“I left Vancouver in 2004. I thought it was crazy then. It just got crazier.”

TedsBundy at VREAA 18 Feb 2011 11:27am“I left Vancouver in 2004. I thought it was crazy then. It just got crazier. I loved Vancouver. I lived there for 15 years. But things changed. The character got stripped away as tends to happen when everything is driven by condos and Starbucks. The people got nasty and frankly, the world knows the average vancouverite is not rich. No one is fooled. Yet everyone seems to be playing the ego trip game. None of them can afford it. Everyone else in the world knows this.
Vancouver does have a lot of foreign capital. However I think that will change as their home countires are living the dream far more than Canada is right now. Hong Kong came to Vancouver to find that they pretty much still live in Hong Kong but without their own culture.
For me, the change meant starbucks, gap and conversation about condo pre sales. Boring. Beautiful location but highly taxed citizens in the mental burden way. I now live in a waterfront home elsewhere with $ to burn. Its not as pretty but I have no worries about paying my bills and living my interests. All for less than a tiny bachelor in a west end walk up. Easy choice.
Like others mentioned, a crash will not be immediate. Face the fact that you are priced out of Vancouver. That’s life. Becoming a slave to a city will never do anyone justice. The fall will come. And when it does about 90% of Vancouver’s population will all be crying at once. About 2 years later is when I’d look at coming back. When they are foreclosed on. Just like Las Vegas and most of California, Phoenix, Miami etc right now. All great locations that couldn’t go wrong 5 years ago. Just like Vancouver.”

2 responses to ““I left Vancouver in 2004. I thought it was crazy then. It just got crazier.”

  1. Things will get better.

  2. You just regret you gain less money when you exited the market too soon and too quick.

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