Anybody At Global BC TV Still Consider Themselves A ‘Journalist’? – Another RE Infomercial Run As ‘News’

Global BC TV ran another shameless real estate infomercial as news, arguably even more blatantly obvious RE touting than the very recent ‘Helicopter Cam’ [9 Feb 2011] and ‘Burnaby Line-Up’ [16 Feb 2011] incidents.
‘Village on False Creek’s First Buyer’, [4 Mar 2011], is a breathless account of a 27 year old moving into a 700sqft ground-floor Olympic Village condo. The attention to realtor-type detail in the piece is enough to make even the most bald-faced  salesman blush: the buyer is a ‘happy homeowner’, the site is better than others in the city, a non-view is a ‘view’, the non-view is safe from further obstructing buildings, the condo is ‘bright’, the small spaces are ‘spacious’, prices have been ‘slashed’, just look at each & every one of the shiny appliances, the high ceilings, etc, etc.
The piece offers some wonderful laughs for the discerning viewer, but don’t let that distract you. This perversion of programming, with selling masquerading as ‘news’, is serious stuff. We archive it here in all its mundane and agonizing glory, for the record.
Anybody at Global still consider themselves a ‘journalist’? – vreaa

Announcer: “When condo king Bob Rennie remarketed the village recently and lowered the prices, nearly half of the available units sold out. [Hahaha: ‘Half the units sold out’ = oxymoron. -ed.Today, the first of those new buyers moved in.”

[Image removed at Christy Zettl’s request, 28 Feb 2013]

[Image removed at Christy Zettl’s request, 28 Feb 2013]

John L. Daly, Reporter: “She’s a happy home-owner… a 27 year old homeopath who’s now unpacking at her brand new condo at ‘The Village at False Creek’, formerly the ‘Olympic Village’. She’s the first to buy in and move in after the prices were slashed.”

[Image removed at Christy Zettl’s request, 28 Feb 2013]

Christy Zettl, Olympic Village Condo Owner: “I am ‘number one’, yes, big day today.”

[Image removed at Christy Zettl’s request, 28 Feb 2013]

Christy Zettl: “For what you are paying and then the type of accommodation that they have, it’s probably the best in the city. Uhm… we looked at a lot of places in the West-end, on Denman, on Beach, and, you know, for what you were getting for the space, for the location, there’s not even comparable.” [We’ll just have to guess what is meant here because, taken literally, it makes no sense. -ed.]

[Image removed at Christy Zettl’s request, 28 Feb 2013]

Christy Zettl: “I like the high ceilings, and the big windows, and you can see through the water through/out the door [sic]”

[Image removed at Christy Zettl’s request, 28 Feb 2013]

John Daly: “She has a view through the Community Centre to the water. [Not making this up, folks. -ed.] The good news is there is virtually no chance that anyone can build a new building in front of her, here on False Creek.” [One building is enough, already. -ed.]

[Brief bridging section inserted here on building in another area of downtown that will obscure neighbours’ views.]

John Daly: “…not an issue for Christy, whose bright condo in the Kayak Building sits right on the street across from the Community Centre. She says she’s not allowed to say what she paid for it, but…:”
Christy Zettl: “It was reduced probably about 30% from the original price.. so if it went for full price there’s no way I would have been able to afford to move here (smiles).”

[Image removed at Christy Zettl’s request, 28 Feb 2013]

John Daly: “The 700sqft unit has one bedroom,…

“a utility room,…

“a modern washer drier combo,…

“a relatively spacious wash-and-bath-room [sic],…

“And built in fridge,..

[Image removed at Christy Zettl’s request, 28 Feb 2013]


“and convection oven,…

“topped with a gas range.”

[Here there is a demonstration of the impressive gas-range lighting capacity]:

Reporter John Daly, (who perhaps used to consider himself a journalist but by now must be feeling like this guy)…

…continues: “As well as possibly one hot part of Olympic history:”

[Image removed at Christy Zettl’s request, 28 Feb 2013]

Christy Zettl: “It’s unconfirmed, but apparently Sidney Crosby might have been staying in this apartment, so… I just found out about a minute ago… that’s quite exciting!… (laughs)…”

[Image removed at Christy Zettl’s request, 28 Feb 2013]

John Daly: “After looking all over town, Christy’s family is very pleased to see her settle down in what was once the ‘Olympic Village’… now, ‘The Village at False Creek’.” [In case you missed the new brand name when we mentioned it a minute ago. -ed]

31 responses to “Anybody At Global BC TV Still Consider Themselves A ‘Journalist’? – Another RE Infomercial Run As ‘News’

  1. Journalists stopped being journalists long ago. They are mere puppets now. None of them does any kind of news story that involves actual research. They don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.

