Raw Video Exclusive: Line-Up For Burnaby ‘Chancellor’ Condos Commences In Rain, At Night, 6 Days Before Sales

Polygon Burnaby – Pre-Sale Lineup, Sunday, April 10th 4am
The project goes on sale 16 Apr 2011
[Video coverage care of our intrepid reporter, Polly Pollyanna, who goes by so many handles we think we should refer to him as ‘Proteus’. Thanks, Polly.]

We’ve scooped Global here, and can only anticipate the breathless reportage that they’ll give this event.
When people line-up around the block to buy anything; salt, gold, Lady Gaga tickets, iPad2s …rather than running to get a sleeping-bag and umbrella, step back and think about it.
It’s not just that this may be a marketing ploy (possible), it’s that people lose their minds in bubbles, and demonstrate frantic herding behaviour.

29 responses to “Raw Video Exclusive: Line-Up For Burnaby ‘Chancellor’ Condos Commences In Rain, At Night, 6 Days Before Sales

  1. Interesting examples because Lady Gaga tickets and iPad2s are markets where demand genuinely outstrips supply at the price they are selling for. Is this really the case with condos in Burnaby? If ipad2s were $1500 would there still be crazy lineups?

  2. Very tempted to go down there with camera for more footage. Hmmm, maybe when enough gawkers start filming them, these people might realize their foolishness…or think they’re movie stars.

  3. Polly Pollyanna

    many of the chairs are turned away from the road, probably for exactly this reason.

  4. I’ll never understand why people go nuts over pre-sales condos. Obviously no one understands that you are signing up to assume all the risk that the devloper would otherwise burden himself with, for what privilege?

  5. Line is back in order. 2 vans that harbored some of them from the rain are gone before the morning traffic resumed.
    Drama interrupted around midnight when police cars rushed by with their sirens in full blasts. It made you wonder if some cranky residents in the neighborhood were upset with their partying mood.

    • Polly Pollyanna

      it’s really very organized – i am curious about the strategies used and whether these are people who are paid to wait or are they the actual buyers?

      please inform??

  6. not before the police cars screeched to the scene.afterward, a silent crowd.

    • Polly Pollyanna

      what are you in, a tree??

      how many units are for sale?

      • a little bird

        tweet .. tweet .. bad putty tats are stalking me

      • I believe that’s actually supposed to be, ‘BadBadPuttyTats’ vs. ‘twats’… which, ahem, means something altogether different. 😉

      • a little bird

        Thanks prof.
        vreaa, could you kindly edit that offensive word that is not part of my vocab.
        [Done, thanks (and thanks for the photos earlier). -ed.]

  7. Awesome job @a little bird and @Polly Pollyanna. Pictures don’t lie which is why they are so powerful as anecdotes.

  8. a little bird

    completion expected around mid-2013
    245 units
    two-bedroom homes start from $379,900
    ranging from 800 to 1,100 square feet
    sales program will commence on Saturday, April 16, 2011

  9. Polly Pollyanna

    lol rip off!

    love the website front page pic – looks like a fine vintage!

  10. a little bird

    Mingpao has a story today on the pre-sales @Intracorp’s Metro Place.
    Jacqueline, a foreign student from Shantong at Capilano College, already owns a unit above Metrotown BestBuy on Kingsway. She is buying a unit at Metro Place for her parents to live when they visit here. She has no immediate plans yet to apply for PR status, she may eventually but her parents may not.

    Headline: Students from China becoming a new force in condo purchasing
    Apart from self-occupying, taking care of real estate investing opportunities for relatives and friends in China


  11. Polly Pollyanna

    mingpao is hilarious – besides the RE cheerleading squad, there’s an article about China condemning the human rights record of the US.

    what a lovely pair of brutes to be stuck between.

    • Some people are blindly nationalistic/jingoistic.

      • Polly Pollyanna

        derp derp no shit?

        since the americans aren’t watching him maybe someone should translate this with chinese subtitles

        seriously, they need it.

      • ahhh doug stanhope,
        I think his best work is on the girls gone wild videos.

        and youre right ‘they’ do need it.

  12. a little bird

    Where are the traffic cops? There are a dozen cars blocking up the right lane on a non-parking zone at Bennett St right up to the traffic junction @Nelson. It is drizzling and windy and they stay inside their cars. Still it is not a reason to break traffic rules and endangering other motorists.

  13. Polly Pollyanna

    this is vancouver

    rules don’t apply

  14. a little bird

    They have moved into a white tent right inside the construction compound tonight. And no more vehicles parking illegally on the roadside.
    Last night, the windstorm and chilling rain must have done in a few queuers. Ads offer for sale 3 + 2 spots appeared today.

    Scalpers, for as little as $30k per unit, will transfer their reservations @Metro Place to you.

  15. Polly Pollyanna

    i have a loud car stereo and a broad collection of deep house/generally noisy music all on USB key – does anyone want to have a flash mob dance party tonight?

    • Dial it down a bit there Polly. We all know you’re super duper excited you found a new site 10 years into the bull run, just.. just try to keep an even keel mmmmkay.

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