Realtor DashCam Gallery

“Take Realtors’ self-promo, for example… Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that a preponderance of these clips (I think it’s de rigueur for the genre) are recorded in their automobiles (often while driving)?”Nemesis at VREAA 31 Mar 2011, who refers to them as “cultural artefacts”. No, it’s not just you, we share interest in these clips, and have featured a few before. A collection is a good idea. Still-shots, links to videos, and occasional quotes from Realtor DashCams will be archived in this Gallery post, which will be linked in the sidebar. We will update with any new material that becomes available; please send along dashcams you stumble upon. -vreaa

“If you’ve ever been to Winnipeg, you realize that Vancouver is ten times better. Our average price should be 2.5 million dollars for an average house in Vancouver.” – Ian Watt, Vancouver condo realtor, undisputed King of the DashCam, 600+ uploads at his VancouverPenthouse youtube channel, previously featured at VREAA 9 Nov 2010. Great production values; Specializes in back-alley shoots.

“I don’t see a bubble happening right now”– Barry Connerty, New West Realtor, self posted video at youtube, 15 Jan 2010

“If you are waiting for the Vancouver real estate market to go down – don’t hold your breath.” – Lisa Gibson, Vancouver Realtor, self posted video at youtube, 18 Nov 2010

Lisa Gibson, making video, while driving, in rain, with eyes closed, 17 Dec 2010. [Lucky she’s not simultaneously using cell-phone, that’d be illegal. -ed.]

Rob Balasabas, Vancouver realtor, self posted video at youtube, 2 Feb 2010

Rudy Balasabas, Vancouver realtor, self posted video at youtube, 29 Nov 2009

Roland Lewis, Vancouver realtor, self posted video at youtube, 25 Nov 2008

Shamus Baier, Victoria realtor, self posted video at youtube, 8 Jul 2010

“Hi, today we want to talk about how the low number of recent sales is affecting our market” [Victoria market, Sep 2010. -ed.]… “Sellers became quite panicked when they realized that their houses might not sell. I mean, people in Victoria are used to their homes selling right away… People are now faced with marketing their homes knowing that it may very well not get an offer, even though it’s in a good location, in good condition, priced well.” – Aaron Hall, Victoria realtor, self posted video at youtube, 20 Aug 2010 and 14 Sep 2010

Updates; ongoing:

Darin Chamberlain, Vancouver realtor, self posted video at youtube, 13 Jan 2011. Daring into-the-sun shots; Broody, reality-cop-show delivery; Nice work.

Dave Burch, Whistler realtor, self posted video at youtube, 12 Nov 2008. Yeah, you guessed it, filmed while driving the Sea-To-Sky.

Kevin Hardy, Vancouver realtor, self posted video at youtube, 9 Nov 2009. Impressive. Agent Hardy makes a video while staying cool at the wheel, at moderate speed, in rain.

Paul Albrighton, Vancouver loft specialist, self posted video at youtube, 6 Sep 2009. The dashcam avant-garde? Through the wheel camera angles, messing with focus, obscured view. Adventurous, but is it true to the story?

More to follow…

36 responses to “Realtor DashCam Gallery

  1. Polly Pollyanna

    oh noez..

    have i told you lately how much i admire your blog?

    what a pack of shysters.

    • Polly Pollyanna

      if driving while on the phone is illegal, surely driving while trying to host your own youtube channel ought to be, too.

  2. pricedoutfornow

    This is just bizarre…did they all attend the same realtor seminar which said potential clients find it attractive to take a youtube video of yourself driving in your car? Please enlighten me…

  3. Since my last expletive has been deleted (justly, I guess), I will just say that those pictures and videos are “lovely”.
    The realtor reality is a different kind of a bubble.

    • Much better, nicely put 😉

      Actually, we very rarely censor anything here.
      The occasional troll post (twice, if we recall correctly).
      But you did try to slip by the one word that I believe you still can’t use on the air, and we couldn’t let it be.

  4. lol, that is classic!

    • Polly Pollyanna

      it’s pretty goddamn epic – and it’s going to get even more epic if we all scour the web for local RE agents babbling into hand held twit machines while driving.

  5. The above handful (so far) were found with very little effort.
    Please seek out gems, will be appreciated.

  6. I think they live in their cars. I don’t think they can afford to buy a home in Vancouver on what they take home after they split commissions, pay their agency, pay for advertising and staging…

  7. Maybe they just have more time on their hands now. You would think they would not have time to make these. I imagine there is also a lot of editing involved.

