Avoiding Vancouver, Ongoing – “Businesses are starting to move out of Vancouver. The cost of living is too high to justify the salaries for employees.”

From the comment section of the G&M 17 Mar 2011 article ‘Vancouver’s new fleet of cargo tricycles’: ‘General Ham’ 18 Mar 2011, 4:15pm“Businesses are starting to move out of Vancouver. The cost of living is too high to justify the salaries for employees. We have already moved some of our operations to Vaughn and the remaining jobs will be moved to Texas this fall. Total loss will be 20 professional jobs.”

G&M readers were voting that comment down. Hard to imagine exactly why.  – vreaa

16 responses to “Avoiding Vancouver, Ongoing – “Businesses are starting to move out of Vancouver. The cost of living is too high to justify the salaries for employees.”

  1. Not hard to imagine why: It can’t be what isn’t supposed to be.

    It is interesting to see a lot of empty store fronts lately, or “delays” in opening of new ones. If the city would be hopping that wouldn’t be the case.

    I think the “hottest” area right now is probably around W2, how long that’ll last will be interesting to watch as well. It rose from the ashes pretty quickly, it can as quickly go down again.

  2. …”Recognizing Vancouver as a city that prides itself on going green, the group set out to bring the bikes north of the border. Mr. Anderson said Shift’s service has a number of advantages to other delivery options. “Our cargo tricycles are more efficient in the congested city core. The smaller size allows us to bypass gridlock and park virtually anywhere”…”

    Ah yes, as regards Shift’s business plan, I do believe I can see it all clearly now…



    • Yeah, we went through all this down in Portland. People seem to think that moving backwards to transportation technology from 100 plus years ago is a sign of progress.

  3. Michael Geller comments on the Village at False Creek and the overall state of Vancouver’s housing market:

    comment 23. For the record.

    • “Indeed, I did encourage a friend of mine to purchase a penthouse unit at what I thought was a very attractive price.” – MG

      Let me guess… Geller was personally stuck with a presale.

      Whether reading either of Geller or Bula (who can’t even remember when she sold out) – I am always minded to think of the interminable vomiting scene in, ‘TeamAmerica: WorldPolice”… (sorry, no link – it’s too gross, even for Nemesis)… 😉

      Disclaimer – ‘Nemesis’ used to do occasional (if ‘spectacular’) feature work for the G&M, ‘back in the day’…

      • Restaurant Unemployee

        vreaa – i’m sorry

        but we’re turning your blog into a very, very special place

        nemesis: i’m actually interested to read any of these said features 😉

      • Sorry, RU – re: G&M features… all of that stuff was pre-internet/digital archives (and in those days, late ’80’s, some creators – like moi – scrupulously insisted on retaining ‘all rights’ to commissioned works and zealously declined all ‘work for hire’ agreements)… regardless, I was a ‘Lensman’ vs. scribe. However, and more to the point, ‘blowing my cover’ would impede Nemesis’ future, chameleon-like forays into assorted social/political ‘salons/dens of iniquity’ (ever the best places to source new material from whence to ‘comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable’)… 😉

        PS – As a consolation prize; see my brief history lesson on LBJ’s ‘expansion of Presidential Powers’ appearing in today’s GarthTurner blog [a saucy one, currently pending review in the moderation queue].

      • A Penetrate Numerously

        ah i understand

        that being said

        we have a lot of afflicting to do!

    • Wow, great find. This is my favorite line:

      “I am told by people in the industry that the construction quality is not any worse than what one has come to expect in the Vancouver market.”

      • LOL I have to credit future mayor Michael for writing a post that cannot easily be refuted.

      • Housing in central London is quite a bit more expensive than in Vancouver. So is housing in the 7th arrondisement in Paris. I guess all those investment bankers, magic circle corporate lawyers and Boston educated management consultants living in Vancouver are laughing their way to the bank in comparison to their counterparts in London and Paris.

  4. I met someone from the UK who is working for a company that just expanded into Canada and has just moved here. He was of the opinion that in 15 years Vancouver will be better than Toronto for business because it is where all the Asians want to setup shop and move to. He said he could not remember the number but there thousands of Chinese ready to move to Vancouver.

    I said that the Chinese companies are customers of the North American companies, what would they setup in Vancouver, labor won’t be any cheaper so I don’t see them opening factories here. And sales offices does not really make for a huge contributor to making Vancouver a better place. Then he said that Canada had better taxes than the USA and was easier to do business in and it was the best place to live. The delusions are spreading outside of real estate.

  5. I knew of an apparel factory that was set up here to take advantage of the NAFTA and quota against China/HK. It ceased operation last year and the owner said there were several others in similar boat.
    Right now they are in BC’s coal and minerals, and Alberta’s sandoil. Perhaps in the near future, we might see the entrance of companies like Huawei, currently bidding to install mobile phone transmitters in the London Underground in time for the 2012 Olympics.

  6. A Penetrate Numerously

    oh cool, so ‘the party’ can run all our telecom.

    that’s totally nothing to be concerned about..

    move along people..

  7. What? You can’t afford a $1.3M False Creek condo while working at Starbucks?

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