“The main Wiggles guy asked the kids and the crowd to name something special and unique about Vancouver.”

“I was at the live Wiggles show the other day. The main Wiggles guy asked the kids and the crowd to name one thing/something special and unique about Vancouver.
Awkward confused look on people’s faces.
Someone said “maple syrup”..or “sushi”(??)…until everyone seemed to agree on “Olympics”
Come to think of it, I cannot think of anything either..”

Get Real at greaterfool.ca 11 Aug 2011 11:12pm

Damn! This would have been the cutest story if one of the kids had called out something about the housing market. – vreaa

On that note, this extract from ‘Summer Fun For Boys’, by Tim Long, New Yorker, 1 Aug 2011:
“At the beach, build the biggest sandcastle anyone’s ever seen. Pretend that it’s 2005, and take out a huge, adjustable-rate mortgage on the sandcastle which you can’t really afford. Throw lavish sandcastle parties for seashells, rocks, plastic shovels, and candy wrappers. When the bank comes to foreclose on your castle, run and find your dad. Try not to look surprised when you discover him sitting with a lady in a green swimsuit. Her name is Terri. While shaking Terri’s hand, ask her for a seven-hundred-thousand-dollar loan to cover your sandcastle debts.”

16 responses to ““The main Wiggles guy asked the kids and the crowd to name something special and unique about Vancouver.”

  1. Seawalls. Lots and lots of seawalls.

    Yesterday was not an unpleasant day. Best, if you’re up before noon there aren’t that many people around unless it’s the Sun Run.

  2. My wife was at one of the Wiggles shows – she says a kid yelled out “rain” in response.

  3. Wiggle: what is special about Vancouver?
    Kids (shouting in unison): EVERYBODY WANTS TO LIVE HERE!!

    Wiggle: yes that’s right, and do you know why?

  4. Just saw this on TV – Point Grey fixer upper: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-J9kNWZMuA

  5. VREAA should start collecting stories what people comment in the toilets too.

    • Aldus Huxtable

      For a good time call Rusty.

    • Given the mental saturation acheived by the Vancouver market, we’d fully expect a fair amount of “what people comment in the toilets” (!!?) to involve real estate. What else is there to talk about?

      • What else is there to talk about?

        How great the sailing this morning was and what mountain they intend to climb after work of course.

    • It is not what kids think about Vancouver.

      I think that it is very telling when people have to scratch their heads when asked to name one unique thing about the city they live in; esp. when an average Joe cannot even afford it. Can YOU name one.

      You cannot say the same about any other “world class” city or even other big cities in Canada like Toronto, Montreal, Calgary or Ottawa. It would be a spontaneous response in any of these cities.

      It cannot be just about weather, Canucks or Olympics (and it was winter Olympics for crying out loud. More than two thirds of the world does not even care)

  6. who gives a ...

    really? you have to resort to talking about what kids think about vancouver?

  7. That’s okay, we’d fully expect some to not understand the importance of what the children think, or what they parrot.
    “Out of the mouths of babes..”

    For a related illustrative story, see:
    “Happy Smiling Buildings? – Subtle Signs Of A Distorted Vancouver RE Market In An Olympic Children’s Book”
    VREAA 31 Jan 2010

    • who gives a ...

      No, I fully expected them to shout out, “Vancouver is not a world class city!” or “The fundamentals are out of whack!”

      • No, they’ll be shouting those phrases at a market BOTTOM, not a TOP.
        You need to brush up on your behavioural economics and market psychology.

    • The picture is surprisingly realistic. The building with the umbrella is “leaking” water onto the next building, but most other buildings don’t have umbrellas – they must leaking to the inside… One other building is leaning forward, perhaps from an earthquake? And guess which building is full of dopers…

  8. “Hot town, summer in the city
    Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty
    Been down, isn’t it a pity
    Doesn’t seem to be a shadow in the city

    All around, people looking half dead
    Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head”…

    [CBC] – Kelowna plagued by fires


    [CBC] – Gang leader reported killed in B.C. shooting: Several people wounded in a targeted attack


    Mr. Wiggles [to audience]: Boyz ‘n Girlz, can you say, “Bacon”? Can you say, “Cayenne”?

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