Request To Readers From A Journalist For ‘La Presse’

Nicolas Bérubé, a journalist for ‘La Presse‘, the Montreal daily newspaper, would like to hear from readers who have either left Vancouver, or who are considering leaving, because of RE prices in our city.
Nicolas has lived in LA since 2006. He watched the US housing market implode first hand, and he is, like many of us, now watching the Vancouver RE market with fascination.
Nicolas can be reached at:

5 responses to “Request To Readers From A Journalist For ‘La Presse’

  1. Is there any desperation going on in the sunshine coast?

    I was checking MLS, the number of houses and condos for sale are insane. Most of them have been sitting there for months!

    Sechelt alone has 401 properties for sale! That’s an awful lot for a community of 8500 people! There is a ocean front development. “investors” are trying to dump 50 units of that development that is not even built yet…

    The bust is already going on up there…

  2. pricedoutfornow

    I think anywhere outside the lower mainland is currently going bust…if you live outside Vancouver, nobody has anything good to say about real estate.

  3. Average prices in Campbell River are down 13% yoy already. The mill closed there about a year and a half ago, so no doubt that has some impact too as hope has run out of it ever opening again.

    • well you know, we’ve just got to export these logs raw, y’see – we wouldn’t want to mill them here, that would just make no sense..

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