to a local, often a builder, and never someone from mainland China. Incongruously, nearly all of them claim the prices are a function of mainland Chinese buyers. I love the smell of a giant Ponzi scheme in the morning.

  16. Having never been to New York, the best way I can think to test this is to check Pollstar for listings of live music, theatre and the like.

    Vancouver: 263 listings
    NYC: 2,199 listings
    and just for kicks
    Seattle: 672 listings
    Also known as “touring the west coast but it’s not worth our time/money to play one show in Vancouver”

    • Nice, thanks.

      Ian Faith: “The Boston gig has been cancelled…”
      David St. Hubbins: “What?”
      Ian Faith: “Yeah. I wouldn’t worry about it though, it’s not a big college town.”

  17. the ceremonies for 9/11 reminded me just why Vancouver is a better place than Manhattan. I don’t know anyone who would choose to live there over Vancouver. Why is this even a topic for discussion?

    • NYC has more life, culture and things to do on a given night in the equivalent land mass of downtown than Canada west of Ontario has on the event calendar for the next year. Now add that to the fact that just Manhattan island is roughly the size of Vancouver and Burnaby, which completely excludes the other 4 boroughs of NYC and long island, and you might start to grasp why people want to live there.

  18. Pingback: Bull Hubris?… Or Appropriate Owner Confidence?: “Fundamentals don’t apply to Vancouver. Real estate has detached itself from economic reality long ago. It has reached escape velocity to break away from economic gravity. It is a beautiful case study.

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