A preparatory post. This archive post will be updated, below, with a list of future quotes from industry spokesmen, media commentators, realtors, blog commenters, citizens, etc, claiming that the implosion of the Vancouver RE bubble couldn’t possibly have been predicted. We’re setting it up here, before the fact, as that’ll add to the irony. As VHB (Vancouver Housing Blogger) recently suggested at VCI (vancouvercondo.info), special points for the first reader to spot such a quote. Extra points if the quotee is already on record as being an active bubble-denier.
This post will be linkable from the sidebar, and will be updated with quotes as they start pouring in. (No, we have no idea when, just that they will.)

Hoocoodanode? Quotes:

1. [pending]

21 responses to “Hoocoodanode?

  1. Shortest Strawman

    Back up the database to a third location! Would be a terrible shame if your host glitches.

  2. These will be coming up pretty fast, just not in Vancouver. Comb the local papers in Kelowna and Whistler for the first snowflakes of fail.

  3. Awesome! Fun for the whole family!

  4. Hoocoodanode?…

    Indeed. Accordingly, for the sake of archival posterity/historical context here are some headlines from the past 24HRS or so of the ‘HoocoodanodeNewsCycle’… [and you don’t have to understand Hermeunetic Circular theory to realize that it’s ‘portfolio rebalancing’ time]

    [AlJazeera] – Egyptians raid state police offices; [WSJ] – Bahrain Protesters Encircle State Compound; [AlJazeera] – Gunfire erupts in Libyan capital; [BBC] – Libya unrest: SAS members ‘arrested near Benghazi’; [AlJazeera] – Israeli warplanes raid Gaza; [AlJazeera] – Saudi Arabia bans protest rallies; [UK Independent] – Saudis mobilise thousands of troops to quell growing revolt; [Reuters] – China’s deepening Arab ties: the dragon in the desert; [AP] – China paper blasts Middle East protest movements; [BBC] – China’s Premier Wen Jiabao targets ‘social stability’; [FT] – China’s military budget rise alarms Tokyo; [ChinaDaily] – Fight against ‘rampant corruption’ stepped up; [ChinaDaily] – Riots will not be inspired in China: Officials; [ChinaDaily] – Military budget rise ‘no threat’; [ChinaDaily] – China prepares to end GDP obsession; [UK Independent] – British Military chiefs sign letter calling for rethink on defence; [Wired/DangerRoom] – Most Dangerous Week Ever…

    As ever, VREAA – your timing is impeccably prescient… 😉


    Afterthought: Are there any musically talented Pan-Arabic readers of VREAA who admire Brubeck/Coltrane/Gillespie/Monk et al interested in forming an ensemble?… If so, Nemesis is on standby for percussion – perhaps we could call it, ‘All Jazz Era’….


    [In a totalitarian society, the Pun Police would have jumped all over this post. -ed. 😉 ]

  5. VREAA, what about a sister-category for when the bulls either (a) nay-say, deny and explain away the collapse and/or (b) respin their previous statements to put them in a more bearish light: “when I said prices would go up forever what I meant was …”

    • Will consider the form as things develop.
      We’d definitely want to collect those kinds of statements, and contrast them with the ‘Bull Hubris’ and ‘What Bubble?’ quotes.

    • Whipmaster~Kerthwhack!

      No Bull ever said that. It was one of you malignant Basht’rds putting words in our mouths. 🙂

  6. restaurant employee

    why don’t you just categorize it by “lying asshole greedhead” and “ignorant asshole greedhead?”

  7. 4SlicesofCheese


    Hoocoodanodeeeeee CREA finally admits

    “Gains in house prices are likely to “recede” starting next month as shorter mortgage terms keep some buyers out of an already softening market, the Canadian Real Estate Association said Tuesday. “

  8. 4Slices -> We’d probably classify this as a CYAss moment rather than a HCNode point; perhaps this deserves a separate category.
    There is also the ‘It’sOnlyAFleshWound’ type of comment, and of course the Hubris/BubbleDenial types.

    We’d expect them to appear in the following order:
    1. Hubris/Denial (check++) ->
    2. CYAss (early, a few) ->
    3. IOAFWound (awaited, some in 2009) ->
    4. HCNode (pending)

    Many bull pundits will skip the CYAss step (too much hubris).

  9. Although possibly irrelevant in a strict/technical sense… The following piece is nevertheless deliciously appropos ‘hoocoodanode’ material – thematically speaking…

    [CBC] – Former Surrey planner charged with fraud

    …”Akonyu Akolo is facing charges of breach of trust, secret commissions and fraudulent concealment, Surrey RCMP said Tuesday.”…


    “If you want to steal, steal a little in a nice way. But if you steal too much to become rich overnight, you’ll be caught.” – President Mobutu Sésé Seko

    • a double edge sword. pay a penalty to sell your house or hold onto your house and see house prices drop as the bubble deflates/pops. which one side of the sword do I choose?

  10. Dalai Lama ‘hoocoodanoode’!!!

  11. Hoo~Cudda~Not~Fawkin~Node? that the prices would not collapse?
    Haw! Haw! Haw!

  12. Whipmaster~kerthwack!

    It has been 3 years since the “readying of the Ark”. Where are the all the animals?
    Who cares?….You people should get on with life instead of sitting around wanting to watch a disaster. Grow up.

  13. Whipmaster~kerthwhack

    I think BC Ferries run in a more punctual fashion than your Ark.
    Hoocuddanotfawkinnode? 🙂

  14. Whipmaster~Kerthwhack!

    Haw! Haw! Haw! Where are all of you malcontents now? I guess you shudda listened to us when we didn’t say, “buy now because prices will go up forever”. You “Smart, über intelligent, snigglers” said that we said that! We said no such thing. But we did suggest the market was going higher in 2003, and said it would go until 2008. Well we were wrong… It kept going up for an additional 7 years past that, and it is still going strong. You guys have been wrong for over a decade. A decade! Hahaha! 🙂

  15. Whipmaster~Kerthwhack

    Hoo~Cudda~Not~Fawkin~Nod~ed? 🙂

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