Poll: Vancouverites Overwhelmingly Agree Vancouver ‘Nicest City’ In Canada – “95 per cent of those living there convinced there’s nowhere better in Canada.”

Excerpts from‘Vancouver ranked ‘nicest’ city in Canada’, Vancouver Sun 28 Jun 2011 [hat-tip ‘calguy’] –
“[A] survey of more than 1,500 Canadians, commissioned by the Montreal-based Association for Canadian Studies and carried out during the week of June 21, presented respondents with a list of nine major cities from coast to coast and asked them to name their first and second choice for “nicest city in Canada.” …
Twenty-five per cent of all Canadians picked Vancouver as No. 1. Quebec City drew the second most votes as Canada’s nicest city, with 20 per cent of respondents nationally. …
The overall results, noted association executive director Jack Jedwab, partly reflect the fact that Vancouver residents themselves overwhelmingly named their own city the nicest — with 94.7 per cent of those living there convinced there’s nowhere better in Canada.”
“…such “hometown patriotism,” while evident to some degree among residents from each of the cities offered as choices, was strongest in Vancouver.”
“63 per cent of B.C. residents in general chose Vancouver.”

This comment below the article from an individual representative of the 94.7%, full-patch cult member ‘len2’ 28 Jun 2011 2:34pm“excuse me, I don’t need polls to tell me what a Garden of Eden I live in, of course this is utopia. have you ever seen the moon on the rise standing by prospect point? how about from the cap river looking west, the string of pearls across the Majestic Lions Gate with a full moon in the background or underneath the Lions Gate looking south at the beautiful span, as it disappears into a forest of green. I have had the pleasure of living in this place of breathtaking beauty for over 40 plus years and I am still in AWE and THANKFULNESS when I look around me. nothing compares. I say to all you Vancoverites get out and explore your paradise, don’t just drive around, walk around the sea walls at night, visit the parks through out the lower mainland. to me this will always be heaven on earth. biased, of course I am, who would not be.”
[Note to self: Avoid getting into a bidding war on a Vancouver property with ‘len2’. -ed.]

Yes, it’s another one of those almost innumerable polls/surveys/ratings.
We don’t have access to the methodology or raw data; the actual poll results themselves doesn’t appear to yet be publicly available. The poll was “conducted last week via web panel by the firm Leger Marketing”. A “web-panel” is a group of people who have previously agreed to participate in such polls. ‘1500 Canadians’ were each presented with a list of 9 cities (Vancouver, Quebec City, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Halifax, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg) and asked to rank them by ‘niceness’. There also appears to have been an ‘Other’ choice.
It looks like almost all Vancouverites polled voted Vancouver #1, and that is “partly reflect[ed]” in the “overall result”. We take this to mean that the pollster is pointing out that part of the reason that Vancouver did so well is that it got all of its home-town votes. Perhaps Vancouverites actually are more invested in their city than most?
Anybody with access to the actual poll publication, please share it with us. It’d be interesting to know more about the methodology, if only for curiosity sake, and we’d like to see the actual numbers.
And, by the way, what is the rationale for funding such a study? – vreaa

16 responses to “Poll: Vancouverites Overwhelmingly Agree Vancouver ‘Nicest City’ In Canada – “95 per cent of those living there convinced there’s nowhere better in Canada.”

  1. Perhaps Vancouverites actually are more invested in their city than most?

    Or perhaps they are literally “invested in their city” and are trying to rationalize their exorbitant mortgage payments.

  2. Unfortunately, the article did not mention the factors or what defines “niceness”. It was a survey of only 1500 people, so I don’t know how reliable it is. I do agree with soem of the comments from the guy who says it is a garden of eden. I love looking at the mountains and ocean and downtown from spanish banks, and also like looking at the lions gate bridge dissapear into stanley park. I also think the cost of housing, traffic, crime, no jobs, etccan play into niceness. in terms of physical location and beauty, then yes Vancouver is the nicest city, with perhaps Victoria competing for that spot. Vancouver imay be the nicest city, but how many people can afford to enjoy it?

  3. Is it just me or in the last five years have we started hearing less and less about the DTES? When I moved here in 2006 it was all anyone talked about, the homelessness, the drug addiction, social problems, it was a huge issue. In the last, I’d say two years (Hmm, since the Olympics actually) all I hear anymore is about how pretty it is, we have the sea, we have mountains, we’re so great, we’re so wonderful, we’re world class. I don’t think anyone would consider the DTES “nice” or drug addiction “nice.” It’s not very “nice” when the mental hospital shuts down and the patients are left to fend for themselves in the community. And lo and behold gangs have, I guess, disappeared, from the newspapers that is. Isn’t that nice (and convenient). Our Olympics were such a success…oh, except for those wretched condos that refused to sell and the city is so nicely on the hook for. But the City must be rolling in cash, they can afford to throw really nice one-year-since-the-Olympics parties, Canucks Stanley Cup parties, and no one talks about the cost. Vancouver is feeling eerily Orwellian. I’m calling it, the first car of the rollercoaster just crested. Get ready to scream!

    • i think i mentioned this before re: gangs

      i was stepping out of the market at nanaimo and hastings and there was – no joke – a full on LA style latino gangmember – tats, do-rag, white socks up to his knees, long cargo shorts, LA dodgers hat, tear drop tattoo under the eye, etc etc.

      i just started laughing and then i realized he’s probably setting up shop.

      i was told by a friend in the know that the latino gangs had defeated the bloods and crips for turf in LA and were now expanding north and we could expect them shortly..

      good times!

    • Vancouver is feeling eerily Orwellian.

      that’s just the influence from our new friends.

    • Aldus Huxtable

      With some of the figures that leaked here, I can’t fathom that the city is doing too well finanicially.

      • when your shitty billion dollar real estate development deals go sour and they make it into state department communiques, you know you’ve hit the big time!

        be proud, vancouver!

  4. Aldus Huxtable

    Where is the detail in the study asking if any of the participants had visited any of the other cities? Another full glass of kool-aid please.

    • Why would you voluntarily leave the best place on Earth, the Garden of Eden and go anywhere us??? that’s just stupid talk!

  5. This is heaven and everywhere else is hell. 🙄

    Vancouver = most brainwashed city in North America.

    I wonder how it would be judged if one focused on the riots and asian realtor slave masters and DTES. Worse than Greece?
    PR is everything.

  6. I am sure the reason most canadians will choose van is because of milder weather. This goes to show us how deluded vancouverites are when they call themself the best place on earth.
    Begining of July is here, still sub 15 degrees and continuous pouring rain and grey weather. It has been like this since the end of september last year. But sure, in the kingdom of the blind the one eyed man is king.
    I had a season ticket for the Seymour mounting this year and managed to go only twice, because of poor weather. Yes, vancouver is beautiful when there is sunshine, but that is like saying Bagdahd is a nice city if there was no war and all habitants were rich.

    • hehe ‘skiing’ at seymour – just go to your nearest public park and strap on your sticks on the nearest slope – no need to drop $500-600 on a pass. did you notice cypress wanted $800? $900 for a pass this season?

      ridiculous – they are just taking advantage of this captive market.

  7. Another way to read this: 75% of Canadians, and 37% of BC residents, don’t rate Vancouver as the nicest city in Canada.

    Now, if you polled the rest of the world, and were in competition with the rest of the world, what would be the numbers? “Best place on earth” territory? I’m going to go with “no”.

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