Professional couple; Lived in Vancouver for 4 years; Moved to Calgary to better jobs; “It was ridiculous in Vancouver; we didn’t want to pay the bubble price to buy a tiny shaky box there.”

DWANG at VREAA 17 May 2011 11:25am“My family lived in Vancouver for around 4 years. We are not the millionaires from China but professional couple. I had a decent job at bank as IT engineer in Vancouver since we arrived 3-4 years ago, but my wife she couldn’t find any chance to work back in her field. She was a physician and has medical doctor’s degree. My family moved from Vancouver to Calgary just within 1 month. I got a higher payed job at Calgary before we moved in. And within 1 week, my wife got a offer at Alberta Children’s hospital as a medical researcher. Now she is happy and waiting for the new job started at the end of this month. Now we could relief a little bit and start enjoying the life. We are planning to shopping around within 1-2 years in Calgary to find a house for my family. Before it was ridiculous in Vancouver and we don’t want to pay the bubble price to buy a tiny shaky box there.”

9 responses to “Professional couple; Lived in Vancouver for 4 years; Moved to Calgary to better jobs; “It was ridiculous in Vancouver; we didn’t want to pay the bubble price to buy a tiny shaky box there.”

  1. A lot of these stories have two components: lousy job market and ridiculous house prices. Friends of mine that leave Vancouver often mention both as causes.

    • I can tell you that I have not found a job in this town in four years that paid market rate (that is, rate outside of this “world class city”. I have mostly worked remotely for companies in the US or Toronto and the “call of the east” is still strong, I just got another email with a tantalizing job offer in Toronto with a number I could only dream of being offered by a local company.

      I am a bit on the fence if I want to go back east, but the thought comes up more and more.

    • I a few moths ago I applied for a pretty advanced software engineering position at a local company, thinking I can get away from traveling east for doing consulting work. I was surprised that one of the questions that was asked in the interview was “Why do you want to live in Vancouver?” I thought it was a strange question but then right after that we talked about salary expectations and discovered my expectations and their were off by about 30K to 40K. That is when I realized that if a potential employer in Vancouver asks you why you live in Vancouver they are just setting you up to expect a crap pay. I think employers in this town think oh why yes you live in Vancouver you should be happy so shut up and accept crap pay because baby you are in Vancouver!

      • 和谐的房地产泡沫

        well it’s also i think to do with the fact that there is in, in regards to IT positions (i don’t know how advanced you are but my brother is a Perl programmer – and about 10 other languages as well) it seems like often there is a surplus locally – it could be more to do with the fact that the city is just flooded with new people.

        a friend is a programmer and fled to Edmonton – make $80k now – happy and inviting the rest of us to flee – from Lebanon to Edmonton – that’s the story of a real Canadian 😉

      • $80k is a normal salary for senior sofware engineer in Vancouver. There are companies that pay less and some that pay much more. But $80k is standard.
        The quality of developers is often not that great, but I don’t think that’s a local problem.

      • 和谐的房地产泡沫

        i’m not sure if my buddy is the greatest coder

        and that’s probably why he left 😉 but he has no regrets, even though it’s -50 in the winter, he’s made a good go of it and is better off for leaving. though i miss my drinking buddy – he’s got 1000x the character of any of our new friends.

  2. 和谐的房地产泡沫

    see, sensible chinese people don’t like it, either.

    thumbs down to the idle rich

  3. Again, the issue is that locals who went to school here, have roots haev little economic choice because of the high prices. They can move out to the burbs'(Langley, Surrey, Maple Ridge etc) and commute more than likely for 45 minutes each way. Also how much money is being circulated into the economy from HAM – Chinese investor buys house – taxes on that to gov’t. May buy a luxury car for the wife and kid. Kid may go to school so its good for teachers, but after that……?? I just don’t care who is buying, but the bottom line is it is a foreigner, and they are paying little taxes or gov’t fees so the locals cannot compete, and it seems like an “open shop”. I have many Asian friends(Canadian born) who feel the same. even they have little choice but to move out of Vancouver. Has anyone done research for a Canadian buying in Beijing, or Paris, or Tokyo? The other issue here is that many locals have had trouble finding jobs in their field

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