‘The Province’ Runs ‘Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association’ Advertisement As News Item

The Province ran the announcement ‘First-time buyer seminar‘ as a ‘news’ item, 27 Feb 2011. Seems like an ad to us. We hope no innocent FTBs see the ‘article’, or the seminar itself, as anything other. Excerpts follow. [hat-tip joycer at vancouvercondo.info]

“The Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association is once again offering a seminar aimed at helping first-time homebuyers sort through the often overwhelming process of making the jump into home ownership.”

“The presenting sponsor is the provincial Homeowner Protection Office, branch of BC Housing, and corporate sponsors are The Vancouver Sun, The Province, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, Genworth Financial Canada, Scotiabank, Travelers Guarantee, Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel, Shaw Cablesystems, CKNW, Rock 101, AM 730 and 99.3 the FOX.”

10 responses to “‘The Province’ Runs ‘Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association’ Advertisement As News Item

  1. Does anybody know why the mainstream media (Sun/Province/Global) is so active in promoting real estate? How is the money flowing from the real estate industry to the media? Is it primarily advertising dollars? Does anyone know a way to get statistics on what percentage of advertising revenue comes from real estate and related industries?

  2. This is no surprise. If this party is to continue they absolutely need more FTBs supporting the lower tiers of the market.

    I like how CMHC is a corporate sponsor. Their senior management deserve to be fired, given the gov’t stance on debt accumulation.

  3. Next door to this Seminar…

    Fox Association of British Columbia hosts a Seminar for Chickens… “Pleasantly Plump: Eating Right for Healthy Weight Gain”

  4. And further shameless advertisements touted as an article in today’s Vancouver Sun:


    “plane loads” – that will drive the fear up further. No probity in the media.

  5. I filed a compaint with the CRTC/CBSC over the two Global spots broadcast in the past couple weeks (chopper-riding Chinese and trumped-up condo lineups). They have initiated a process and I am waiting to hear the next step. And this weekend I sent a long, fact-filled email to Brain Morton at the Vancouver Sun over the “planeloads” of Chinese piece published on the weekend. I can no longer sit idly and watch marketing pump jobs consistently be posted/aired/broadcasted as “news.” It’s immoral, ridiculously harmful, and, I assume, illegal.

    • Nice one Alex.

      ?time to start a public campaign so municipal government start addressing these issues? (trouble is they all have vested interests).

      • Municipal Governments? They’re the worst… Saskatoon is giving grants to renters for a downpayment… Poor dears, can’t even afford to put 5% down to get a CMHC insured mortgage, but don’t worry, the City of Saskatoon will make sure your can get your own house… even though you have no skin in the game.

  6. Everyone in RE Industry, MSM and governments is actively working to ensure this bubble pops instead of deflates. In the end they will all pay for what they’ve done. Unfortunately, a lot of innocent people will also pay for a pop instead of a deflation. All for the benefit of giving RE agents (primarily) at last chance to make the kind of profit that will be completely unheard of a year from now. That’s all this is and nothing more.

  7. Does anyone else think this bit is quite significant (apart from the horrible grammar)? Are we headed for a China-Canada trans-pacific mega bubble?

    “Lindsay believes there’s speculation is going on, because some buyers are getting an accepted contract with a clause that allows them to assign the contract to a third party before the sale is completed. “One buyer didn’t even set foot on the property.”

    Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/business/Chinese+investment+surge+hits+Metro+Vancouver+housing+market/4352746/story.html#ixzz1FKUKrzhw

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