“I’m Peeved” [‘Vancouver RE-Verse’; Found Poem]

I’m peeved

I confess I am really angry that I have to
leave the city I was born and raised in
(where my parents and grandparents grew up)
because I can no longer afford to live here.

Why is it that we are working
more and more
but can afford
less and less.

– from Georgia Straight, 18 Jul 2011, ‘Confessions’ section
[also made the print edition this week; hat-tip to AR]

A post in the very, very occasional ‘Vancouver RE-Verse’ [Found Poems] series.
Poems are completely unedited but for layout.
Prior example here.

2 responses to ““I’m Peeved” [‘Vancouver RE-Verse’; Found Poem]

  1. because vancouver is a world-class city,
    but you are not a world-class person.

  2. i love how they ask the question ‘why’?

    it’s not hard to figure out

    but then again, no one in vancouver knows anything anymore – after all, these guys sold their concert out in minutes:

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