“Trusty” Toronto Real Estate Reality TV Star Contractor Charged With Extortion

From the National Post 14 Mar 2011
“The co-host of an HGTV show about turning unsightly properties into attractive real estate has been charged with extortion.
Barrington Anthony Sayers — who co-hosts The Unsellables and was also the featured carpenter on the W Network series Me, My House and I — was arrested on the weekend, Toronto police announced Monday.
Mr. Sayers, 41, was charged with two counts of criminal harassment, attempted fraud under $5,000 and extortion.
The saga began last month, when a woman hired Mr. Sayers, who also owns a general contracting company, to complete renovations at her home.
“The accused provided substandard work, criminally harassed and extorted the woman,” police alleged in a news release.
A graduate of George Brown College, Mr. Sayers has worked in the building trades for 17 years and has a large client base in Greater Toronto, according to a bio on HGTV’s website. A promo for The Unsellables describes Mr. Sayers as a “trusty contractor” who provides tips “for turning real estate lemons into lemonade.”

From video at globaltoronto.com:
Announcer: “She says that when she refused to pay him more than he had quoted her, for work that he had allegedly not done, things went from bad to worse.”
Client: “He started harassing me, every day, he started making phone calls, he showed up at my house when I wasn’t here, went to my neighbours asking for my whereabouts, and at that point I started to feel very afraid to be at my house”.
Police detective: “We believe that this isn’t the first time that someone has been victimized by this individual.”

2 responses to ““Trusty” Toronto Real Estate Reality TV Star Contractor Charged With Extortion

  1. Vanilla Ice, this man is not.

  2. This is similar to the a&e guy out of Georgia. Yup Canada is different.

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