    What is the ultimate realtor car?

    • Polly Pollyanna

      the ultimate realtor car seems to me,

      to be the ubiquitous Ford Escape

      or the ubiquitous Chrysler 300M

      usually lease returns, i bet.

      the successful ones seem to like seven series Bimmers – so do the ones who suck and assume airs, though. 😉

  8. Village Whisperer

    Busy, busy, busy.

    Create the image you are a hard working Realtor on the go, on the move, constantly making things happen for your client. The car cam personifies that.

    One of these days, one of these twits will clue into the vast potential of a well produced studio clip every week the properly articulates your message in a professional and informative video presentation that, via word-of-mouth, has potential clients (and worthless bloggers) flocking to you site to watch every day.

    Of course, that takes work.

    A professional video realtor would show up these scmucks as the shysters they really are.

  9. Best place on meth

    What a bunch of douches.

    Where’s that Mack truck when you need it?

    • Polly Pollyanna

      don’t worry, brother – it’s in the mail!

      (whenever Carney feels like getting around to it – say, after the election?)

  10. a little bird
    These 2 are pumping Quilchena, South Granville & Terra Nova, and their selling points are schools, schools and schools.
    It’ll be interesting to watch in the coming months if Richmond will lead the crash. Flippers and realtors are venting their spleens online … [not worth clogging up your bandwidth ;)]. Jason Kenny & his team ought to include LISTERINE® in the welcoming package @YVR.

    • Thanks, excellent stuff. We can’t find a video of theirs in a mobile office so your link will suffice.
      Note the ‘Biggest Golf Driving Range’ and ‘Children and Youth Etiquette and Diligence Class’ selling points.

      • a little bird

        Check out her video on properties in UBC Land.
        “People who want to invest in real estate properties in UBC area in Vancouver, are those who want to enroll their kids to the top ranking elementary and/or secondary schools in that area.”
        “There are more and more high rise properties built in demand of increasing buying needs in that area. “

        They are aware of “limited years of land ownership”, just keep the living “dead” from their backyard.

      • …”‘Biggest Golf Driving Range’ and ‘Children and Youth Etiquette and Diligence Class’ selling points.”…

        I believe I may already have addressed the ‘golfing’ issue, VREAA – what I’m really waiting for are references to ‘social harmony’ and/or allusions to ‘Hu’sYerDaddy’ CCP policy directives to, ‘Go down deep – and immerse yourself in the reality’… 😉

        As for the Dash-CamRealtorsGallery – as cultural artefacts go, the AronHall2 screen capture/freeze frame is bordering on high art (albeit by implication, Mr. Hall’s expression suggests that he may be using his hands [off frame] to do something unrelated to vehicular control).

        Now, as to the Dash-CamUniverse’ overall ‘creative’/production values… ‘Nemesis’ suggests wannabe RenegadeYouTubeYVRRealtors consider getting out of their Lexi[?] and emulating 3CP1RussianTV’s, ‘Hey Georgy!’…

        SCTV CCCP1 – ‘Hey Georgy! He’s Coming To Your Town!’

        Bonus ‘Note’ to youTubeRealtors everywhere: alternatively – why not try the ‘new shoes’ schtick? (SovietMinicam optional)… this one starts @ 03:10 in…

        SCTV CCCP1 – ‘NewShoes&SovietMiniCam’

      • Speaking of shady dealing, property speculation and…. golf. 😉

        [ChinaDaily] – Female mayor suspected in $3m insider trading

        “Li Qihong, who had been mayor of Zhongshan, is being investigated along with her husband and relatives. They are suspected of having illegally earned 19.8 million yuan ($3 million) from insider dealing on the stock market during a two-month period in 2007, according to Zhao Zhenhua, deputy secretary of the provincial Party’s commission for discipline inspection. Five of Li’s relatives are part of the probe, Zhao said. At the time, Li’s husband, Lin Yong’an, 54, had been vice-chairman of the Zhongshan city association of golf, while her younger brother, Li Qiming, had been the manager of a local property development company.”

    • Oh Trust me when I say to double check the url spelling.

