Panicked Urge To Buy (continued) – “She’s worried that if she does not buy now, she will be priced-out forever.”

Enlightened at VREAA 25 Feb 2011 1:56pm“We were thinking of upgrading when we sold our house a month ago. Then we were enlightened and we have decided to rent for now.
My friend has a townhouse and she’s worried that her townhouse has reached it’s max and if she does not buy [a SFH] now, she will be priced-out forever. She still wants to buy because of this logic but she can’t b/c all $800K+ houses out there are like crap!”

11 responses to “Panicked Urge To Buy (continued) – “She’s worried that if she does not buy now, she will be priced-out forever.”

  1. All $800k houses are crap where, exactly? Goes to show how much a premium people put on certain neighbourhoods and cities. $800k buys a pretty nice pad, just not in the location she wants. .

  2. Right now is a great time to buy a home. Please visit to hep you find exactly what you ate looking for. According to The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver prices are expected to rise this year. Ask Renata Steele from Sutton Grp. West Coast Realty about her Sutton Member Program where you can save thousands of dollars on your mortgage, which guarantees you the lowest rates in Canada.

    • I am guessing, you’re new here and / or are an auto-bot that saw “Real Estate” and figured you need to try and pull in some idiots?

    • 4SlicesofCheese

      I really did lol

    • We’ll leave the comment up, for posterity.

    • Giant mortgage, low interest rate OR bigger interest rate, smaller mortgage? Does anyone really need to ask? And, asking the fox if the hen house needs a lock is not exactly helpful.

      Now is the worst time you could be buying.

    • 4SlicesofCheese

      The best part is……. the website does not even work.

    • Notwithstanding an Avatar which admirably showcases her arguably impressive ‘client-facing bona fides’, Renata’s website biopic belies a rather curious (and recent) arrival to the Vancouver property scene/’game’…

      “… graduated at the top of her class from “Real Estate Pre and Post Licensing” at University of British Columbia in 2009… a Real Estate Agent for a year and her family has been investing in dozens of properties for over 30 years… Along with her family, Renata moved to Canada from Russia where she grew up… She gained invaluable first-hand experience from her Father who has 30 years of experience in real estate investing after coming from Russia with only a few dollars…”

      From Russia With Love? – or a sinister deep cover/sleeper ‘agent’ sent by ‘Uncle’ Vladimir (a la ‘Anna Chapman) to penetrate and undermine the nefarious REBGV… ???

      Well, as Felix Dzerzhinsky was wont to say, “СМЕРть Шпионам”…


  3. re: ” graduated at the top of her class from “Real Estate Pre”
    she would NOT know that as it is a one shot pass/fail exam and also there are MANY “classes” province-wide, all run out of UBCSauder. What a load. “Top of her class at Post Licensing” at University of British Columbia in 2009” it’s a mandatory 1 week show up or fail course. There is no “top”.
    3.… a Real Estate Agent for a year ” no she’s not. Her broker is, or employs , a true Agent – sh’e merely a trading services rep as of 2005. Proir to 2005 she would have been a “salesperson” LOL

  4. A team member of mine brought the comment she wrote on this blog, as well as yours to my attention. Being that she is new to Real Estate and was helping me by using my account to comment on blogs, to put our web site address on the net, I am writing to explain my point of view to you… Personally I believe that everyones situation is unique and should get advice prior to investing in Real Estate or any other investment. My team consists of top Professionals including an Internet Marketing Company, Mortgage Broker, Photographer with over 12 years of experience. I have graduaded from Kwantlen with honors and took advanced Real Estate Training Courses. With over 15 years of Management and Sales Experience, being fully Licenced as a Real Estate Professional, belonging to a number of Charities, which recently consisted of being selected to Judge for the Fire Fighter Burn Fund contest that Sutton Supports, being a loving mother and understanding the needs of new comers to Canada. I treat my clients with integrity and honesty. I put my clients needs first and help them decide on their best move, without any pressure. I’m not saying that I’m the perfect Realtor® for everyone, although I have many clients who I have worked with who would say that I am one of the best. Thank you for your above comments. I am glad that they were brought to my attention. Please feel free to contact me at if you would like to speak with me in more detail.

    • Bailing in BC

      Your team member should be fired. Being new to real estate is no excuse. She has made you look like an arse.

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