“Both my grandfathers came to this city in the dirty 30s with NOTHING and worked hard to raise families, fight World Wars and make B.C. the AMAZING province that it WAS years ago.”

“It’s funny that since we left and two other couples that we were really good friends with in Vancouver have also left around the same time. We all tried so hard to make things work, two incomes, NO kids and still No home ownership. Now, what ticks me off the most is that both my grandfathers came to this city in the dirty 30s from NOTHING and worked hard to raise families, fight World Wars and make B.C. the AMAZING province that it WAS years ago. Suddenly all the foreigners walk into the front doors with LOTS of money from Asia. Who knows if it is clean or dirty money, I don’t know. They start buying up and taking over everything. I don’t understand why the Asian culture was just ALLOWED to walk through the front doors and start taking over Vancouver neighbourhoods that were originally built by European settlers and knocked down to build these MASSIVE homes that don’t even fit properly onto the properties that were meant for, much smaller homes. Now for many European Canadians the opportunity to ever own your own home and property is now gone FOREVER due to the OUTRAGEOUS real estate prices. The only chance that my husband and I would have had in ever owning a home in this city would have been to do Ilegal drug activity and I’m PROUD to say, NO WAY. I’m true to my ancestors that if I cannot earn my way in life the OLD fashioned way by hard work and paying my DUES then I DON’T want it.”
Carol at VREAA 12 Aug 2011 12:44pm

Note: Archived here for the record. Headlining a story does not mean we endorse its content. -ed.

29 responses to ““Both my grandfathers came to this city in the dirty 30s with NOTHING and worked hard to raise families, fight World Wars and make B.C. the AMAZING province that it WAS years ago.”

  1. I’m sure glad you put in the disclaimer vreaa.

  2. I think it just illustrates the frustration out there… There is a lot of resentment out there from Canadians who feel “newer arrivals” have displaced them by illegitimate means. I’m not condoning it, but ethnic tensions do manifest themselves in these circumstances…

    • Ethnic tensions are an “easy way out”, an “us vs. them” which can easily be utilized because you can see “the other” on first glance.

      This is what makes me think the crash will be anything but pretty.

  3. Govt’s are not prejudice about taking inflated tax revenues from anyone.
    wheter it is clean or dirty.

  4. Wow, that is one scary woman.

    Funny how she doesn’t see that her family were immigrants here once. Who knows what they knocked down to build their homes? Or, who they may have displaced (with money or otherwise).

    • The Musqueam, Squamish and/or Tsleil-Waututh, most likely. It’s understandable how unaffordability can be frustrating, and frankly I share the view that the new houses built by certain immigrants in many neighbourhoods are hideous monstrosities which disregard the character of the area. But that’s just a matter of taste and preference. The anti-Asian sentiment in the above posting is creepy. Good luck to the ex-Vancouverite wherever she ended up, in my view the city’s better off without her.

    • Wow. If ‘Nemesis’ were a member of the Audubon Society he’d be filing a field report ASAP… a rare CoCo sighting indeed… Well? Still writing? (Let’s hope so, it’s a tough ‘ol racket, ain’t it CoCo? Nice to see ya again!)

      Enough of ChitChat and on to more pressing discourse…

      Yes, precisely CoCo. ‘Nemesis’ takes a long view in these matters… accordingly, if we dial the calendar back to shortly after ‘first contact’ and deploy our collective imaginations… one might well have heard something similarly bitter in a SweatLodge on what is now TheRez…

      Well, at the risk of promoting ‘cliché’ – “What goes around comes around.”

      More seriously, remarks like these are emblematic of “anomic strain” – which is always felt most keenly by those who lack an appreciation for ‘historical contingency or context’ and who otherwise cannot comprehend how, having done everything they were ‘supposed to’, what worked for GrandPa ain’t working’ now…..

      Well. There it is.

      Now, who want’s more ‘BlastRadius’?… There’s a “PositivePlethora!” (see ThreeAmigos for context) of images hidden somewhere in TheCloud awaiting thematic unification, pithy reflection and EagleEyedEditorialOversight (that would be our illustrious host’s unsavoury task).

      Apologies, all… have been busy attending to the trivial but ‘needs must be done’.

  5. Be careful not to just say Asian – there are also many Middle Eastern, Russian and others who have come recently. Also many of my friends are canadian born chinese – even they have some resentment of what is happening because their parents came for a better life and had to work very hard to establish themselves. I had friends in high school who were fairly new from Hong Kong and lived in the Asian boxes. I did not resent them for wanting a new life. I do resent the city at the time for allowing these eyesores to be built. Times have changed and we are a multicultural country.

    • Its the rich immigrants that make locals nervous. You can’t help wonder who they brutalized to get their money. How many poor peasants did they work to death? And now you hear about them bringing in slaves and you have to wonder whether they are a threat to our free, egalitarian society.

      • The perceived rich immigrants. I still don’t buy this. What I do buy though is the utter greed that every person is capable off, when the dust settles I bet 99% of those that will be standing there without a shirt will be locals, while the 1% of foreign investors will make a slight adjustment to their tax return.

  6. Dual income and no kids still can’t afford to buy?

    Have u ever heard of cities outside Vancouver
    West like burnabu or coquitlam?