  2. “27 year old homeopath”….

    Well, if you believe in homeopathy, buying into OV probably isn’t such a big leap of faith – is it??? 😉

    On the bright side – traffic pattern analysis of the frequency of these infomercials indicates heightened anxiety levels in the RE ‘industrial complex’… Accordingly, the more furiously they crank ‘The Mighty Wurlizter’ (google that, VREAA – you’ll enjoy it) the sooner we are likely to arrive at ‘end game’/reset…

  3. FYI, guys and gals, all I can say at this point is that my CRTC/CSBC complaints against Global over the Asians in choppers spot and the amazing, stupendous condo lineups spot are now into the next stage. Global now has a limited number of days to respond to me in an attempt to satisfactorily “resolve” the issues I presented in my complaint. The only way I can see that happening is an on-air apology and an admittance that they (and virtually all mainstream media in this country) shamelessly, immorally, and likely illegally pump real estate for the benefit of one of their primary advertisers.

    • Cool. Good work.

    • Bravo Zulu, Alex! (google that) And may providence smile upon all your endeavours…

      It all boils down to pervasive bullshit masquerading as verity. There, I said it… please pardon my language, but the abuse of power/betrayal of public trust (credulity?) invariably brings out the ‘salty’ Nemesis…

      On a brighter note – we may also interpret the ubiquitous appearance of the sort of pieces headlined in this thread as emblematic/prefigurative of a corporate media in desperate/precipitous decline … The final gasping, spasmodic cadaverous, twitching – as it were…

      Cue ‘plucky comic relief’/BS antidote… These two are guaranteed to amuse (unless you’re a Monarchist, in which case you will undoubtedly utter, ‘We are not amused!’)…

      ‘Throne Up’ or slip on a ‘Crown Jewels’… ‘Alternative’ Royal Wedding Souvenirs…

  4. Journalism no longer exists… It’s been replaced by “churnalism”… Lazy journalists wait by their computers to see what press releases have been sent out and can be easily regurgitated as news. Where various media “handlers” will guide the journalist to the story, line up the interviews and pre-digest the narrative, so it can be spewed out with a minimum of effort. It’s so bad, there are now websites devoted to documenting the influence of the press release on our lazy main stream media practioners…

  5. Why isn’t she “allowed” to say what price she paid? Wouldn’t that be an interesting point for the “churnalist” to investigate? After all, the “Village” was bailed out with public money, yet any prospective buyer is muzzled with a “non-disclosure” clause. Doesn’t that seem strange?

  6. Village Whisperer

    Seems to me the shamwow guy could get a job at Global as the R/E reporter and, while in the stainless steel kitchen cross-hawk products.

    Linguini, bikini, vantini.

  7. 4SlicesofCheese

    Here is some real reporting, and some real reporters, oh and a real news story.

  8. “Ivan Krpin, who makes custom-built homes in Richmond, says more than 80 per cent of his clients are from mainland China and that most buy older houses and knock them down.”

    His statement is absolutely consistent with what I see in my neighborhood of West Richmond.

    “It has become too expensive for ordinary people that live and work in this community,” Krpin said.

  9. Why is the price she paid confidential? Either salespeople convinced her she got such a great deal they don’t want anyone else following suit or she did get a good deal and agreed to be an infomercial acteur.

    Does it really matter anymore.

    • Yeah, agreed.
      When we re-read how we dealt with the story, it could be argued we should have made more of the obvious contributions of the condo marketer. Clearly this whole thing was set up from their side and, as usual, Global buys it whole. One wonders whether, in meetings, they state the intent openly or do they go about pretending to each other that this is ‘news’?

  10. The look on her face is like a child fibbing to her Mom. I would not want this immature brat taking care of my healthcare.

  11. Anyone know what a salary is for a “homeopath”? At 27, I coul dbarely afford rent, let alone a condo. It probably cost between 500-600K. That is crazy!! This just keeps up the theme of RE buying “keeping up with the Jones'” Definitely different times than our baby boomer parents who usually lived in just one house their whole adult life.

