PostCardsFromTheBlastRadius #4 – The Okanagan Bust – TheColossusOfWestBank & TheTerrifying&Pityless ProtoRealtors™ of OgoPogo!

Observed from a distance… at first glance I thought – perchance – Tosh! mere EarthWorks… but upon careful reflection… I realized. Realized the astonishing Truth!… It was a BurialMound! ‘THE’ BurialMound!… of the fabled Terrifying&Pityless ProtoRealtors™ of OgoPogo!

And what!?? Yes! What?… was that strange edifice on the distant horizon????

And then… I saw them… Faded HieroGlyphs of the fearsome ProtoRealtors of OgoPogo!…
If I wasn’t worried before, I was certainly WORRIED now. What next, I speculated… what next?

Fluff! Fluff? WTF?….
Standing upon… the ThreshHold of AncientRuins? Ruins of a LostCivilization? ‘Nemesis’ momentaril​y reflected, “To what bestial purpose?” – and then.. TheGrandStartle!
Yes! Startled! by the sound of distant drums!!!
And then they came!

Chanting!​ Gyrating! Naked!
The Terrifying&Pityless ProtoRealt​ors of OgoPogo!!!​… together with their sacrificial offerings to TheGreatSerpentOfTheLake.
Untold legions of captive FTB’s! Bound&Marinaded!
How they screamed!.. Begged for mercy!…
Frantically Struggling and Straining to free themselves from the DebtBondage of onerous PSA’s & 0Down VR ClosedMortgages… With obligatory HELOCS!
But – Alas, ToNoAvail.​..
TheHorror. TheHorror. TheHorror.

A gruesome spectacle ensued… of such blood-curdling malevolent, hideous violence that even today, sometimes in the darkest recesses of night… Nemesis still awakens in a cold sweat..,
The victims’ screams echoing… echoing…
Altogether, more terrifying than ANYTHING you could possibly imagine! Anything.
TheFluff. TheFluff. TheFluff… of ‘stuff’…
Whey will they learn?

And now, a brief ‘homage’ to the RealArtistes of TheColossusOfWestBank…
‘primitiveWannabe’ Banksies…
You know who you are…
Keep Spraying. For truly, it is ‘Opus Dei’…

More seriously, all this was the prelude to a failed BluffTop housing development…. and the Ruins were apparently the ‘staging’ for what must surely have been the GrandestOfTheGrand of ExtravagantPreSales Offerings…
All Brought to you by ExciteHomes. The Principals of ExciteHomes are gone now and out of respect for their sorrow/shame, ‘Nemesis’ will not reveal (albeit he does know) their current whereabouts/circumstances… But RestAssured, VREAA readers… it is a CautionaryTale of the UtMostMagnitude!…

Ah… Some of you were wondering about Nemesis’ veracity… re: TheDrums… the ThunderousBeatingDrums of OgoPogo!
Well, here they are. And, Yes – They’re Toxic.
and, apart from the GrandStaging… these are all that remain…
‘Nemesis’, having neglected to come equipped with HAZMAT gear did NOT venture too closely…
Ergo, for the time being – at least – the contents of TheDrums of the Terrifying&PityLess ProtoRealtors of OgoPogo shall go unremarked…

And so, our tale concludes… But, TruthBeTold – TheColossus is (Sacreligiously & CockPosterously!) ACTUALLY situated adjacent to the GenuineArticle…
A real – sacred – burial ground.
Well, Boyz&Girlz…
It all ends like this. If you’re lucky, your loved ones (& others you never knew were ‘loved ones’) will remember you fondly…
So… please strive for excellence and try to FightTheGoodFight!
In between, have some Fun… and do what you can…


Photos and commentary for the ‘BlastRadius’ series by ‘Nemesis’.
[Images Ⓒ​2011 ‘Nemesis’ – All Rights Reserved]

10 responses to “PostCardsFromTheBlastRadius #4 – The Okanagan Bust – TheColossusOfWestBank & TheTerrifying&Pityless ProtoRealtors™ of OgoPogo!

  1. You have a great eye Nemesis. Especially like the barrels. And love the mythology. I’m a sucker for good photography and a good myth/parable. What a treat.

