Vancouver Riots

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  1. I vote Hockey Stick Boy as Most Likely to be Arrested on Circumstantial Evidence for 2011.

    • I doubt it, Hockey Stick Boy’s dad owns too many condos. We wouldn’t want to scare them all away now, would we?

      As a side note, I hope Gregor Robertson sets aside his rose colored glasses once and for all. Although I commend him for believing we live in a perfect, non violent utopian society, a little common sense would have prevented much of what occurred last night. Why the riot cops weren’t setup ready for battle after the second period is beyond me. You have to wonder if they even saw this coming. Anyway, none of this matters anymore, the party is over for Vancouver.

  2. “Vancouver is a world class city…” – Mayor Gregor Robertson in a hastily issued statement [G&M]

  3. see what i was saying about this place???

  4. Ralph Cramdown

    Didn’t any of these selfish louts care what offshore investors would think of all this?

    • It was the last thing on their booze-soaked minds, but you make a valid point.

      This event will certainly give Chinese investors pause. They may have had an unrealistic picture of Vancouver as a tranquil and socially harmonious city, and will now be left blinking in surprise.

      In China, social tensions occasionally boil over into rioting, with a degree of resentment against the wealthy, who therefore seek to prepare a safe haven overseas for their money and their families just in case things really go sour back home. And they’re quite selective, because overseas Chinese communities have historically been scapegoated in some countries (think Indonesia in the 1960s, and countless other examples).

      So even though foreigners were not at all the target here, any sign of a propensity to riot can only be perceived as a very bad thing, overseas. And that will have ominous consequences.

      Although foreign investors are only one component of the overall Vancouver real-estate picture, even a small hiccup in demand will be the trigger for a crash in a bubble market poised on the knife-edge between melt-up and melt-down.

  5. NBD. Riots are more common in world-class cities where anarchism has deeper roots.

    • I would hardly describe Athens as world class.

      • More world class than Vancouver. At least they have a nice climate and the Acropolis.
        The riots will end one day.

      • What does “world class city” mean, anyway? (I never heard this phrase until I came to Canada.)

        Athens isn’t Paris, but it is an ancient capitol.

      • @Yank, yeah the term “world class” is more of a sardonic joke for me. It is used to allude to Vancouver aspiring to be ranked the “best city in the world”, its high real estate prices and high livability rankings used as evidence it has arrived.

      • I don’t think any city that actually is world class would ever use the term, or even frame things in those terms. Too intrinsic a quality.

  6. it would be a shame if they burnt the bay building down – but somewhere, an re developer is getting excited

  7. But wait — I thought Vancouver was the Best Place On Earth, there’s so much natural beauty and so much wealth, everyone wants to live there, etc.?

  8. What a bunch of sociopaths the people in this city have become…

  9. What were these street tv organizers thinking? This city has a real problem being honest with itself in regards to it’s many problems. It continues to stick it’s fingers in it ears while repeating the same old “best place on earth” rhetoric. Individuals who you would expect to be rational individuals actually described themselves as being in tears over a frigging GAME.

    I got sick of hearing “We won, we won.!!!” , during these games from the usual sport crazed slugs.

    “We” didn’t win shit, hope that’s clear enough now.

    • but our team is so douchey they retired the #7, because the fans are the 7th player on the ice! no kidding and they unretired the dead player’s # to give to messier while stripping linden of the captaincy.

      we are class, kudos to the hockey media for the psy-ops PR campaign re: tire pumping.. yeesh

  10. Just saw a video on CBC about the costs of the riots. They mentioned 1.5 million dollars. That’s less than one house on the Westside.

    The really strange part is though, the news reporter switched the topic to house prices falling 26% after the 1994 riots. Seems he had a lot more worries on his head than the actual riots themselves.

  11. looks like facebook might actually be usefull after all

  12. I think there might be a little frustration among the non-homeowner class in Vancouver.

  13. Real Estate is driven by mass pschology. Mass psychology just took a wrong turn.
    Before we assume the mainland Chinese will be frightened of our lawlessness,remember they are fleeing their own country, with loot attained by means which run counter to their own laws.

  14. Dan, that is a great way of putting it: less than one house on the Westside. I think people don’t have perspective on the numbers, sometimes.

    The fretting about our image is really shocking to me, actually, rather than the human and economic cost – a number of CTV’s interviews with fans leaving, shocked by the riot, and the things people were saying was that this was bad publicity after the uplift of the Olympics and threatened our image. I understand civic embarrassment, and I understand the sadness that this sort of hooliganism is wrecking our core, but how it affects Vancouverites who live and work in that area is of more concern to me.

    And yet, in some way the concern IS how it affects Vancouverites, because we have come to believe our worth is in how we appear.

  15. Thanks for comments and discussion all.
    Next post is up focussing on the piece that Dan linked above (thanks Dan).
    If you like, continue ‘riot related’ discussion there.

  16. I know there was a riot in ’94 and even in ’02 after the GNR noshow. After the success of the Olympics, I was starting to think “it’s different this time”.

  17. Does anyone remember – way back in the day – when the visiting American sportscaster Howard Cosell called Vancouver a “village”? The outrage was stupendous!
    Well, it appears that Vancouver is still a village filled with idiots.

  18. I wonder how the Vancouver Tourism is going to spin this one… The spokesperson was almost literally gushing about how “world class” Vancouver was because we hosted the Olympics and the Stanley Cup Finals…

  19. Nice collection of idiots.

  20. Vancouver is a world class village with an inferiority complex

  21. “An estimated 15,000 people of all ages streamed into the heart of Vancouver as early as 5 a.m. to clean up the bloody footprints, scrub the offensive graffiti, to try to make amends for the damage cause by hooligans and looters after Wednesday night’s Stanley Cup loss.

    Read more:

    yes, this city has hiccup too. what do you about it beside the non-stop bitching? let me guess, non of you were one of those 15,000 people.

    • lol how do you know none of us cleaned up?

      how do you know others of us were letting keynesian economics get to work??

      15,000 do sanctimonious do-gooders don’t grab headlines like blood and fire.

      i will laugh at all the flippers right in their faces.

  22. yltnboomerang

    Here’s a site calling out all the losers that have been identified so far:

    Apparently this “repressed soul” who had a water polo scholarship to U of C, and comes from a wealthy Maple Ridge family with a surgeon father has now been expelled, kicked off the team and has lost his scholarship so regardless of whether the 17 year old gets charged, he has ruined his life as from now on whenever he applies for a job and they type Nathan Kotylak into google they will find him lighting a police car on fire…I sense a name change in the future:

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