  12. pricedoutfornow

    I don’t get it….she has a business in Kelowna but is planning on living full-time in her Olympic condo? Last I heard it’s a little hard to telecommute as a homeopath (which actually requires interaction with patients on a daily basis, I would imagine). Is this suite going to end up being flipped or put out as a rental? Hmm…
    Actually, I hear the alternative-health industry does quite well in Kelowna. But for someone young, just starting out, I don’t imagine it would be particularly lucrative, at least to begin with. She must have a lot of debt (or her parents are wealthy, given that she studied abroad, I wouldn’t doubt it).

    • There is nothing wrong with parents helping their kids to buy a home. But there is something wrong with portraying an individual as being able to afford a property if they are unable to do so by themselves.

      Misrepresenting affordability for the young would be a pretty straight up propaganda move. I would put this story in the same pile as the siblings buying a UBC condo.

    • Well, to be fair, homeopathy requires the administration of such small doses to be absolutely undetectable. I’m sure the same idea extends to patient consults: minimize patient examination and care to zero, in this case by moving to a completely different city.

  13. @pricedoutfornow:
    I don’t get it….she has a business in Kelowna but is planning on living full-time in her Olympic condo? Last I heard it’s a little hard to telecommute as a homeopath (which actually requires interaction with patients on a daily basis, I would imagine).

    Let me quote the great Dara O’Briain: “It’s WATER! How often does it need to be said? It’s just water; you’re healing yourself.” … “The great thing about homeopathy is that you can’t overdose on it, but you might feckin’ DROWN.” (warning: language)

    Actually telehomeopathy will probably become a nice little niche scam — err, “business”. Come to think of it, she’s just following homeopathic reasoning: the more dilute her money is, the more buying power she has!

  14. Homeopathic Emergency Room:

    • Utterly priceless! (and if you’ve ever worked with a senior consultant in the NHS, too close to the truth by far!)… Smashing!

  15. Does anyone else consider it poor journalism to publish the full name and enough details to identify the address of a single female living in a ground level condominium with floor to ceiling windows? Or do none of the degenerates watch tv in Vancouver?
    Love the links!!

  16. This is all total nonsense BS propaganda, she is probably just a friend of someone, got it at a cheap price–she’s bragging how it so much more affordable for her than west end—a 700 sq. ft. condo! yes it was much more affordable for her because she’s a buddy of someone! ….not allowed to say what she paid though!! yes a deep discount for her so it was a no brainer for her! so the news report is actually correct, they HAVE to give it to her cheap in order for her to legally say those statements on the news…but this is definitely not reality for most of the buyers out there, just another Vancouver media propaganda brainwashing attempt, you can see she was was selected for this–young, most of the potential buyers now are young–oh and she’s white! they don’t need to put an asian on the news they are buying already no problem, they don’t need a news story/advertisement to pursuade them! so go with a young white girl. give her a deep discount, she can legally say what a bargain it was for her, but she can’t disclose the price…how dumb do you have to be to listen to this garbage on the news!? –young and gullible, the people they want buying right now and getting in up to their ears in debt–good long term business for the bankers.

    • She’s probably one of Rennie’s insiders, who was allowed to “make offers” on the units prior to the public release of units at their new pricing– offer that were allowed to be below the current pricing structure, because they “had to be accepted by the receiver”. Perhaps the conditions she agreed to was to be interviewed and quoted by media, and not to divulge the price she paid (which I’m guessing was ~30% below the new price structure). Of course, her actual purchase price will be listed in the land title records…

    Why didn’t anyone Google her to find her webpage that lists what she charges before discounting the possibility that a 27 yo female could afford the condo? She runs a monthly clinic in Vancouver. She’s also willing to provide consultations over the phone or Skype.
    Go to town now about homeopathy for pets.

  18. I laughed out loud at the homeopathy bit. A story about a Vancouver Olympic Village condo purchase that features a practitioner of a technique that is itself completely steeped in BS — it makes for beautiful symmetry!

    Maybe she’ll have an easy time affording the condo after all — the nice thing about homeopathy is that the profit margins are huge. After all, the barrier to entry is low, the basic precepts of the field haven’t changed since the early 19th century — so there are few advances to keep up with, and the pills and drops you sell are just sugar and water!

  19. This girl is dillussional. Is that how you spell it?

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