Seattle RE – Down 30% From 2007 Peak; Back To Sept 2004 Prices; Still Dropping

Down 29.6% since 2007 peak; prices back to Sept 2004 levels.
[from, hat-tip Don]

Our run up has been greater and our fall will be greater. – vreaa

14 responses to “Seattle RE – Down 30% From 2007 Peak; Back To Sept 2004 Prices; Still Dropping

  1. ahhh, THAT is good news.

    Now we need calgary to calm down a bit so when i move for my career i can still live close my family.

  2. Wasn’t Seattle known as the most depressing place in US because of all the rain and dreary god aweful weather?? Obviously that means it should have a weather discount compared to Vancouver where we have the sunshine tax and premium. 🙂

    • Seattle has slightly less rain, a lot more sunshine and higher temperatures than Vancouver.

      • I know….it was a jest/jab at Vancouver given we are weather wise worse than Seattle – “most depressing place” in USA with too much rain. Unless off course people in Vancouver likes the rain and clouds.

      • Polly Pollyanna

        it’s always sunny in Richmond

        for now, anyways 😉

  3. Flogging a Dead Horse

    you silly bears!

    don’t you know we’re different here?

    it’s the best place on earth!

    it’s so good, the entire communist party of china is moving here!

  4. Seattle has Boeing, Bill Gates (Microsoft), Amazon, and Weyerhaueser. Silly twit. RET’s “readership dropped 20% in the last few months; now we know where the chimps have migrated to!

    • anon -> Thus far all 4 comments essentially agree with your position (‘space’ and ‘Flogging’ are using (abusing?) sarcasm).

    • seattle also has three more small companies, you may have heard of them, nintendo, costco and starbucks

      but we have cupcakes etc. so real estate prices can only go up

  5. Flogging a Dead Horse

    don’t forget Cactus Club

  6. “But it could never happen here. This time is different. What goes up shall surely go up forever.”

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