“Hi, my name is Kate and I’m a recovering real estate addict…”

Kate at greaterfool.ca 9 Apr 2011 12:35am
“Hi, my name is Kate and i’m a recovering real estate addict. I used to spend afternoons searching for the perfect home on my pre-approved budget. Then i started watching home and garden. I hit rock bottom when i started scheduling viewings for houses we couldn’t afford.
Luckily my husband stepped [in and] held a real estate intervention before things got bad.
We live in a beautiful million dollar rental, and pay 2200 a month. I sometimes feel like i want to own, thanks to pregnancy hormones. But i’m happy, debt free, and i don’t have to pay an 800 a month strata fee.
Reading this blog [greaterfool.ca] gets me through the hard nights when i want to pull up mls and buy a house in Vancouver. Thank-you garth [Garth Turner, at greaterfool.ca] for saving us lots of money.
Now if you could only write an anti-designer hand bag blog my husband would really owe you.
Thanks again.”

7 responses to ““Hi, my name is Kate and I’m a recovering real estate addict…”

  1. a little bird

    My apologies for the rude interruption. I’ve been informed that a line is forming for the past 30 minutes outside Polygon’s ‘Chancellor’. Grand opening is supposedly to be next Saturday, the 16th.

  2. Polly Pollyanna


    LuLZ will ensue

  3. Polly Pollyanna

    Alright, I’m back. My camera is shit, my apologies.

    I hope they get floor seats! It’ll be a great show – maybe he’ll play “Youngstown?”

  4. LOL Vancouver’s derivatives clearing house at work. This site is turning into a pretty good media outlet in its own right. Let’s count how long it takes for Global/CBC/CTV to put this story on the 6 o’clock news.

    • Polly Pollyanna

      i was really surprised at the size of this group – i don’t know how many were korean, but let’s just say there were no japanese.

      how many are employed doing this? sitting in line for someone who actually has the money? i am sure there will be more there today.

      i can’t imagine sitting in front of a construction site behind a shopping mall, in the rain and cold for nearly 200 hours. if that isn’t a mania i don’t know what is? “early bird gets the bag of salt” i suppose.

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