Young Siblings Buy UBC Condo; With Help From Petroleum Engineer Dad

“Siblings Bayan, 21, and Roya, 18, Bennett grew up in Qatar, Thailand, Venezuela, and Canada. The nomads have alighted at UBC to continue their post-secondary education—Bayan, his third year of biomedical engineering; Roya, her second year of an arts degree. Uninterested in cramped (mono-sex) student residences, they opted for a condo in the campus’s new village.
The Bennetts looked at 10 other places around town, including a spot kitty-corner to the fraternity houses, before settling on an 856-square-foot condo in the Pacific Spirit development. 5928 Birney Avenue; $655,000.
[$765 per sqft; land is leased]
They liked the water feature out front and generous patio in the back. With financial assistance from their father, a petroleum engineer, the siblings moved in at the end of July. With classes in full swing, Bayan and Roya haven’t had time to decorate the two-bedroom, two-bath unit. “It’s still kind of a mess.”
– from ‘UBC’s South Campus: A residential neighborhood is springing up in the heart of the UBC campus’, 1 Oct 2010, Vancouver Magazine

One response to “Young Siblings Buy UBC Condo; With Help From Petroleum Engineer Dad

  1. I am willing to guess that the only way anyone in this age group is buying anything is with help from mom and pop.
    So basically, unless property values come back down to earth, we are going to be left with a society completely made up of second generation wealth and working poor.

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