      • Polly Pollyanna

        oh too fucking funny

        i love how our culture is despised as lazy and spendthrift, but aren’t they eager to ‘enroll in the best schools’ – what happens when the community needs an extra school? mmm? what if that new school just isn’t as good as the one that’s full?

        etc. etc. xenophobia ad nauseum

        just fix your own country, wouldn’t that be easier?

    • Polly Pollyanna

      oh, this couple apparently acts as ONE agent – read the banner on the top of the page..

  11. “Of course real estate investing is the best way to go” 1:45 of Lisa Gibsons second video.

    Gotta love it.

  12. Guffaw!!

  13. China’s Ghost cities report from an Australian TV station. VREAA I hope you clip and archive some of this video. I am thinking the Chinese realtors have not caught on to the power of the car cams.

    • Polly Pollyanna

      this is one of my favorite china vids – especially the analyst at 7:00

      (can we get the aussie Dateline crew over here to Richmond to see what’s happening? since the local media won’t touch this issue with a 10 foot clown pole?)

  14. Polly Pollyanna

    “You are here: Home / Personal Blogs / Meeting Henry Su
    Meeting Henry Su

    In the fall 2000, my first trip to North America started in Vancouver, the breathtaking beauty of Canada. While standing on the south-shore of English Bay and overlooking Stanley Park adjacent to downtown Vancouver, I was deeply grateful that the human civilization finally left over a venerable virgin-forest for our offspring in this noisy metropolitan. In thousands of thoughts, I fell in love with this harmony and made up my mind to immigrate to this amazing city…

    Today, with years of experience, I am one of the top producers in the real estate industry in the beautiful Greater Vancouver. My goal is to enhance the harmony in concrete grey and forest green. Year after year, my outstanding professionalism ranges from the most luxurious real estate to proper-sized homes in Vancouver Westside, Downtown Vancouver and West Vancouver.

    In the year of 2008, I was elected to be the Director of Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) – Westside Division. Being reelected in the spring of 2010, I am now sitting on the division for my second two-year term. While devoting my efforts to REBGV as a director, I am also enjoying the advantage of retrieving the most up-to-date market info everyday, which in return has upgraded my ability to provide my clients the highest level of real-estate services.

    Every one of my client is highly valued as a new gate to a miraculously different world. That gate did lead me to my client’s group of old and new friends, business partners, relatives and neighbors. I strongly believe that by providing the best real-estate services, I can always have my clients willingly open all the different gates behind them. That is why, as always, I am going to treasure my precious reputation like my eyes and my life.”

    yeesh cram the platitudes, buddy

  15. Polly Pollyanna

    “I was deeply grateful that the human civilization finally left over a venerable virgin-forest”

    take one of those helicopter tours BEHIND the mountains and have a look – or just crack open google earth and pick where you want to play checkers on the clear-cuts.

    that sea of red? no, they’re not maple trees – that’s our glorious pine-beetle infestation..

  16. Polly Pollyanna

    • I wish there was some way we could short-circuit the Chinese economy.

      • Polly Pollyanna

        there is

        1) go to the store
        2) find the item you wish to purchase
        3) pick it up
        4) turn it upside down
        5) if it says “Made in China,” put it back on the shelf
        6) look around for a similar item, made in North America
        7) upon not finding it, get back in your car and go home
        8) write your MP
        9) reproduce

        see that’s it, simple.

        crack open a history book and read about the tension between whites and ‘orientals’ around the turn of the 19th/20th centuries. shit went DOWN.

      • Funny you should say that, Polly… [PrettyPolly want an ironclad?]… 😉

  17. Polly Pollyanna

    “The US exploited and manipulated the world to get where it is today. Now they are just crying that others are doing the same and beating them at it.”

    two wrongs make a right!

  18. Pingback: Ian Watt, Realtor – “I don’t like to do predictions on real estate. I own a few properties, and I’m not selling them anytime soon. My plan is to hold them for the long term.” | Vancouver Real Estate Anecdote Archive

  19. Since when is real estate some conspiracy theory ? I mean the world is getting expensive, people are getting screwed out of decent wages, prices will never go down unless there’s a TOTAL economic collapse and then we’re all fucked, renters and owners alike. You sit there on your renter’s high chair and bitch , the reality is this is out of everyone’s control! You think the people buying want to pay that much? GTFO , a bunch of idiots on here…..the problem is bigger than you can obviously comprehend. .

    You’re living in the 70’s hoping the prices go down to the 50’s levels…that never happened either.

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