Former Surrey Town Planner Charged With Taking ‘Secret Commissions’ Regarding Development Application, And Use of City Funds To Buy Own House

From 15 Mar 2011 [hat-tip Nemesis] – “Criminal charges have been laid following a year-long investigation of a former Surrey city planner. Akonyu Akolo is facing charges of breach of trust, secret commissions and fraudulent concealment, Surrey RCMP said Tuesday. The allegations involve several thousand dollars.
The charges relate to a development application, but there was no allegation or finding of wrongdoing on the part of the applicant, police said.
The City of Surrey has also filed a civil suit against Akolo, alleging he used misappropriated city funds to buy a home in Delta. [From 8 Mar 2011 article: “The city alleges Akolo used the city’s money in the purchase of a house on Chateau Wynd in Delta with an assessed value of $624,000.”]
None of the charges against Akolo have been proved in court.”

From the video: “His house is in a quiet upscale neighbourhood, and the city alleges he may have defrauded the city of enough money to pay for it”.

2 responses to “Former Surrey Town Planner Charged With Taking ‘Secret Commissions’ Regarding Development Application, And Use of City Funds To Buy Own House

  1. Just in… [courtesy of the same TehranHomies/Bro’s who brought you ‘Millenium Waters’]

    [TheProvince] – Troubled West Van property for sale – Receiver says sale subject to court approval; creditors will have say

    …”The troubled multimillion-dollar West Vancouver property with links to the Olympic village is now up for sale, a company appointed as receiver said Tuesday… The receiver, the Vancouver-based Bowra Group, was appointed after a developer of the lands north of Park Royal defaulted on the $72-million mortgage… The City of Vancouver registered a charge on the Evelyn Drive property but is “way down the list” of creditors, said David Bowra, president of the Bowra Group… “They probably won’t recover anything,” he said… An appraisal attached to the foreclosure petition filed in court puts the value of the property at more than $100 million…

    The project has most of the needed approvals from the District of West Vancouver, but lacked the building permits to begin construction.”…

    [Perhaps things would have proceeded differently if Shahram Malekyazdi and Peter Malek had placed Mr. Akonyu Akolo on ‘retainer’, instead?… 😉 ]

    • restuarant unemployee

      as a real canadian would say

      “well that’s just greasy. greassssy.”

      if the allegations prove true, can Mr Akonyu be used to clean the grease out of the pipes from restaurants in richmond??

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