    Also u heard of condos, apartments and townhouses havent u?

    What a bunch of whiners.

  7. Unfortunately, you can’t document the real name and contact information of the original poster. This comment is less about real estate and more about a subculture of racism. Perhaps it will serve as a warning to all pending homeowners.

  8. This post is not about a subculture of racism.It doesn’t have anything to do with race/religion/nationality etc…
    This post is about a person who feels that Vancouver is now “tabu”(forbidden) for ordinary people with european roots-(whose ancestors settled here for the very first time and civilized the area) -due to the fact that “investors” from Asia have been/are buying real estate heavily and incontrolably.
    That’s it.
    It is her opinion(and probably she is not alone ) and again,we do not have to panick and to wave the racism flag.This is not about racism at all.

    • Accusation of racism is a convenient way to distract from the real problem.

    • European settlers = good.
      European settlers descendents = good and deserve to live in Vancouver
      New Asian rich immigrants = bad, foreign takeover, invasion.

      This maybe facts but also sounds a lot like racism. If not then at very least NIMBYism/anti-immigrants. I wonder if instead of Asians, most rich recent immigrants were say from the poster’s grandparents old European country, would she be this pissed off?

  9. “for ordinary people with european roots-(whose ancestors settled here for the very first time and civilized the area)”

    Seriously? First Nations all over this province lived in the prime areas for generations and were lied to/ tricked/ forcibly removed from their lands so that white settlers could have them. They had systems of governance and economy I would argue are at least as “civilized” or moreso than the corrupt joke of democracy and capitalism we are experiencing today. They weren’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination but to say europeans “civilized” this province is just plain ignorance and ethnocentricity.

    • Why don’t you take your white guilt and stuff it. For a race of people that didn’t have written language and couldn’t even invent the wheel, it’s a major stretch to describe the first nations as “civilized”.

      • Well, now you’re just being insulting and racist. I don’t know what your background is, but I’ll note that neither the English nor the French invented written language or the wheel either. I won’t waste any further time debating matt’s hysterically ignorant comments.

        The relevant point is that the short history of this city is one of newcomers and change. Those who fear newcomers should consider that they or their parents or grandparents were newcomers who had positive and negative impacts. I think that we should be trying to encourage positive changes and discourage negative changes. That is why I favour policies which limit the ability of non-residents to own multiple properties here – not because I fear foreigners, but because I think speculative property investment is destabilizing to our relatively small economy.

      • Why don’t you go [expletive deleted -ed.].

    • Dear terminalcitygirl,maybe you can explain us who else “civilized” this province if not european settlers?(I have to agree that they did not finish the job …yet)

  10. no kids = no home ownership. Get yourself knocked up and see how quickly and magically you make this city work for you.

    • Aldus Huxtable

      You can get the children working as young as five and have them bringing home an income from trolling bottles and cans out of the rubbish. This will contribute towards their future work ethic and your mortgage payment.

      Bring on the affordable housing favelas we are all dreaming of.

  11. You’ve been here for three generations and can’t afford a house? 1st gen and I have multiple properties. Keep choking on your regurgitated vomit of failure and blame the immigrants. Whatever lets you sleep at night.

  12. Get out roundeye. Vancouver is only for the movers and shakers.

  13. 4 points: 1) The Europeans were not the only people that contributed to building BC. They did not own the land. 2) I am a first generation Asian refugee. I work a well paying job and despite my education and high paying job I am unable to achieve what my parents did by purchasing a house after coming to Canada with no education, money, or language and with 5 kids. They did it out of shear hard work. I too am very frustrated by not being able to purchase a home. 3) The news and anecdotes report on rich Asians. This however may skew things because we hear about it but what about the stories we don’t hear. How much of a role does other wealthy people from emerging BRIC countries and countries with political unrest seeking political safe haven i.e. Middle Eastern countries come into play. As well, a lot of rich wealthy people buy here i.e. Europe because we are consistently listed as top places to live and surrounded by beauty. 4) People who purchase in Vancouver and live elsewhere really do not contribute to the local economy. It is up to us, the citizens of Vancouver to demand our politician change policies to make Vancouver a place affordable for all kinds of people (i.e. families) to live, not only the affluent.

  14. Not all the wealth form Asia is dirty money as this poster indicates, checkout this recent forbes article and maybe that will answer some questions.

  15. Just want to add.

    Asians also fought WW2, and built Canada, railroads and etc. Some Europeans also caused/started WW2.

    Your opinion is the very root of WW2, haven’t your grandfather told you that?

  16. Not even sure the point of this post is vreaa?

    Anyways to me this speaks more about economic inequality. The reality is that certain investments in human capital (via education and work experiences) has not faired as well in Vancouver as opposed to other locales. Just playing devil’s advocate, but perhaps property ownership as a middle class objective is now become nothing more than an aspiration, in a hyper-competitive globalized world where the rich just get so much richer than the rest of us.

    Even when you consider a place like HK that has a dynamic economy with lucrative careers for many, the housing stock is still around 70% publicly provided, with only the remainder being privately owned. I think it could be a harbinger of how this world will turn out in the next 20 or 30 years if things keep going the way they are.

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