Left Off The List – “Toronto, Montreal ranked as pricey. What, no Vancouver?”

“Vancouver, Canada’s most bubbly housing market, wasn’t among the 73 cities studied. (When I first called UBS to ask about Vancouver, the folks that could help me were at lunch, in Zurich, the world’s second-most expensive city.)” – from Toronto, Montreal ranked as pricey. What, no Vancouver?‘, Michael Babad, G&M, 17 Aug 2011, reporting on a study by UBS AG on “the world’s 20 priciest cities”. [In rankings of price levels excluding rent, Toronto ranks ninth and Montreal 17th.]

The truth is, these guys didn’t see us as important enough to consider in the rankings. As ‘three left feet’ said in the G&M comments: “Vancouver’s not on the list because globally it’s not an important city, despite what the locals claim.” – vreaa

19 responses to “Left Off The List – “Toronto, Montreal ranked as pricey. What, no Vancouver?”

  1. who gives a ...

    That was in the comment section? It must be true! I would be interested in the real reason, as I too would expect it to be way up there.

    • That is the real reason.
      For a financial institution in Switzerland, Vancouver is simply not in the top 80 cities of interest.

      • CanuckDownUnder

        Sorry vreaa but I have to disagree with you here.

        Under their methodology they could realistically only choose a select few cities from each country else the rankings would be dominated by clusters of cities from countries with strong local currencies (CHF, AUD, etc). This study is about as useful as one that would have just told us which currencies appreciated the most over the past 12 months.

    • Why would someone leave the real Best Place on Earth off of such a list? Maybe Vancouver (and BC) isn’t?

  2. Now there’s an important message we’ll never see put out in the msm.

  3. Vancouver’s myopic obsession with omphaloskepsis is one of the cutest things ever.

    As they say, if you’re wondering whether you’re cool, you’re not cool.

  4. Obviously these researchers need to be fired for incompetence. How can you possibly leave out the best place on Earth in a study? I mean Oslo, Helsinki are on the list but no Vancouver, seriously? Are these people on whatever they smoke in Zurich?

    C’mon Rusty, get over there and give them a good smackdown. Europe obviously needs one to open their eyes.

  5. it’s kind of like norway awarding that nobel peace prize to that evil dissident splittist, Liu Xiabao!

    how dare they insult us

  6. i suggest we petition the author to write a self criticism

    he must confess his crimes

  7. I keep hearing that renting is pretty affrdable here. So unless you’re buying a home (and no-one if forced to) Vancouver is a pretty affordable place. Be happy renters – this is good news.

  8. I hear our rents are lower than Toronto. You should be happy Jesse, so why are you so glum?

  9. oh no, Vancouver is not on the list, better pack up and move!

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