Manufacturing Exclusivity – “Purchase these hot condos prior to everyone else.”

Posted by SethM at RE Talks 10 May 10:13pm, who also offers to pass the opportunity on to other readers: “If anyone wants my VIP status to buy a unit, PM me. Sounds like a good deal.”

Similarly, this on craigslist 10 May 2011 4:05pm

“There are 30 units to be released in the Compass building. They will be pre-sold prior to being made available to the public on May 28th.
Units start from $345,900.
Call Chris Kozaryn at Sutton West Coast to get the oportunity
[sic] to purchase these hot condos prior to everyone else.”

Yes, you and that small intimate band of close friends who read craigslist, can ‘purchase before everybody else’. This is the attempt at creation of a ‘virtual line-up’ for this product, in the hope that a buzz ensues. In actual fact, anybody with the money can have one, guaranteed. Or, more to the point, anybody with the loan.
There will never ever be a shortage of condos in Vancouver. Never. Ever.
Fly into Hong Kong, look out the window. Fly into Vancouver, look out the window (“I am visiting rural farmlands?”).
– vreaa

7 responses to “Manufacturing Exclusivity – “Purchase these hot condos prior to everyone else.”

  1. Haha, this type on marketing can only work with complete fools!
    Oh wait, this is Vancouver…

  2. Oooo, a private offering! I will truly be rubbing elbows with the elite. The money of the great unwashed will not be accepted by these developers. No sir!

  3. Anyone know how the sales in the Village on False Creek are going? Been a bit of a cone of silence recently.

  4. Right on schedule. I sincerely wish Rennie et al all the best. Vancouver’s taxpayers are counting on them!

    @elam101, I expect Rennie has found it better to sell in surges that garner media attention — like that displayed on my favourite media outlet vreaa — instead of a prolonged campaign. With the lawsuit press now long in the recycling bin, it’s time to rev the marketing engine up a tad.

  5. southseacompany

    I know someone who works with BR. About a month ago this person mentioned that OV sales had suddenly come to a stop.

  6. We used to do something similar when we used to organize dance hall parties in high school. We’d post the “Invite List” of all the cool guys and hotties who could enter for free… Everybody else – 10 dollars for admission. And it was BYOB. All the geeks and weirdos just assumed all the people on the “Invite List” would show up. We used to make a killing.

  7. There are simply too many fools to count. Somone should try to flip their VIP status on craigslist and see if it sells.

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