    • OurPleasure, AG!… and, rest assured, the best is yet to come… the VREAA/Nemesis ‘StoryBank’ is postively Bulging! Yes, Bulging! with juicy goodies…

      So… stay tuned!… And in houour of the UpComing [or is that, UpChucking?] RoyalConnubials – we have a VerySpecial! mid-week treat lined up for y’all!!!…

      TheOdyssey of RegalRidge – “CrownJewelOfTheOkanagan” (as their Lavish!MarketingMaterials proudly boast)… Albeit curiously, ‘RegalRidge’ is actually perched atop Anarchist Mountain. ‘Nemesis’ is guessing that, at least to the ears of TheTerrifying&Pityless ProtoRealtors™ of OgoPogo (or their Monarch, KingRemax and His LustyWarriors of TheRotarianRoundTable), ‘RegalRidge’ had an emminently more ‘marketable’ ring to it than ‘Bakunin’sBluff’…

      And next Sunday?…

      StayTuned! for ‘TheAtlantisVernon’ – Where Adamms’FamilyValues Meets ‘KeepingUpWithTheMunsters’!… So ‘GruesomelyFunny!’, you’ll DieLaughing! WeGuaranteeIt!…

      WithApologies to Vic Mizzy [1916-2009]…

      “They’re creepy and they’re kooky,
      Mysterious and spooky,
      They’re all together ooky,
      The ‘Lantis Boundary!

      The Site’s a mausoleum
      Where people come to see ’em
      They really are a scream
      The ‘Lantis Travesty.


      So get a witches shawl on
      A broomstick you can crawl on
      We’re gonna pay a call on
      Some Vernon Anomie…”

      • Pictures are nice but sorry to say, you are getting too complicated with this gibberish

      • GR – Have you considered RemedialReading? Alternatively, you could always try RE Talk or VCI (on their ‘off’ days)… I think you’d be happier there. 😉

      • Nemesis
        I make an obvious point about your posts being too tedious and does not make for a stimulating discussion/conversation about RE, and to you respond by making insulting remarks.

        Excellent..I will enroll into “remedial reading” but first tell me. do you have a real job or do you spend all your time here??

      • And also, how old are you???

      • Chortle, chortle… I win!

        Ordinarily, GR – I don’t engage with paid InformationWarriors/LowRentTrolls; but in this one instance (as a GrandCautionary to any RealTalent [however Malevolent] that may be lurking) I shall…

        That said, this shall be my Last&Only retort addressed to you… because, frankly, it isn’t terrribly Sporting of ‘Nem’ to pick on the likes of you and/or your ilk…

        For starters, GR – ‘Nem’ has but one ‘agenda’ (and I know that’s what truly frightens your employer[s])… And Nem’s is essentially the Same as LordReith’s, actually (aside: don’t y’all just LOVE the way HughGrant intones, “Actually,…”) – but back to LordReith re: ‘Auntie’ – “…to educate, inform, entertain…”

        It’s as simple [and as subversive!] as that. Ok, I’ll confess to occasional ‘intellectual vanity’ – an admitted character flaw; but what the f**k; when you have as many letters after your name as ‘Nem’ does, and GrassPrivileges @ Cambridge [not Massachusetts; but Cambridgeshire], it is – on rare occasions – permissable [albeit generally ‘BadForm’ – see DustinHoffman in, “Hook” – and certainly something ‘Nem’ would never do in ‘polite company’].

        Now to address your questions…

        “Do you have a real job?”

        Nope. Haven’t since the 70’s. Of course, that depends on how you define ‘real jobs’….

        “Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do. Play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do.” – Samuel Clemens

        Age? Neither Gentleman nor Ladies ever ask that question… Ergo, you’ve pretty much categorized yourself (albeit, I will you give ‘you’ one tick/a little credit for ‘reflexivity seeking’; as these questions are generally important when evaluating ‘sources’ for a ‘4x4Matrix’ – and don’t beat your brains out trying to google that or figure out what it means, GR – you’re not supposed to know; that one was just for VREAA).

        Now, to make matters worse, GR – I composed this entire ‘riposte’ in my head, while preparing PorkSchnitzel with GarlicMashedPotatos(fromScratch, naturally – albeit I neither shot nor slaughtered a WildBoar, nor baked the bread from which I secured the ‘crumbs’)… I was ‘slumming’ it tonight… So only Heini’s, I’m afraid (under more ideal circumstances, something Rose from DirtyLaundry would have been JustTheTrick!).

        Well. There it is.

        Oh yes, back to DayJobs… rather like these, “actually”…

        And, Girlz! – this one’s for you…. xx (especially, a CertainDunbarIrresistablePlayMateFemmeFatale! – you know who you are!)

    • Good. You make my point for me!!
      Please do not get offended with criticism. You certainly seem to have a talent for …..something.

  2. pricedoutfornow

    Didn’t they use that stage for concerts? Though I don’t think I’ve actually ever heard of anyone going to one there..hmm..

  3. Nemesis and VREAA make a good pair. Your avatar tells something about yourself.

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